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  1. I'm in. This tool will help be understand where my hands are during the swing instead of guessing especially when I'm just swinging a club at home.
  2. Saw this and wanted to pass this along. For Urethane 4 piece balls, not a bad deal. Sorry, just noticed that it is for a 6 pack. Not a great deal now. Link: http://www.golfgalax...XU46PCK/Product
  3. [b][color="#800000"]Please enter me in the giveaway. I love the [url="http://www.fairwaygolfusa.com/royal-collection-rc-forged-blade-irons-p-9637.html"]Royal Collection RC Forged Blade Irons[/url].[/color][/b]
  4. Thanks GolfWRX and TrueAim for the chance to try this new product. I pick a spoint a couple of feet in front of the ball in line with the target.
  5. What a great contest! Would love to play these. Thanks GolfWRX and Golf Discount!
  6. What are people thinking. Probably has no idea about golf. http://www.ebay.com/itm/TaylorMade-RocketBallz-Single-Iron-Golf-Club-/270963727822?pt=Golf_Clubs&hash=item3f16b25dce
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