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  1. 1. Annandale Golf Club 2. Madison, MS 5. 2.1 4. Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero 9*(N,-1), Fuji Atmos Tour Black 6x, tipped 1", plays 45.5", GP MCC Align Std.(+4 wraps) 5. Nevada Bob's Golf, Jackson, MS 6. TSi3, as low lofted as possible since I think I've heard about an 8* 7. Absolutely
  2. Available on their website all the way down to 50*. Believe that just happened this year.
  3. 99% of products from that site ship directly from China. So to put it simply, don't buy clubs off of there. Just don't. I've ordered random little things off there such as phone cases and stuff and sometimes they are fine, and others they are basically trash that I paid for. If something as simple as a phone case has a 50-50 shot of being usable, what are the odds that a set of golf clubs are going to be just fine?
  4. Smoke 54* 10* C & Smoke 60* 10* RJ,, DG S400 +1/4", 2* flatLoved the milled bottom and like the and the soft steel forging.Currently playing Callaway MD5 Jaws wedges w/ Black Onyx S400's.Absolutely agree to post review and photos.
  5. I've actually started a birdie pool at my course. $1 per round to enter. First person to record a birdie on every hole on the course takes the pot. It has been fun watching some guys get all but one hole and then struggle to get one last hole birdied. Like a nemesis for some guys.
  6. Once started albatross, birdie, quad. So even after the first three. Shot even that day. Hit it great, but couldn't keep anything going. Either birdie or bogey on almost every hole. Pretty sure I carded 5 pars on the day. Needless to say, mentally exhausted after that round.
  7. Could always look at a set of used Xr Steelhead Pros. They were a black head designed to resemble the X14 Pro's. I had a set. they felt pretty good and performed well. I can't compare them to the X14's as far as those aspects but I know they were designed to mimic the look of them. They weren't expensive either.
  8. We allow the members at my course to ride in their own carts. Our pace of play is very good, but the extra cart traffic is not my superintendent's favorite thing.
  9. Yea. Nothing crazy. Heat gun for sure. Wouldn't use a torch on graphite directly. Should work out just fine.
  10. I've done it with light heat and some delicacy with a pair of pliers to pull the plug out when it's ready.
  11. @Howard_Jones Based on what Howard said about old shafts that played great not playing the same in newer heads because of the design difference, I now understand why my V2 has never played the same incredible way that it did in my old 905R when I put it in my newer Callaway stuff. Any idea if the new version of the V2 has been tweaked to perform similar in new heads as it had in old heads? Would love it if it has been but understand if it hasn't.
  12. Thanks fellas. Appreciate the feedback. I ordered a pair and will not be wearing them in wet conditions. Interested to see how they feel at address and throughout the swing.
  13. I haven't seen them in stores either. Figured someone else had to have given them a shot by now. But possible that they are not very well known by those outside the Long Drive world. I only know about them thru a few guys I know from there. I'm going to give them a go and see how they are.
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