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  1. I'm in. Very interested to try these. #4 22 with KBS Hybrid R flex std length
  2. Going through the same thing with a labrum tear. They don't want to do a replacement yet but I said no to the surgery and am working through a series of shots. The shots help but when they don't I am going to demand replacement as the upside is way better. Friend of mine 55 yrs young made them replace his and he is doing great and playing golf again with a lot less recovery time than the labrum repair surgery.
  3. Shout out to GLFWRX for another great opportunity and thanks to Srixon for participating. I received my Z Star XV balls this week. About me: 4 HCP, Winter in AZ and summer in Colorado. Play 4-5 times a week and generally play either the previous Z Star XV model or a Pro V1X. Feel and Spin around the greens along with distance are typically the key measures for me when evaluating a golf ball. My plans for testing were to play the 3 balls side by side on the course as well as some intense testing at the chipping and putting area here in AZ at my home course. Around the green, I was pleasantly surprised that the new ball performed very much like the prior generations but might have a bit better feel and a touch more spin! I was really able to control the spin and that is a big deal to me. Off the putter this ball feels great. Next day Took the 3 balls (New, Prior & Pro V X) out for a course run. Distance was as expected and feel was great. This is a really good ball and performs and feels just as I expected it would. The ball on the right is the new version, ball on the left is the prior generation and the middle one is a Pro V1X. Clear distance leader! LOL. I was hitting the driver pretty good not sure I could put them all that close again in a hundred tries. I will continue to update as I get out more with some side by sides. Please feel free to ask any questions or comment. Liking this ball and grateful for the testing opportunity.
  4. Tensei 1K 50X with Ping G410/425 adapter, tip to grip measures 44" so it will play 45". 1 Range session is all this has on it. Paypal and shipped CONUS. No trades at this time. $SOLD
  5. Nice TM Sim 2 10.5 Head only with HC. Used for 2 rounds and a few range session. Like New, see pics. Paypal $ shipping CONUS. No trades at this time. $410
  6. Nice shafts, prices are shipped and paypal CONUS. No trades at this time. 1) Tour AD BB 6X mint! 44" tip to grip, tipped 1/2" Pure DTX grip $250 2) KBS TD 60 Cat 4 (X) 44" tip to grip, no tipping, Pure DTX grip $175 3) Fujikura Ventus Blue Velocore measures just shy of 44", tipped 1/2", Pure DTX Grip $SOLD
  7. I ordered an XC and a 1K so I guess we will see, if the feel isn't what I want I guess they might be on BST soon
  8. My Graphite Design guy says the M9003 is pretty "boardy" I would like to try one but not looking for something that feels like a pole. I have had good luck/numbers with a HC Hzdrus Black but moved away because of the feel so not wanting another one of those. How is the XC?
  9. Like the Fuji Pro 2 as well, Pro 2 TS is so so but I didn't love the feel. Ventus Blue just ok, Ventus Black I don't care for at all. Curious how the AD TP compares. If not the TP which Tour AD shaft would be similar? I too have a problem!
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