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  1. Wild swings happen to every player, including Tour level players. Virtually every PGA TOUR/LPGA pro is capable, on any given day of shooting 60. They are also capable of shooting 80. Seems to me Will Zalatoris last week had consecutive rounds that went 71-61-72 or something like that ....
  2. The answer to some extent depends on where you're coming from. Trying to get to scratch for the first time means you're probably doing SOMETHING golf related every day, for a couple of hours. Full swing, short game, putting, playing ... you need all of those things to be essentially reliable. You don't get there without putting in the work? For someone that used to be scratch, getting back there is probably more in the 2-4 days a week doing something. For someone going from +4 to scratch? Just pick up the clubs and play ...
  3. Troy Burne is a FUN track! Any reason Whistling Straits (Straits or Irish) are not on the list? Both worth the time and money!
  4. In a small stakes game, you just stop playing for money. In a larger or group game, you point it out. In an actual event (club tournament, local/regional tournament) you protect the field. On marking the ball ... "you should probably replace that correctly. You don't want a penalty for playing from the wrong place" On "finding" the wrong ball .... "gee, that's not what you were playing on the tee, and it doesn't have your markings on it". You CAN shame a cheater into fixing it, by pointing out EVERYONE is aware. And if you can't, find other partners.
  5. I've played 19 of these. Wouldn't be hard to add Corded Valle, since I live probably 15 minutes from there. Also haven't played Edgewood sadly. Surprised to see Grizzly Ranch on there. Great place, and some outstanding holes, but some really quirky ones too (especially the par 5 holes)
  6. My Footjoy TourX shoes are my go-to pair when I need comfort and performance. I have a couple of pair of the FJ Traditions too, which are comfy for days I don't care as much about traction. Super surprised that there's no love here for Squairz. They add distance ... and it's proven, with SCIENCE.
  7. In Northern California, private clubs have initiation fees ranging from $30,000 to $400,000. Monthly dues tend to run between $900-$1500. Most have monthly or quarterly F&B minimums as well (ours is $250/qtr).
  8. That must be Casta del Sol! I lived in Mission Viejo 40+ years ago, and played it a few times when I was in high school. I still remember that hole .... We were members at Mission Viejo CC, so only played there sporadically. We might have had a high school match or two there against one of the other local schools.
  9. Just post the first 18 as a normal round, and the last 9 as a 9-hole score.
  10. This was probably 40 years ago now ... a high school match. We're playing in the first group, so 1/2 players on each team. Our #1 was a +3 (now a club pro), and I was scratch. The other team's players were, let's say, somewhat less skilled. Their guy hit a tee shot right off the heel. Low screamer. It hits the forward tee marker, and goes out of bounds. Directly BEHIND us. Right over our heads. Only time I've ever seen stroke and distance give someone a distance advantage....
  11. And just like that, the thread is over Thanks, @sui generis!
  12. Interesting question came up today playing with my wife. She is playing the forward (red) tees. On some tee boxes, the next longer tees (silver) also share the same general area for tees. On certain days, the greenskeeping staff set the tee boxes offset, with the silver tees behind the red tees, but with one of the silver tee markers IN the area of the red teeing ground. In many cases, it would be appropriate / likely that a player playing from the red tees would want to utilize a part of the teeing area that is occupied by the silver tee marker, and would interfere with stance or swing. Question: In that case, with a match being contested from the red tees, are the silver tee markers obstructions? Are they moveable? I know that you cannot move the tee markers for the course you are playing. But can you move an interfering tee marker that is NOT part of the course you are playing?
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