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  1. such a bummer. I love Dormie but the hassle now of having to "make a call" is really a bummer. Hopefully once southern pines is complete that trifecta of Mid Pines and Pine Needles will keep me content.
  2. I guess I'm an outlier. I really enjoyed watching the amateur's and athletes (not celebrity personalities). Humanizes the game a bit to see guys hit wayward shots and/or come up dreadfully short or long on putts.
  3. Going to be an expensive day when these are released
  4. I really don't care if you're not impressed (I'll work harder to please you next time with my posts). You're kidding yourself if you think money isn't a driving factor in which clubs a pro plays. Justin Rose and Honma how long did that marriage last? Bubba Watson and volvik another 1 and done granted it was a ball contract but still. Look man, if someone is throwing silly money at you odds are you're going to play it. you can spin this however you want but the OP wasn't saying look at all the top 60 OWGR players that are moving to mizuno in hordes!! He was merely making an observ
  5. when do these actually become available online?
  6. I think it boils down to pay. Mizuno just doesn't fork out like taylormade or callaway. You see mizuno in "free agents" bags all the time. That to me is a bigger testimony than anything else because they can play anything they want and choose mizuno.
  7. calling sweetens cove a resort course is a stretch. what does one get by paying that high of an entry fee for the ringer? a ton of hats and headcovers??
  8. Sorry but the whole "no dues" idea sounds too idealistic. He's not a billionaire. I can think of 1 club that is like that, Canyata and I'm not certain they have members but a Billionaire owns the place. Look, put me in the camp that is always going to be excited to see golf courses being developed. Just seems like there is so much smoke and mirrors with each "Buck Club" iteration that I think it's probably best to withhold judgement if/when it opens. Oh and just because you've got people throwing him 15k to be a "founding member" (that's what one of them in SC told me h
  9. that's just gonna be a no for me dog. Hack is miserable. I find it hard to believe that these two "personalities" are the only ones qualified to talk golf on the Golf Channel.
  10. leadership development isn't going to happen from being the captain of a presidents cup. It's the luck of the draw when it comes to players qualifying for a spot on a Ryder Cup roster. Outside of captains picks there's no telling how personalities will mesh etc.
  11. Hey I didn't say he was my pick! Just trying to guess the board room thought process on this is all
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