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  1. Was at PGA Store over the weekend and saw these for $199. Is this a re-release? Clearing out some old old inventory? Just curious on the back story if there is one. Seems like a great deal/putter for $200.
  2. I believe Bettinardi is due for a BB refresh/release this fall. Any news or teasers on this yet? For me personally, hoping they go back to more of older/original BB1 shape and would like to see a BB8 this time around also.
  3. I don't have one to post a pic but it's less than an Anser would be but not face balanced either. I'm a fan of the Arna shape, wish PING had that or a B60 in the 2021 lineup. To me the Arna is more blade-like than a mallet. I will say why I haven't purchased one is it's a "tweener". Tried to talk myself into one a couple times but ended up thinking just to either a blade or a mallet, what's the point of something in between. That said for someone looking for a little more meat than an Anser but not quite a mallet, this is a great shape.
  4. Great to hear all the positive comments about SWAG, going to give them a more serious look. I wondered about the 71 lie angle as well...Bettinardi used to be 71 and changed t 70 in the last couple years.
  5. Funny, I actually emailed SWAG about this at one point and they did confirm the Handsome ONE has less toe hang which is intriguing to me. I'm a little concerned about SWAG as a company though, does anyone have feedback on purchasing from SWAG? Happy with their service?
  6. Feel the same about SWAG in the few communications I've had with them. I know we live in an informal world these days but I'd expect a little higher level of professionalism for $600 "custom" putter. Intrigued by the Mizuno M-Craft putters myself. Just can't get over the fact that the bumpers don't match from heel to toe, very weird to me. You would think it would uniform visually.
  7. Yes to be fair, I agree with some who have said you can feel a little "whip" in the adjustable PING putter shafts but only when you start going longer than 35". Below 35" it's not noticeable and below 34" it's nonexistent, I've hit the Sigma 2 Anser in adjustable and fixed at 34" and there's zero difference in feel.
  8. Also looking to confirm this, does anyone know? TGW has them listed as 33"-370g; 34"-360g; 35"-350g but not sure how accurate that is.
  9. 2nd season with my Sigma 2 Fetch and while I've tried to kick it out of the bag, nothing can beat it. Curious to try the new 2021 Fetch but I kind of like the visible hole/circle on top. I play mine at 34" and do not feel the whip at all. I also really like the insert, just doesn't play as soft as some of the comments I've seen. Someone asked above, I'm pretty sure if you contact PING they'll reshaft to a non-adjustable shaft for a nominal fee. I know the Sigma 2 and Heppler can be ordered with fixed length shafts.
  10. Just started my 2nd season with a Sigma 2 Fetch and no plans to get rid of it. I don't know what it is with this putter for me, but the ball starts online perfectly. It's an ideal weight, really like the adjustable shaft and the insert isn't nearly as soft to me as some comments I've heard. I also don't feel any looseness in the shaft at or below 34". And that said, you can always order any Sigma 2 with a fixed length shaft. Considering getting a Heppler Fetch for slower greens like Westwood does but waiting to see the new PING 2021 putter lineup.
  11. 1. City, State? Chicago, IL 2. Handicap? 9 3. Current putter? PING Fetch 4. What Bettinardi Studio Stock putter do you want to test? Studio Stock 18 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  12. AWT 2.0 is a unique shaft, I've never hit anything like it. In my opinion the AWT 2.0 plays as a true stiff that is mid-spin/med-flight. I would agree with the above, it does play a little weaker than DG but it's also 20 grams lighter so it should be. I've hit the AWT 2.0 extensively against the Modus 105 Stiff. In my opinion the AWT plays stiffer than the Modus 105 and flies lower. AWT is a really good shaft if it's the right fit.
  13. First - PING has made really good stock shafts for over 30 years. Never an afterthought and always a part of the total package. Second - With Driver heads getting so low spin, it's not surprising a guy like Louis is going to a shaft that creates a little more spin. I was fitted in a G410 and while I've always play the PING Tour 65, I had to drop to the CB55 to get the SPIN back up where it needed to be. I have an unopened Titleist 915 D2 sitting in the closet just in case, it's getting harder and harder to find drivers that spin enough for low spin, average swing speed players...
  14. First, I need to say I love the idea of the MyTP Putter build that Taylormade is offering. That said, it's absolutely terrible with all the custom build options they offer within the MyTP build that I CANNOT select specific weights as a part of the build. Why would I go through all of that custom coloring to have weights I don't want installed, then need to replace with the stock weight colorings (not matching my customizations) to get to the head weight I desire. It's also crazy to me they don't list head weights or the weight configurations that are installed at certain lengths anywhere on the website. Jumped on a chat with them this week and the response I received was they didn't have access to that information. C'MON Taylormade, make this great idea actually usable to consumers, PLEASE!
  15. Does anyone know if Cleveland is replacing the original Chrome/Silver CBX2 with the Black Satin model or if they intend to keep the Chrome/Silver CBX2 in the lineup also? The Chrome/Silver model hasn't been available for order on Cleveland for a while but I see them available at retailers. Not a fan of the darker finish wedges, prefer to have my wedge finish match the nice shiney irons.
  16. Thanks for the input, think I'm just going to order the JPX 921 Wedges in the same shaft I ordered my irons anyway (950GH Stiff). Going with all 3 (GW, SW, LW). I really like the look of them and the loft progression. Only question left is, do I put iron covers on those bad boys, I mean I'll have a full set of matching irons 5-LW...I don't think I've done that since my ISI-S set back in 90s....
  17. Has anyone hit these Wedges? With the popularity of cavity back wedges (CBX2, Mack Daddy CB, etc), I'm surprised Mizuno didn't separate these wedges from the Hot Metal Irons "set" and market them as their own thing. If you go on the Mizuno Website, they aren't listed under Wedges. Also, if you want to custom order them online, they are listed and have to be ordered as if you're ordering the Hot Metals Irons set and then you just choose to order the GW, SW and LW as individual clubs of the set. Was at a big box store looking to order a full set yesterday and they couldn't even choose the Modus 105 Wedge shaft in the wedges and are going to call Mizuno Monday to figure out how to word it correctly on the order. I ordered a custom Hot Metal set 5-PW yesterday but I'm second guessing my Wedge setup as these seem to be an after thought for Mizuno.
  18. 1. Chicago, IL 2. 9 hdcp 3. ZX5 or Combo ZX7 (PW-8) / ZX5 (7-5) 3. Yes - courses are open in Chicago as long as there's not too much snow! 4. Mizuno MX-23 (haven't found a better set of Forged GI and I've hit them all) 5. Really like the V-Sole and FORGED, very similar to my current set. 6. Yes, would enjoy testing and providing mini-review/feedback.
  19. Is that deeper front to back than the standard Rossie? Looks more like R-Line size vs Rossie? Love it though, going to get a #5 or Rossie myself. For me personally, Odyssey should always keep the White Hot series around with classic head shapes rotating some in and out each year. No reason not to sell these putters forever. 20 years later, they are still relevant and great putters. HINT HINT HINT PING!
  20. I've hit both extensively but it's been a while hitting them side by side. Here's what I remember... Although the two shafts play and feel very similar, there are some slight differences and I had a favorite when hitting the 2 side-by-side. I think they are very close in overall weight. -The PX LZ 5.5 plays very slightly stiffer overall. -The TT XP 115 plays very similar in overall stiffness with a slightly more active (softer) tip. -Surprisingly, there wasn't a hugely noticeable difference in ball flight. -Feel is different, you feel the LZ flex more in the mid section with a more stable tip and the XP 115 is more stout in the butt/mid section with an active tip. My personal preference was the LZ because it felt lighter while playing tighter overall (although very similar) than the TT XP 115. I could have played either almost interchangeably and especially now that the TT XP 115 isn't available anymore, the LZ 5.5 is an easy choice. For reference, my 7i swing speed is 82-85mph and the Mizuno Shaft Fitting thing always puts me in the LZ 6.0 but I prefer the weight and softer feel of the 5.5.
  21. After going through an embarrassing amount of putters the last 2 years, I picked up a Sigma 2 Fetch mid summer and haven't looked back. I stayed away because of the flexible shaft and marshmello soft insert comments. I was given a couple putter options during a summer round using a rental set. I was always intrigued by the concept and figured I'd take it for a free spin. Loved it from the start. That day I played the Fetch at 34" and didn't feel any whippiness, my gamer is at 33.5" and with 15+ rounds played since I got it, never an issue. I've bumped it up to 35" for putting also and don't feel any whip, "maybe" as this gets over 35" I can see it but definitely not at 35" or lower. That said, you can order this putter at fixed length also so the whippiness really shouldn't be a reason not to order, especially for someone playing at 35" or below. I really enjoy the fact I can adjust at will as I play with different grips, stances, etc. I've moved mine around between 33.25 and 34" a few times. It's hard to explain the insert. I can see where people say it's super soft but it just doesn't play that way. It's almost the opposite for me, when you get on the course and start hitting real puts, it feels just right. When I hit the Heppler Fetch recently, it made me appreciate the feel of the Sigma 2 even more. I could go on and on. Obviously I really enjoy mine, my only point in all of this is give it a shot, as was mentioned above, it gets a good amount of play among pros. That's at least enough reason to see if you like it.
  22. It's a solid model from Bettinardi, personally I think it's the perfect size. I think their BB1 is way to narrow. They call it a BB8 "Wide" but it's not obnoxiously so, good size. Proportionally looks really good and has the usually Bettinardi great feel. Not a fan at all of the BB1 in that lineup, wayyyy to skinny in my opinion. They might as well just make an 8802...or maybe that's what they were going for. You won't be disappointed.
  23. Purchase and played a Sigma 2 Fetch towards the end of the season and love it! I stayed away from the Sigma2 for a long time because of the comments on the super soft insert and "whippy" adjustable shaft. I don't find either to be true. While the insert is softish, it isn't marshmellow soft to me and I've played the shaft in the 34.5"-33.5" range and have never felt any looseness. "Maybe" as you get above 35" and towards the end of the fully extended setting there could be some whip but if you blindfolded me and gave me 2 putters I couldn't tell the difference in shaft feel at 34.5" and below. Now all that said I hit the Sigma 2 vs the Heppler quite a bit and really liked them both. It was a very tough decision on which to choose. My decision was aided by a couple videos where it was mentioned the softer Sigma 2 would play better on fast greens and the Heppler on slower greens. I like the Sigma 2 Fetch so much, I likely will pick up a Heppler Fetch next Spring for the same reason and just to mix it up; i've never been a 1 putter guy... In all I will say the ball seems to come off the Heppler a little hotter and is obviously firmer. But, the Heppler lineup looks and feels great! I've read that the Heppler shafts were made firmer and maybe that's true but I never found issue with the Sigma 2 and the Heppler felt equally stable with no issue. Personally, I think the Sigma2 and Heppler are home runs for Ping. I could see myself ending up with several different models across both lineups. I know the PING PLD competes more in the space of the high-end milled putters but when you see the number of PING Pros that play they standard consumer lineup, I think that says alot.
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