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  1. I've only hit it on the neutral setting so far. Its been a mid ball flight for me, good height w/ expected carry. Im not able to see what kind of roll out it has due to saturated fairways. When I get a little more time I'm gonna tinker with it a bit to see how much different each setting is.
  2. Sure did. They gave me a rbz tour 9. I swapped it for the ANSER
  3. Well I picked up my new ANSER w/ diamana ahina 70s 9.5 on Thursday. I am coming from a Taylormade R9 supertri w/ aldila rip 70s. I was very skeptical to go the ping route as I have been gaming the TM for 2yrs and was satisfied. However, the TM cracked on me and forced my hand. The main reason I wanted to give the ANSER a shot was the look. I loved the way the i20 looked but wasent in the market to buy a new driver. I went to Edwin watts Wednesday to try out a demo they had just received. This was after hitting the rbz tour, r11s, 910d2, g,20, Cleveland classic and the i20 on Tuesday. None of the other drivers stood out to me. Monitor numbers were ok w/ the rbz and d2 but just didn't feel impressed. Once hitting the anser indoors on the monitor I immediately loved the adress and lines of it. It is really appealing to the eye. After hitting for a while I was getting a lower launch angle than I would like(9-10) w/ head set on neutral. Spin rates were around 2800rpm. Knowing I could tween it I decided to take it home. The feel was very nice but a different coming from a TM. I was able to get it out on the course for 18 yesterday. Playing conditions were less than ideal as it has been raining every afternoon for the last week. Knowing that I was not expecting any roll out due to plugging. I got no the first box and hit a nice one down the middle. First shot carried 275 Wich was about the same as the TM. The biggest difference I noticed was that it I had a much straighter ball flight due to less spin. I played the same shot all afternoon w/ a slight cut to it(3-4yds). I had a couple of mishits. One was a little off the toe and pulled. I ended up well left of the fairway but didn't loose much distance(10yds). I also sliced one but I put a terrible swing on it, got lucky and hit a tree, kicked in the fairway. Just a little background. I have been keeping stats for the last 2 1/2 yrs and have over 170 rounds logged in. Over that span I avg. 40% hit fairways. This has been what was holding me back as I am currently a 5hdcp. but after today's round with the ANSER I had hit 10 of 14 fairways. Very much improved for me. The most impressive thing for me was how consistant the ball flight was. It came out higher than the launch monitor had it at w/ a penatrating trajectory. The forgiveness was also evident on my mishits. I did get feedback when I hit the toe but wasent penalized too bad for it. I know it's only been one round but I am very pleased with this club. It may not be for everyone but it seems to be the one for me. Hope this review helps. Thanks! Oh, and the 3 and 5 wds are on order!!!
  4. Got in 18 yesterday with the new ANSER ahina 70s. I'm very impressed. Very nice distance but even better ball flight. Great purchase for me.
  5. [sub][size=3][size=5]I know how you feel. I have been playing seriously for 4yrs now and 6 total. I started out in the 110 range. Basically couldn't do much of anyting. After that it was a slow process to my current state. I found myself down to the mid 90's with 7 penalties, mostly tee shots. I tried to get a couple of lessons to learn how to hit the driver. But everytime I did the pro wanted to go over the basics with a 7iron. Needless to say I was a bit frustrated I wasen't learing to hit the driver. From there I decided to play and practice more on my own. I began to get better and started getting in the 90 range with 5 penalties every round. Everyone I played with told me I had the talent to get alot better but I contined to struggle. I decided to start working on my short game, 100yds and in. Frogetting about my driver problems I spent lots of time on different feel shots and chipping around the greens. That mad a huge difference in my game. I still had the wayward drive but instead of taking the drop, missing the green, chipping up and two putting, I found myself getting around the green and getting up and down more. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal but if you do that 4 times a round to save bogey you will be pleased. [/size][/size][/sub] [sub][size=3][size=5]I am currently a 5hdcp and still struggle a bit with the driver but I have so much more confidence in the rest of my game that I am not afraid to make a mistake off the tee. As my short game got better my driver also got a little better. I still tend to loose one or two a round and that is waht is holding me back but I've managed to get this far without pounding the fairways. It took this long to understand what the pro was trying to teach me. He said "If you can't hit the 7iron straight 100yds, you'll never hit the driver straight for 275". He was right, and as my game got better so did the driver.[/size][/size][/sub] [sub][size=3][size=5]I guess my advice to you would be to [/size][/size][/sub][sub][size=3][size=5]make sure you are properly fitted for you equipment. Don't just focus on the big stick, work on you all around game. You could hit an iron off the tee and get around the green in two. Get up and down for par or 2 putt bogey, It beats hitting 3 off the tee. Age old saying is spend the most time practicing from the hole to the tee. And just remember that the driver is the one club that allows for the largest margin for error. Hope I could help[/size][/size][/sub]
  6. I do love the look of the 59's. If I were consistant enough it would be the club to go with. I just don't stirke it that well day in and day out. I want something playable on the days I don't have my a game. I haven't tried the S56's. It may be something to consider. I've also been reading a few reviews of the new anser irons. They seem like they will fit the profile I'm looking for. But we all know the problem is the $$$. There are a ton of sets out there that can be had for less. Very nice looking sticks though.
  7. No Veng, I have no intentions on looking at the 64's. Not sure why people think all single digit cappers need to play blades or close too it. I'm no tour pro and enjoy having forgiving clubs. There are plenty guys I play with that go out and buy clubs without getting fit. They end up getting clubs above their skill set. Guess I'm saying if more people would swallow their pride and get more forgiving clubs they would be better off. That's why I think I need to stay with the I or jpx series. Don't won't to fool myself.
  8. I will probably wait to hit the new 825's before I jump into anything. This all came about b/c I decided to demo an i20 and it has the wheels spinning. When I purchased the 300's I didn't hit them nearly as well but they grew on me. I think if given enough time most irons would work for me. Just like to keep my options open.
  9. Haven't given the Cleveland's a look yet but I'll keep them on the radar. Don't be mistaken, I will hang on to the 300's until I get accustomed to a new set. One issue I have is not being able to hit the 4iron consistant. It leaves me with a distance gap b/c I tend to shy away from hitting it. 5 iron 195yds then 5wd 225yds. I could swap it out for a hybrid but haven't had sucess hitting hybrids. I'm thinking the offset in the i20's would help fix that problem. It's also about better misses in all irons. I would sacrifice a little feel for more forgiveness. Golf is a game of misses right! Guess I'm looking for a better miss.
  10. Well I have a new rbz tour 9 that I'll be exchanging for the new ANSER. Will probably be ordering the 3 and 5 wds as well. Any one else awaiting there's.
  11. Started getting the itch. I've been gaming the mizuno mx-300's for a couple of years now and have been pleased. However, I recently hit the I20's and liked what I felt. Although I didn't feel as much feedback from the cast head as I would have liked, it wasn't bad. I was comparing them along side the MP-59's. When flushed there is no comparison. 59's by far are superior. Reality is as a 5hdcp I don't flush as many irons as i'd like and the i20's were super easy to hit. Im also awaiting the new 825 pro's. I'm sure those will be nice. I still enjoy my 300's but wouldn't mind a change. Am I looking to much into the i20's? Should I stick with the mizzys. Not as forgiving, but that forged feel is hard to give up. Thoughts!
  12. Last week I saw my Taylormade Supertri w/ RIP 70S life come to an end. I noticed 3 cracks on the crown of the club head. Not sure what to do with it, I turned to wrx for advice. A few of you recommended calling and or sending the club back to TM. So I called and let them know what had happened and was told to bring it to a TM retailer to take a look at it. I headed back to Edwin Watts where I had origanally bought it. One phone call and ten minutes later there was a new RBZ tour tp on its way. I would also like to thank Edwin Watts for there willingness to help me out. I picked it up today and went through another fitting session with the new club. I would have to say it was great customer service all around. Thanks for the suggestion WRX.
  13. Ping just held their convention in Pheonix last week.I'm sure a few made it out of arizona last week. Figured If anyone could get their hands on one it would be an rx'er.
  14. Haven't hit the RBZ or the R11tp. I'll give them a look. I do have the R11s tp 5wd. I switched it out with an adams hybrid I had. It's working out pretty well. Still can't find something to knock the r9 3wd out of the bag.
  15. In my research to find a new driver I ran across the new anser driver. Has anyone hit it yet? Is it more like an I20 with adjustable option or more forgiving like the G series?
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