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  1. That is a @#$% NO! Probably $147 too much for Las Sendas.
  2. I would play Baltray (Co Louth) over Corballis for sure - based on your drive up to Ballyliffin, you are going up towards Drougheda as it is. You will enjoy it more. It is not going to be too tough - and you could play up a box. It's just a much better course and I feel you will be happier. If you were doing a 36 day, for example, I would have said add Corballis....but not if it is your only round that day. If your making the trip, might as well play as good as possible a course. Enjoy.!! When you are in Newcastle to play Country Down - head down the main street to Great Jone
  3. Yes...that is the Valley; not Dunluce. I love the views at Ardglass and really enjoy the course. I have played both many times; but if I had to choose btw. the 2, I would play Ardglass 7 to 8 out of 10 times. May just be me, but I love the whole southeast area of N. Ire. I love the waters of the coast, the Mourne mtns, town of Newcastle, smoked salmon chowder, the beers and of course Country Down. I am by no means saying that Valley and Musseden are not good courses because they are. Just my preference. No one is going to go wrong is the nice thing.
  4. imo - Ardglass is a better option over Valley course or Castlerock - so the drop is not that difficult a choice. A better course and better views. Island is the better option when heading to Dublin.
  5. Those are all good choices...However, the date you are coming is right about the start of aeration on the golf courses. So you will need to call each on individually and ask when they plan to aerate and then base your schedule on that - assuming you care. I have not seen very many dates published yet....so like I said, you will need to call. I would not do Phoenician. Legends? - no course named just that and there are multiple with that in the name. So if it is Legend Trail, that is good, the others not so much.
  6. Well if you are going to the side of town, you should play Verrado Victory (the new course - because I assume you have not played it since you refer to Raven at Verrado which is years ago) or Estrella Mountain. Both will be in an acceptable price range and both will be WAYYY better than Wigwam or Dove Valley. Plus we now have Sterling Grove - which I would play, over either as well.
  7. This. But Wigwam is not far behind on the sheer boredom of playing it. Is there a reason you need to include either of those?
  8. My thought is that the greens are too firm (obviously due to being new). I did notice that the back 9 greens were more receptive than the front. The back was built first.
  9. This time of year, yes. Also, there's this, courtesy of @fore_life And since it was mentioned, that food truck is damn good!
  10. Interesting. I would have thought that the front green would be not bad because you can land it short, plus have a back stop. When we played it was back left- that is tough - I hit a 6 iron front (direction of starter), landed short front and finished left fringe above the pin. Regardless - fantastic course... I will make the hour drive as much as I can.
  11. Never bro. I'll meet you at Arcadia Bluffs and we can banter more!
  12. Those are way cool....where did those get made?
  13. Planet golf: Rated it higher than Estancia, Whisper Rock Upper, Desert Highlands, The Rim, Desert Mountain. I would not call that reliable. This price? No sir. ..not worth it.
  14. Short answer yes...if you can play Troon North Pinnacle - that is a far better course than Boulders. The others are fine.
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