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  1. I’ll be curious on how the YT content will evolve (outside of Matty leaving, sad). The fitting philosophies couldn’t be more different TXG (and True Spec, whose owner Ian knows/some relationship with) are very head driven, shaft secondary. CC is all shaft first, head second. Hope Ian gets to stay true to his belief but I’m sure the check was not small.
  2. What about Bryan Laroche in FL? Recommended by Ian, small, brand agnostic. No experience but his reputation would seem to indicate the close.
  3. Basically, it’s a 20 shot combine where you measure the lateral dispersion of your shots. The app has some AR functionality to help you visualize 10 and 20yds offline (each direction) from your target. There are 3 different distance combine that essentially cover 4 clubs each (SW, GW,PW, 9i) etc. The app adds the total offline amount (which you input to the yard) over the 20 shots and that’s your score. It also has D1 college benchmarks for the combines. The lower the score, the better. There are more advance combines (requiring accuracy long/short+ left/right) but require an advanced LM (Trackman, GCquad, flightscope etc.) which I don’t have regular access to. The combines help quantify my practice (and progress) in a way that other methods haven’t to date. HIGHLY recommend the app/system. Also acknowledge that it isn’t for everyone.
  4. I did a 7 day pass with James Janokowski (I believe he’s in the UK) on Skillest. Honestly, it covered a lot, was very insightful and is setting me on a much better path with my stroke/tempo. Combine that with the work I’m putting in through the Decade Golf system, it’s looking like a steep upward trajectory with my putting. YMMV
  5. If I can get to the range enough, I try to shove this all in a week. If not, that’s life and I just keep it in order. I try to play as often as possible. My biggest weaknesses are lag putting and approach. So I try to prioritize that while still improving the others. Practice 1: Putting- 40/50/60+ to 2ft long/1 short Swing Drills Irons: 90-140yd decade combine Driver: Punch/3/4/full/max Practice 2: Putting- Decade combine Swing drills irons: 140-190yd decade combine Bunker: seve drill Practice 3: Pitching/Chipping- 2,1,3,2,4 trajectory drills, 3 clubs long game- 140-235yd decade combine Driver- Max
  6. I know you can order a TSi2 in 8. I play the TS2 in 8.5* and it’s a dream
  7. I have the board and have watched all the videos on the site and YT. Can anyone take a crack at an explanation on how to feel what he wants you to? Even with the board, I don’t think I’m doing it right.
  8. Anyone have feedback on how the PF-2's compare to the Mizuno JPX 900's Tour? Mostly from a size perspective
  9. Those iron loft specs are really interesting.... 6* gaps in the short to 4-5 in the longer. I’d be curious to do a gapping session because I usually play 28-48* in my irons but it takes one more club to cover that gap than the new 0211. Maybe it gets me closer to 12-13yd gaps vs the 10-11 I have now. IDK, I’m intrigued but skeptical
  10. I think it has to do with the lie angle differences. I’ve discovered in the last few months that I’m very sensitive to lie angle, even in my woods. Probably one of the reasons I’ve never had sustained success with TM woods. My M6 3wd was a hook machine unless I gripped down so it sat levelish. Impact moved to the middle, way less hooks. Got a Mavrik SZ and can play it at stock length no problem. Waiting till Tuesday for my EFSZ to get here to see if I see the same effect with the driver but I suspect I will.
  11. Matt Henderson at TPC Las Vegas. I had a GREAT lesson with him. Highly recommend
  12. I did the True Spec thing and bought clubs from them. There are enough documented cases where clubs are way off from spec from a manufacturer but as long as you get someone to double check what the manufacturer sends vs your requested specs, you should be fine and you could get any real errors fixed. To me (after many years of getting fit by a variety of fitters both top ranked and otherwise) a fitting is like a recipe. It’s a measurement for that point in time. The fit is good if you keep your swing the same. But if it changes whether through fitness, golf lessons, age or whatever, your specs/fit will likely change. If you’ve never been fit, I’d suggest TSG over Club Champion for sure. But buy direct from the manufacturer or used. Don’t be afraid to tell them that you want to be fit into things that the manufacturer offers direct. Also, if you can’t use your gamer ball know that the fitting recommendation may or may not translate to the course. The best thing for yourself long term is to educate yourself on the realities of golf tech and fitting, learn your preferences and tendencies enough to adjust over time. That’ll save you money, avoid getting sucked into marketing/salesmanship and provide the most enjoyment.
  13. Or get another brand of iron with the appropriate loft and just work it into the set. Also.... hybrid. Think about it as a high lifted driving iron/specialty type club if you have problems with it not matching your set.
  14. Ok, I’m pretty sure I’d be fine with the following brands as long as I can get fitted. Titleist Ping Callaway Srixon/Cleveland Taylormade Tour Edge (the putter would be the hardest though) Wilson Honma (completely unfamiliar with their putters though) Mizuno
  15. Yeah, I’m in the same camp as @ThinkingPlus Learning to “go low” sounds great from shorter distances but I think the insights it gives on where you truly struggle with your game are even bigger than that.
  16. I went away from 5 wood for a little bit but earlier this year, it’s made a comeback and unless I significantly change how I deliver the club, it’s staying. I go D, 15*3d, 17.5* ping g410 5 wood, 21* ping g410hy, 24* xforged DI, 27* iron. Better than the similarly lofted hybrid, SUPER versatile and most importantly, clutch. I hit a shot today that I could never have hit with hybrid. If you are not a loft adder at impact (or have tons of speed), 5 wood should allow to maximize performance and scoring from that yardage.
  17. Look at the ladies M6. 16.5* of loft and given that you are a wrx’er, you’ll restart anyways. Oh and it’s the normal color scheme.
  18. Hi- I'll be in Henderson, NV from 7/31-8/7 and plan on playing quite a few rounds of golf. As I'm just by myself, I'm seeking a playing partner so I can book a tee time for TPC Las Vegas on 8/6. Please let me know if you are interested and I'll make the booking. Below is my current itinerary, if you'd like to join, feel free to book at the same time. 8/1- Stallion Mountain: 7am 8/3- Bali Hai: 7am 8/4- Rio Secco: 6:30am 8/5- Chimera: 8am (my wife will be riding along) 8/6- TPC Las Vegas: 8am preferred If you have the hookup at: Cascata/Shadow Creek/Wynn (at non ludicrous rates) or a private course in the area, I'd be willing to play those on 8/6. Thanks! JZ
  19. I’d probably go breakfast for dinner. Eggs, pancakes, steak, etc.
  20. F9 w/Oban Hasimoto still in the bag for me!
  21. I used to think that switching out 3wd for a similar loft hybrid, then I got fit for an M6 w/ mitsubishi C3 blue. Will have to be pried out of my cold dead hands. I do love my g410 3 hybrid though, absolutely killer.
  22. Selfie golf. Clips to alignment sticks. Absolutely love it
  23. In HS we played the rake and place rule in the bunker. It was a fall season (Chicago) and the courses we played were in so-so shape. Lots of unraked bunkers. Upon reflection, I felt it was pretty fair considering you were playing courses at the end of the day, so they had a whole day of play and people not cleaning up after themselves. I believe the conference and state tournaments followed the same rules. Now, the fairway thing, ridiculous. Unless you are playing at a total dog track, play the ball down. BUT, if everyone is playing the same rules, then fair is fair.
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