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  1. I'll second the "coach" approach. You want someone familiar with your game & swing who can observe (live or via video), diagnose if something is different than your "normal", and point you back towards your swing. Unless you are willing to spend a LOT of time (hundreds and hundreds of hours) on practicing, it's very dangerous to embark on a "create a new swing" path if the one you have works reasonably well (and if you're a 3 hcp, it does). Unless it's seriously flawed, that swing can probably get you from 3 to scratch with focused practice and smart coaching. If you're trying
  2. I just stop. Maybe go chip & putt a little, if I haven't done that already. Even if I have, I will often go make 5 one-foot putts in a row, so I leave the course with a positive mental image. Then leave. And drink.
  3. Let's see ... so I won the Masters and get to choose. Pretty simple: roast loin of unicorn.
  4. It's my go-to club for long second shots into reachable par-5 holes. 225-230 for me, and relatively consistent ball flight. I no longer hit 3 wd from the fairway much; that's become my go-to on the tee club for when the ball MUST go right to left!
  5. Our greens run 10.5-11 most of the season. I went from 20 years as a SC Newport user to a Spider X. My wife had gotten a Spider Tour, and just for fun, I said "let me try that". I went in that day and bought the Spider X! My observations: My lag putts start on line, every time. My lag putting has significantly improved .... I rarely three-putt anything over 60 feet, unless I hit it to the wrong tier of our multi-tiered greens Inside of 5 feet, I've become deadly. The ball starts on line, and goes where I hit it. I've gone from sub-60% at 5 feet to almost 80%.
  6. ^^^ THIS. I wear contact lenses when I play (progressive glasses, and can't play unless I'm using my "distance only" prescription ... makes me crazy). For nearly 40 years, I've tried various brands of sunglasses, and NEVER found one I liked. Cheap, expensive, didn't matter. A month ago I bought a pair of the REKS golf-specific lenses and they are PERFECT. I can see the ball, and generally putt/read greens with them, unless the hole is in a shaded location. My eyes, my eye doctor and my golf game all love them!
  7. It was not pretty. CWS tried shorts, and the NHL had the disastrous CooperAll experiment ....
  8. I've had mine about a year, and love them. They are the most comfortable walking shoe I own. Just ordered new spikes for them today ... time to get some new traction!
  9. Titanium. XX-Flex. Tour issue. They add 8.3 yards to my tee shots ..... Seriously, though, a pink Martini step-up for my driver ... for anything else, whatever's in my pocket, or broken on the tee box.
  10. I'm also a 2, and I periodically get this. When it happens, I go to the range and place two balls side by side. The outside ball is about 1" to the right of the ball I'm going to hit. I make a smooth, normal swing, and hit the inside ball. I repeat this about 100 times .... and keep doing that drill for at least 1-2 weeks when warming up prior to rounds. It ingrains the correct swing path, and erases the bad mental pictures and fear.
  11. I'm 58. Our course is super hilly, and has several long uphill climbs from green to the next tee. We own our own cart. That said, I will often walk and carry, while my wife drives. I jump on for the long uphill treks, and it generally works great. I can also help move the cart for her if needed. I carry a Sun Mountain 2.5, and generally only keep a few balls and a few tees in the bag. Love to walk ... the way the game was meant to be played!
  12. You could have Nelly & Jessica Korda do cameos on the show ... and call it ... wait for it ... "Sister Act" .... I'll be going now ...
  13. Mine is really mental focus. For the last few weeks, I'm literally throwing about 3-4 strokes a round just by not being smart and focused. Case in point yesterday: Hit my approach on #1 in a bunker to a super short-sided flag. Best case, I probably leave a 10-12 footer for par. Instead of "get it on the green, try to make a putt, but accept bogey is fine", I tried to get it close, and had it not quite carry, and stay in the bunker. Instant double. At least I birdies 2 & 4! On 11 (short-ish uphill par 5), I hit my drive in a fairway bunker. Instead of hitting a smoo
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