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  1. Round 3 at Cabo Real. It is a Robert Trent Jones II designed course. But I need to read more on that because I think it was a 9 hole course to start and then 9 more added. The two 9s are as different as Commishes swing is from mine! Like day vs the vast darkness of space! The front 9 is essentially a resort course with huge fairways and rather simple greens. I finished the front -1 and my buddy finished even. The back 9 starts with a rather easy par 5 but is visually way different that any hole on the front. Where it takes a turn is on 11. From that point the course is simply brutal (I forgot to mention we played from the tips because it said 6800). The starter should provide some sort of guidance on the course difficulty. Both nines are listed as the same distance, but since the back goes back through the mountains, it plays a good 400 yards longer! The carries are tougher and the greens are unforgiving. So after that who building front, we were brought to our knees and reality! I was 12 over and my buddy 13 over for the back. I think the course would have been much more enjoyable if we moved up 2 tee boxes on the back. Overall it probably would have played like a 6600 yard course. In terms of conditions, it was not the best and really poor value for the price. The facilities are old, lacking and just beat down. I would say that 75% of the range balls I hit had almost no dimples! I doubt I would play it again. But there were some great views on some of the holes.
  2. Round 2 at Tigers course, El Cardonal. There is a very plain, lightly stocked golf shop. Not much worth even considering. The practice facility is top notch. With an outdoor grill and bar right there to order drinks and food. We had a forecaddie for the round. He is there to grab your bags and clean your clubs on the range. My buddy and I were really like ok’ing forward to get to play this course. So our carts were loaded up in the carts and to the first hole we went. The starter provides some brief course info and informs you of the complimentary drink and snack snacks on 4 and 14. 14 has grilled sausage with peppers available. Beer and margaritas included as well. So I admit, I did not do any reading on Tigers design philosophy. So I was not sure what to expect. First off, there are odd spacing distances btw tee boxes. We chose 6800 because the next one down is 6200. After the first few holes, you get a sense of what the philosophy is…a lot of risk reward off the tee. There are bunkers strategically placed for the player to either take on by carrying, avoid by playing left or right or leaving short. The greens seem to all be designed with Tigers creativity in mind. He seems to want player to play back stops or slopes with your iron shots. The greens were running 9.5 and were very sticky. You could throw most shots to the hole. The course seems to be broken into three 6’s. The first six is quite tough and puts premiums on every shot. The 2nd 6 are not as difficult but you are presented with decisions on every hole. The final 6 are just fun…probably the most fun finishing holes I have played. And they are made for scoring. I finished 16-18 with birdies to steal the match with my buddy, who played significantly better. All in all, this is a pretty solid course and once you start understanding the course, it becomes far more enjoyable. Side note: came close to buying the timeshare deal they have for here. But in the end, I realized we like variation too much to be tired to one place. But it was close.
  3. For this weeks picks I’ll be good betting against the worst teams in the NFL. gimme AZ (-7.5) and Minny (-7) to cover and finish off with an Over in the KC/Denver game.
  4. Celebrating my bday with a trip to Cabo San Lucas. Got out today for the first of 4 rounds on the Nicklaus design Club Campestre. As expected, massive fairways with massive green complexes but 4-5 smaller green areas within the larger footprint. Some were down right goofy if you were not in the right spot. I am currently hobbled with what might end up a torn patella…based on the symptoms. So my swing is all arms because I can’t plant my left leg. I am taking 2-3 extra clubs and have a weak slice most of the time. But I played it well and made my way around in a solid 77 without any birdies on the par 71 course. My buddy on the other hand had a rough day. Greens ate him up and it bled into other aspects of his game. But it was still good fun. Course is nice, fun and was in good shape. I am not a Nicklaus fan, so doubt I would play it again. Tomorrow we head to Diamanté to play Tigers course.
  5. And prices going up for 2022, 10-15%.....
  6. I recently had an accident (fell in a gopher hole on the course and apparently injured my knee and/or patella - going to Dr in a couple of weeks.). In the past couple of weeks post the incident I cannot plant on my left leg and I can only make an arms swing which results in a weak cut and a huge loss in distance (3 clubs). I am a bit concerned on the future of playing and the outcome of my Dr appointment. Anyone have the same injury? What was the outcome and recovery? Surgery needed? How long were you out? On a side note: I knew the front leg was important - but my awareness is at a new level now. I trired a brace and it didn't do much.
  7. I woulda just taken the wife to Bandon and had your first there....Now that would be a golf trip!!
  8. I like Faldo, but many don't. Palmer is generally regarded as the better of the 2. McCormick is no where near the same ballpark. That's like going from Kate Beckinsale to Mama June!!!
  9. Talon for $271 - holy shnikes - that would be a huge no for me...You're better off playing Legend Trail or paying the extra money and playing Troon North. 1:30 is pushing it to finish. I have gone off three times now at the 1:15-1:30 and twice was finishing in the dark. It all depends on the course pace earlier.
  10. Devils Claw at Whirlwind is off CP and in really good shape. Greens are still slow - looks like they did not cut or roll them in a few days. They are putting new sand in the bunkers leading to the frequent fried egg lie if you land in there straight.
  11. @YMark I agree with this...after playing 100s of rounds at Aguila I usually take the approach that, during the week, if things went well throughout the day the POP will be fine in the afternoon; but on weekends if I play in the afternoon I always plan on playing the front 9 over again because pop can be brutal....if not, great.
  12. Thanksgiving Day Detroit +3 1/2 Las Vegas / Dallas OV 51 Buffalo -4 1/2 Carolina / Miami OV 42 1/2 Minnesota / San Fran OV 48 1/2 LA Rams / OV 48
  13. Pretty good start. For some of your next ventures soon: Sterling Grove(walk), Vistancia(decent value all year round), Wickenburg Ranch, Estrella, Poston Butte(walk), Verrado Victory, Legend Trail, Longbow(walk)
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