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  1. One night sale only! If they are still here tomorrow morning then they stay home. I've got something I'm trying to fund and will probably regret this tomorrow so tonight is a bottom $ for some cool putters. Please don't try and low ball because these prices are as low as I am willing to go! Need to build up the ole paypal account so all prices are shipped and paypal payments tonight! Shipping is to the lower 48 states. Fleetwood Professional Series, Has an Odyssey grip (just like the pingman grip) Just under 34 inches. Has been played and shows play on the sole but not damaged in any
  2. I've got one at home in a bag upstairs. I will see if I can get some pictures of it tonight. Way ahead of its time in the thought of inserts and such.
  3. I hope you are going to use part of the $$$ to buy your wife a new sleep shirt, her's seems to have a hole in the sleeve! :derisive:
  4. Last price drop to $220, if it doesn't sell for that then she's staying home.
  5. Headcover is a very used old TP Mills that really isn't worth a picture. It would just be to protect it during transport.
  6. Headweight is the 356 that is on the sole. Offset I'd say is 3/4 shaft. It,looks more than 1/2 but not a full shaft.
  7. I have T.P. Mills Tradition XL stainless with flamed finish which gives it a bronzish appearance. 34 inches, weight is on the sole. Lie is probably 72. Has TP Mills golf pride by David mills grip. Putter has been gamed. It had a light blue and yellow paint fill which I tried to remove but I got the line paint fill removed and stopped trying on the rest. Has an old very used headcover that it will ship in. Gotta pay for another project so this is priced to move. No trades, need the cash. No low ball offers please as it is as low as it is going to go. $220 PayPal'd and shipped. If it doesn't
  8. No Trades please and no low ball offers please. I don't know head weight on either. Postman with hand work done by David for a tour player some years ago, that the reason the stamping on the bottom is faded. I believe the story is that he took some of the bottom off to get the weight down a bit. It plays to 34 inches. It has the By David Mills Golf Pride grip on it. Black crosshair cover included. $200 shipped Nekkid Heritage. The only stamping on it is the T.P. Mills on the face. No sight line no sight dot. I tried to get the hand milling on the back bumpers that you can see. T
  9. Fleetwood is gone. Only the Postman and Mizuno Roadsign left. Take them both for $340 shipped!
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