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  1. nice clubs but I'd spend the $15 to have the lofts bent to 44 degree PW and then -4 from there. Everyone on here hits their 7 iron 190. Sell in minutes.
  2. I've owned both. The '15 is a special colour and has the fly mill face. Definitely a firm feel. The '20 (just sold yesterday) has a softer fantastic feel but I could see the F.I.T. face grooves from address and it drove me nuts. It produced a halo like effect around the ball lol. In general I like the nearly face balanced blade as there aren't many high end blades for a straighter stroke. The pvd finish on the '15 didn't hold up well for me and the kid in the pro shop dropped solvent on it and it ruined it. He makes good products and I'd go with the '20. Face height is the same IIRC.
  3. Just got an email from my club that I'm getting one. Thanks again SS. I'll be posting a barefoot pic in the BST shortly with the line ...."$1,800 obo. Hate to let this go but the wife told me to thin the herd". jk.
  4. gorgeous putter.....I have the stock one......toe hang is more like 25*. Unless the garage altered yours it sb similar.
  5. gallas2

    White Hot OG?!

    This is a good point. Conspicuous consumption. Same reason people will pay 15-20% more for a lexus when the Toyota is almost as good (certainly not 20% worse). I for one have spent thousands on milled putters (and sold) and go back to my trusty white hot whenever there's more than pride or a $5 Nassau on the line.
  6. Ok thanks. I sold it and let the buyer know. He is going to do exactly that anyways.....remove all paint.
  7. ok thanks. I should have clarified that this is new and still has the plastic on the handle and hasn't been on course -- just living room.
  8. thanks. I'll check my locker. I was just wondering if it was a production error or something more valuable.
  9. So this is odd.....anyone seen a Golo with the yellow paint missing on just the letter G? I'll post a pic from phone....thanks in advance.
  10. gallas2

    White Hot OG?!

    Is the versa line from '12/'13ish the original white hot? I think I read that somewhere. Keeps beating out the pricey milled ones I keep buying.
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