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  1. I'm on my way on the assumption that they are there! plus it's 117 here.....
  2. My picks for the US Open: Dustin, Justin and Xander and backup Jordan!
  3. Dunes is in great shape for having been punched. It's pretty amazing how well the greens are playing. Of course - watering and patchy fairways as expected...but not bad.
  4. Odd/Disappointing/Interesting....that tall grass was really the only defense for the course tee to the green. Also, I never thought there was a POP issue - if the ball went in, you gave a quick look and then moved on - it's not like you were going to be able to hit out of there unless you got real lucky.
  5. IMO, no. I basically did he same thing: 565 to XF2. Only difference is I put in the NEO GH shaft. I really like my set up and like the way I play with them. FYI - I am a 4hc; So I see no reason why you would not enjoy them if they fit you. As always, it's best to just get fit.
  6. It's transition season...that is exactly the way the conditions are supposed to be! You can't criticize the course conditions for being how one would expect them to be. I played there 11 times this year and the conditions were superb, tee to green.
  7. Padre at Camelback - not punched today and it is is really good shape...greens are lightning! Some fairway spots where you need to move it...but other than that just a few crusty bunkers. Too bad it will be punched...because this is the way the course should play.
  8. So while the South is def overrated, the North is rated just about right. I would actually say the North may be the better overall course.
  9. Enlighten me please on these fine courses? Who do i need to sleep with to get on them?
  10. look big picture Mr Y..... the 2 courses, facility, etc at WW are way better that TS. As I said, North is a good course (minus the quirks), but South is not good. If I have to play both courses, I am choosing WW 8 out of 10.
  11. I think this wee thread needs a little science injected into it! I try to learn new things each day...sometimes that day takes a week, but I digress. Today I learned that if our Earth's orbit was changed, it would have profound affects! I feel like going back to all my schools and universities and lodge a serious complaint for not teaching this to every student! I also learned that our National Forest Service and our Bureau of Land Management both apparently have the power to, or at least the potential power and the knowledge to be able to execute something like a cha
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