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  1. Shocked these don't get more love on this board. I stayed away for so long after the comments about the "marshmello" insert and whippy shaft. This was recently part of a rental set I used and I loved it! The insert is soft but the club still makes a metal "PING" sound when putting and definitely not marshmello soft even with my Chrome Soft Ball choice. The pro adjusted the length for me to 34". When I was done I asked him what he thought of the putter and he laughed and pointed to his bag which had a Fetch in it. He said that once you get over 35" you can feel the shaft getting a l
  2. I'm curious what you customized on the Heppler given it has an adjustable shaft? Did you get a fixed length shaft? How'd it turn out?
  3. Current Studio Stock's priced dropped this week, surprised we haven't heard/seen anything coming.
  4. Just order a Lamkin Deep Etched Cord. They are $12 on Golfworks.
  5. My 7i swingspeed is around 84 mph and I’ve been fitted into Modus 105s. I’m moving from Dynalite S-300s at 117g which flexwise are ok but are just a little heavy. Compared to the Dynalite’s the Modus 105s is lighter, a little easier to load and gives me that nice high ball flight without getting too spinny. In my opinion the Modus 105 can fit a wide range of players with only the strongest needing stouter. Quite a few PGA and Sr PGA players using the 105 in Stiff and X.
  6. Bummer I keep seeing in the review how the blade length is so much shorter Thant the G410. I guess it’s one of those 1% shorter marketing hype things...Oh well, I’ll hold out for that elusive i5 replacement. Doesn’t make sense to me with the G710 in there, seems to me like i5 ish style would be a perfect middle to the i210 and G710 but I guess that’s why I don’t design golf clubs. Kind of how Mizuno put the Hot Metal Pro between Hot Metal and Forged...
  7. This is great, can't wait to see the trackman results. How about a couple side-by-side at address like the wedge pics compared to the Gs to show the difference in offset and blade length.
  8. Have seen some initial reviews and comments on the G425 saying that blade length of the G425 is shorter and smaller than the G410. Seems to me these could be getting close to the classic i5 head shape/size. Can't wait to see these, they are high on my list for new irons in 2021. A JPX 921 HM/HMP Combo being option B.
  9. Thanks all really appreciate the great responses, keep them coming! Great to see a lot of people going through the same thought process and where they ended up. As was discussed, I definitely considered 5-PW HM as Mizuno does a nice job of making the scoring irons smaller and I'm sure I'd be fine with this set. My current set are Mizuno GI irons and I always felt the size and offset in the 8-PW were a little large and might be the reason I suck so much from 150 in! My logic was the HMP might give me a little better accuracy in this range. Crazy as it seems I considered
  10. It's looking like I'm going to go with a JPX 921 HM/HMP combo for next year and I'm stuck on a couple combo options. Just curious for those that might have combo'd the 919s or 921s where you cut-over your set and if you're happy or would have done it different? Options I'm considering (10 Hdcp): (1) 5-7 HM / 8-PW HMP (2) 5-6 HM / 7-PW HMP (3) 5 HM / 7-PW HMP Thanks in advance!
  11. I hit the gw and the sw indoors last week. At one point I grabbed a 54 Vokey to compare some spin numbers and at times the HM wedge spun more. That said my spin numbers on wedges and indoor launch monitors tend to be all over the place but, I didn't feel like the performance of the HM wedges was lacking in anyway. That said assuming feel and spin are within range, I like that the HM are a little larger while never being oversized and Mizuno put just the right amount of bounce on each. I'm just not a fan of really small wedge profiles. I don't like that Callaway went small in the MD
  12. I REALLY like the 49, 54, 59 JPX 921 Hot Metal Wedges. I don't know if I'll go with HM or HMP but regardless of what new irons I get for 2021, I'll give the 3 Hot Metal wedges a serious look if they fit into the required gaps. In my opinion (as a 10 hdcp), they are the perfect middle from a blade wedge to some of the cavity back wedges that are getting popular.
  13. Good advice above...At 34", 355g is closer to a standard head weight than 370. For example, if you purchased a new Scotty Newport at 34", the head weight is 353g. IMO, 370g is too heavy at 34" IMO. I wish EVNROLL offered 3 weights at 350, 360, 370. I like 360g at 33" and can't get that from EVNROLL which is why I don't have one. 355g just a little too light and 370g toooo heavy.
  14. Shame on CC for putting you in T100s from G410s without you specifically asking to make this jump or serious discussion around what you were about to do. There are a dozen iron sets between T100 and G410 that would have been better options. I say this assuming you're not a 5 HDCP or better. As a consumer though, you have to know these guys aren't rocket scientists, they are golf club fitters. My suggestion to friends heading into a CC fitting is to always narrow down to some shafts and heads to start with. I've walked in both times and said I want to hit these 2-3 heads and these 2
  15. Go to the store, get fit for the length that fits you best and order a fixed length stealth shaft from PING (no upcharge). All concerns about shaft flexibility gone.
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