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  1. Take your own advice. This is what I was saying. The person was arguing as if it were fact. I was pointing out it is not.
  2. Maybe you should read before speaking! It says " Based on the Rules at the time, all answers were false (and apologies for the formatting issues)."
  3. This one is utter BS! What the ___ does the HC have to do with knowing the rules? I know scratch golfers that don't know rules for ____!!! I also know a couple of 30hcs who know every rule verbatim and its application. Including one who currently officiates for college events.
  4. I can see this one...imagine hitting a ball into the gorse at Bandon. There is no way to look for the ball....it's lost. Here in AZ, there are rocks and canyons where there is no way you can get to even look for it.
  5. Baltimore -6 1/2 Pittsburgh -6 1/2 Green Bay -6 I'll take those 1/2 & 1 point below the TD to march to 6-0.
  6. If SD-they have a "stimulus pkg" - $10 coupon for Shop I bought a logo Titleist hat - $15 after coupon), plus that coupon enters you in a draw for a putter; plus a free appetizer for $59 I believe. Not sure when it ends.
  7. Southern Dunes - perfect except bunkers (inconsistent due to rains) Quintero - perfect with greens running 12-13; rough grown up silly...ball lost off the FW. Wick - very good shape, lots of watering has some of the usual holes a bit muddy
  8. Hornaceks is down here too.
  9. Sun up is ~800 and Sun down is ~500 - 9hrs of daylight.
  10. All courses yes. I play 6700-7100 the majority of the time. If there is one course you can play back it would be Trails. That being said, you could make up a combo tee set if you want. The difference you will experience is that the wind blows 2-4 clubs helping or hurting...so you are going to have times where you will hit driver and have 80 yards and other times be left with 150-180. As an example, the back to back par 3s on Pacific are 163 (downhill) and 131 from 1 up. I have had times where I hit PW to both and there are times where I have hit 5 iron to both.
  11. Power Ranch may be the best close to where you ask. Otherwise you need to drive a little bit.
  12. One tee box up on all courses and you will have enough challenge and fun. The wind is the equalizer and will add plenty of challenge and distance; but people don't get tortured. I am a 4 and seldom play the tips...I just don't enjoy it.
  13. Sorted by reopen date. Not all courses have set their dates. Updated-AZ-Courses-for-Overseed.xlsx
  14. Great call....one of my buddy's must stops when he goes.
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