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  1. Your distances align with mine almost identically. I've played Coyote Moon a few times; never played Edgewood (our vacation house is in Truckee). You will generally find about 5-8% increase in carry distances, but a big caveat this time of year: if you're playing in the morning, until it warms up, the temperature distance loss will just about cancel out the altitude distance gain. If you're feeling chilly, hit the sea-level club! Overall, the biggest thing for Coyote Moon is to be in the fairway off the tee. It's a typical tree-lined mountain course. As long as you're solidly in p
  2. On Golf Channel today, they talked about DJ having done exactly that - he is getting local advice/knowledge from the Winged Foot club pro. The connection came through his coach, apparently the club pro and Harmon family are longtime friends.
  3. A guy who has to use these kind of tactics to win some club-level match is rather sad to me. It shows no confidence in his own ability to play golf and win through skill. At our club, such a player would very quickly find themselves without a game. I'd add that after it happened ONCE to me, were I playing him in a match, he's holing everything. "2 inches -- little work left there, go ahead and finish". I'd also be all over precision on nearest point of relief from obstructions, point of entry into a penalty area, and other areas that often get left to "good faith".
  4. Whenever I talk to high-handicappers on the golf course about shot selection, I try to reinforce that the process leading to club selection (or shot shape, if you have a choice) does NOT start with "distance". I get a lot of "oh, wow, I never thought of that" when I tell them that my decision pruning looks like this: Lie of ball (fairway, rough, sand, tee, etc.) Lie of ground (ball above, ball below, uphill, downhill, etc) Weather conditions (wind, temperature, fog, etc) Safest "miss" area (short, long, left, right) Expected conditions of preferred landing spot (f
  5. When I walk, I carry 14 clubs in my Sun Mountain 2.5 bag. What I trim down is the "extras". Unless the track is really tight, I carry no more than 6 balls, with one of those in play, and one in my pocket. I carry one spare glove, leave maybe a few tees and a ball marker or two in the bag besides what's in my pockets. My GPS goes in my pocket, and I skip the laser rangefinder. The only other things that go in my bag are my wallet, car keys, energy bars or bananas, and a water bottle. My wife chooses to take out a few clubs when she walks. She'll usually carry driver, 7 wd, 4h, 6h, 8
  6. I've got the 770's on order. Hit them against my 5-year old PSi irons, and they were 3-5 yards longer AND lower spin ... which is good for me, because I tend to be on the high end of the spin spectrum. Looking forward to them arriving someday
  7. I shot 73 today. 4 birdies, and an "effective birdie" ... 5 after an unplayable / stroke & distance. Made putts from 6, 30, 2, (15), and 2 feet.
  8. Well, my best round lately came on a Monday afternoon, when our course is usually closed for maintenance. We went out at 2:30 pm, and started on 10, with zero warmup. 10 is a long, awkward par 4. I hit driver, and then a 7 wood from 195 to 18 inches. I was two under on the back, and bogeyed our last hole (9) for a one-under 71. I'm NOT long (240-250 is a good drive, and I was playing from 6700 yards on a very wet golf course with pretty much zero roll off the tee. If you consistently drive it 275-280 (and stay in play) and hit a 190-yard five iron, you'd have no trouble with our t
  9. I get mine from MG Golf in Dallas. $6 a glove.
  10. Mine go in the short game shag bag, or onto the backyard putting green
  11. I'm not a rules expert, but assuming it's a stroke play event, I think the committee would look at this as a "serious breach" and impose a DQ. Certainly for the statement "I just need some swings" ....
  12. Finally at least shot under par today - bogey on the last hole for 71. We started on 10 (it's maintenance day at the club, but my wife and I went out around 2:15 and played ... the actual definition of "private club" ... never saw anyone! ). Stiffed a 7 wood to 8 inches for birdie on 10, and turned from 18 to 1 two under. Was playing well, made a mental mistake and saved bogey with a penalty stroke on 6. Missed the green from 56 yards with a wedge on 8 (just sloppy ... uphill, front pin, tried to stiff it and chunked it just a hair), then had a tough, into the wind approach from 180 on the
  13. I'm in the same boat. I've taken myself from the 77-83 range to the 73-77 range pretty consistently. I've been well under par on both nines of my home course (34 on the front, 33 on the back), but struggle to get consistently low. For me, it's making more "makeable" putts (as noted above), and keeping the doubles off the card. Best round recently was an even par 72 that featured 5 birdies, two doubles, and one bogey! Arrgh .... Sadly, the doubles tend to come from just out-of-nowhere bad swings .... so really working on my mental game to dial in target and just put the same swing o
  14. Try the ProV1x Left Dash. It sounds like you may be in the relatively small profile of launch conditions that it's designed for (as am I ... LOVE it).
  15. Darn - we are going to be on an extended driving trip during that time, or I'd join you. We have a house in Truckee, so no more than 30 minutes from there to Somerset. I'm a 3.5 playing out of Silver Creek in San Jose.
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