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  1. Yeah, I’m in the same camp as @ThinkingPlus Learning to “go low” sounds great from shorter distances but I think the insights it gives on where you truly struggle with your game are even bigger than that.
  2. I went away from 5 wood for a little bit but earlier this year, it’s made a comeback and unless I significantly change how I deliver the club, it’s staying. I go D, 15*3d, 17.5* ping g410 5 wood, 21* ping g410hy, 24* xforged DI, 27* iron. Better than the similarly lofted hybrid, SUPER versatile and most importantly, clutch. I hit a shot today that I could never have hit with hybrid. If you are not a loft adder at impact (or have tons of speed), 5 wood should allow to maximize performance and scoring from that yardage.
  3. Look at the ladies M6. 16.5* of loft and given that you are a wrx’er, you’ll restart anyways. Oh and it’s the normal color scheme.
  4. Hi- I'll be in Henderson, NV from 7/31-8/7 and plan on playing quite a few rounds of golf. As I'm just by myself, I'm seeking a playing partner so I can book a tee time for TPC Las Vegas on 8/6. Please let me know if you are interested and I'll make the booking. Below is my current itinerary, if you'd like to join, feel free to book at the same time. 8/1- Stallion Mountain: 7am 8/3- Bali Hai: 7am 8/4- Rio Secco: 6:30am 8/5- Chimera: 8am (my wife will be riding along) 8/6- TPC Las Vegas: 8am preferred If you have the hookup at: Cascata/Shadow Creek/Wynn (at non ludicrous rates) or a p
  5. I’d probably go breakfast for dinner. Eggs, pancakes, steak, etc.
  6. F9 w/Oban Hasimoto still in the bag for me!
  7. I used to think that switching out 3wd for a similar loft hybrid, then I got fit for an M6 w/ mitsubishi C3 blue. Will have to be pried out of my cold dead hands. I do love my g410 3 hybrid though, absolutely killer.
  8. Selfie golf. Clips to alignment sticks. Absolutely love it
  9. In HS we played the rake and place rule in the bunker. It was a fall season (Chicago) and the courses we played were in so-so shape. Lots of unraked bunkers. Upon reflection, I felt it was pretty fair considering you were playing courses at the end of the day, so they had a whole day of play and people not cleaning up after themselves. I believe the conference and state tournaments followed the same rules. Now, the fairway thing, ridiculous. Unless you are playing at a total dog track, play the ball down. BUT, if everyone is playing the same rules, then fair is fair.
  10. I loved my fitting at True Spec in Highland Park. Better than my experiences at Club Champion and Cool Clubs by a mile. Michael has to be one of the best fitters in the US
  11. I got fitted for them earlier this year (with Nippon 950gh shafts). I think they feel great, consistent speeds, forgiving but can still be shaped. Not in love with the 4 iron but overall satisfied. They sound great too. Personally, they might be a bit too low spin for me, so I’m investigating potential next steps. Maybe the pro? Maybe make a move to jpx 900 and bend them weak (technically 1 club short/Apex aw = jpx pw (i’d bent weak))? Need to consultant with my club guy and get his thoughts.
  12. Anyone interested in playing Arrowhead 6/8 between 10-11ish? Seems to be about $84. PM me if you are in (seems to be spots for a foursome). Thanks!!
  13. This year I told myself I was finally going to play some of the top Illinois golf courses I haven’t ever played. I’m only a single, so I’d love to have some like minded fellows to share my rounds with. Here’s my list: Cog Hill No. 4 (Dubs) TPC Deere Run Orchard Valley Thunder hawk Pine Meadow Ravisloe Stonewall Orchard Blackstone golf club Aldeen Golf Club Bowes creek Arrowhead Shoot me a DM if you are interested and we can work out the scheduling.
  14. Do you feel the m4 has the same trajectory as your new m6 (assuming you got the 15* m6)?
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