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  1. you, got it, i dont want any trouble i am doing the best i can, i was just about to tell you that i spoke to paypal and the supervisor told me that since you escalated to claim basically you are saying that we cant resolve the matter and it is up to paypal, they said in 2 days the claim would have been found in your favor anyway, i got an e-mail saying that they would process the refund anyway, but let me send you your club and be done with this, i would appreciate upon reciept if you could end any and all claims against me. please send me your detailed address exactly as you want it and I w
  2. why cant i just send you a replacement club, that is what you ordered and since you dont want a money order what is wrong with what your ordered,
  3. its not excuses just paypal is extremley slow, if you want i can buy you another club and send it overnight delivery, i think that is the easiest and fastest way to get you what you want, i cant control how fast paypal works, eventually the dispute will go in your favor anyway. i want to work with but tell me what you want, you are one of the last people not satisfied, you dont need to pursue this any further i am willing to work with you, but i have no control how fast paypal is, and the time difference doesnt help much either, i think the best bet is to send you another club express ups. but
  4. i sent you the pictures and tracking number for your new club that you requested,
  5. that was automatically paypal, when i shipped the original club i paid for shipping through paypal, so if a claim is posted, it automatically answers the tracking number to the number that was associated with the purchase, you new club will be mailed tommarow and should arrive tuesday or wednesday, tracking number is 1z438rw56695018610, i paid for all the fees including duties and taxes,
  6. you got your refund from your credit card company, paypal took your 80 dollars out of my account if its such a big deal then i will send you another money order but if you got your refund already why should you have two?
  7. first, the trackign number is a USPS number you can tell becasue it ends in US which is what they do for all international. To end all this as soon as possible, i am willing to re buy all the clubs for the buyers who did not recieve them yet and send them out overnight tommarow. this way they will be getting what they want and we wont have to wait for paypal to process, if thats ok please send me the address you want it sent to otherwise i will use the paypal address that i can find. i hope this is ok for everyone.
  8. you tell me exactly what you want me to do, i know you want a paypal refund but every time i call the lady she says that she is forwarding the request to authorize refund to the dispute resolution department and they get back to you in 24-72 hours. or she can try to proces it on her break but she has to get the next call. she said that eventually the outcome will result in your favor but it takes time and i want to fix this asap. it seems 99% of everyone is satisfied with their refunds, so please lets work this out amicably.
  9. fine, i have no problem giving it to you, but stop asking me every 6 hours or posting that you didnt get it, i dont know when paypal is going to process it, all i can do is call them and tell them to refund you, which i have done several times, i offered to do another method and you didnt want to which is fine but just be patient.
  10. you dont have to wait for paypal refund i can send you a money order but you dont want one.
  11. all US buyers should of gotten theirs, as per all international requests you will get a paypal refund when they process it, it is out of my control. i gave the money orders becasue i wanted to end this fiasco today, hopefully most of you are satisfied. according to paypal, you got your refund already, they said there was a chargeback on your card, and they took it out of my account therefore you didnt get another check.
  12. i have confirmation that one other person have got their check, the rest should follow as the day goes on.
  13. can we please stop with the threats, i sent everyone a full refund with ups next day shipping and you should be receiving it soon, i hope once you get them you can end all claims against me, i dont want any trouble from this, i am trying to make right, it was never my intention to scam anyone, i just want to put this behind me and move on, i have too much going for me in life, once this matter is done, i wont be visiting this site anymore so you wont have to deal with me, i know i have made some errors in communicating and original shipping but i hope now we can move on, please dont try to hur
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