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  1. One of the 2021 hybrids may or may not be adjustable.....
  2. It's not. It's a fake bore through. Just for weight saving.
  3. Well, I luckily kind of had this dream scenario. I've been extremely happy with my decision to go Callaway!
  4. Not had a chance to test them yet, but if they are as good as the rogue pro irons were they will be a great iron. Rogue pros just didn't feel or sound quite as nice as I hope the Mav Pro does.
  5. Well good thing we are 3 years gone from the Epic then....
  6. Nearly every company has tour only heads..... Although I do acknowledge your point! It is frustrating as a consumer. That being said 95% of golfers aren't like us WRXers. They have no clue the Triple Diamond or "tour head" even exists.
  7. It's going to. In fact just for the heck of it I took out the 9 degree Mavrik MAX head out today and gave it a smack set on 8 degrees. Really liked it and it went super straight. Didn't have time to trackman data. I'll get data comparing the 3 heads soon.
  8. Sure I’ll just ruin my reputation and career so golfwrx can see a picture of a club that comes out in two week.
  9. My Non SZ head I have at the moment looks very square. I also have a SZ on the way, so we will see. But I agree the orange is a complete non issue at address. The look at address is stellar.
  10. Swing Speed. The idea behind the Mavrik is more aerodynamics and speed compared to Epic Flash. It does "feel" faster when I swing. I can actually hear a little whistle or "woosh" sound that is quite satisfying. Also for everyone who hated the sound of the EF and likes a muted sound, you are in for a treat!!
  11. Swung it indoors on trackman against my current gamer and was getting 1.5-2 mph swing speed more on average. That can only be a good thing!
  12. I have a regular Mavrik head in hand. I’m going to try to get some Trackman data today against my EFTD. I hit 5 balls before going home yesterday and first impressions where that the sound is significantly more muted. Looks super clean at address. Way better than either model of the flash(not including the triple diamond which looks the best in my opinion)
  13. The new shape is beautiful. Forget the color people somehow care way too much about. The shape of the new Sub Zero will make a lot of WRXers happy! I’m pumped about the new pro hybrid as well.
  14. I've seen it. Really looks awesome! I was pleasantly surprised when I saw and held it. Can't say any more(seriously) but TaylorMade could have a spectacular year with this one!
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