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  1. And prices going up for 2022, 10-15%.....
  2. I recently had an accident (fell in a gopher hole on the course and apparently injured my knee and/or patella - going to Dr in a couple of weeks.). In the past couple of weeks post the incident I cannot plant on my left leg and I can only make an arms swing which results in a weak cut and a huge loss in distance (3 clubs). I am a bit concerned on the future of playing and the outcome of my Dr appointment. Anyone have the same injury? What was the outcome and recovery? Surgery needed? How long were you out? On a side note: I knew the front leg was important - but my awareness is at a new level now. I trired a brace and it didn't do much.
  3. I woulda just taken the wife to Bandon and had your first there....Now that would be a golf trip!!
  4. I like Faldo, but many don't. Palmer is generally regarded as the better of the 2. McCormick is no where near the same ballpark. That's like going from Kate Beckinsale to Mama June!!!
  5. Talon for $271 - holy shnikes - that would be a huge no for me...You're better off playing Legend Trail or paying the extra money and playing Troon North. 1:30 is pushing it to finish. I have gone off three times now at the 1:15-1:30 and twice was finishing in the dark. It all depends on the course pace earlier.
  6. Devils Claw at Whirlwind is off CP and in really good shape. Greens are still slow - looks like they did not cut or roll them in a few days. They are putting new sand in the bunkers leading to the frequent fried egg lie if you land in there straight.
  7. @YMark I agree with this...after playing 100s of rounds at Aguila I usually take the approach that, during the week, if things went well throughout the day the POP will be fine in the afternoon; but on weekends if I play in the afternoon I always plan on playing the front 9 over again because pop can be brutal....if not, great.
  8. Thanksgiving Day Detroit +3 1/2 Las Vegas / Dallas OV 51 Buffalo -4 1/2 Carolina / Miami OV 42 1/2 Minnesota / San Fran OV 48 1/2 LA Rams / OV 48
  9. Pretty good start. For some of your next ventures soon: Sterling Grove(walk), Vistancia(decent value all year round), Wickenburg Ranch, Estrella, Poston Butte(walk), Verrado Victory, Legend Trail, Longbow(walk)
  10. Verde River this weekend. It is in fantastic shape tee to green; everything is in great shape - fairways are still soft and slow - so no roll - but still great to hit off. So many new houses and more filling in the whole course...so a bit depressing from that standpoint The Verde River Grill is hands down one of the best restaurants in the Phx area. Plus a great patio experience.
  11. @mallrat We almost always stay at Best Western Face Rock. Right near the beach with a quick walk down the cliff to Face Rock. And backroad into Bandon is super quick.
  12. San Fran -5 1/2 This is a ridiculous line after MNF!! Mortgage the house!! Baltimore -6 Chicago stinks - period. Miami -3 The Jets are worse than Chicago.
  13. Before round: Don't take wallet, keys, valuables. except, Phone for those that need pics. Grand Marnier in the flask. Warm up by mentally and physically using an extra club/+ so you can swing slower/smoother. The obvious: GOOD rain gloves; if you don't have a water resistant bag - then get a bag cover or a big plastic bag at least. Protect your range finder with a ziploc too. The not so obvious: a big plastic bag for an extra dry towel; anti fog spray + glasses 'towel/wipey thing' for glasses of any type - if needed. Vitamin C/Zipfizz/other immunity system powders to keep you safe and with enough energy After round: Shoes on shoe drier; hot shower with stretching in shower - easy to get locked up/cramped; more VitC/other; jump under covers or continue to get warm in front of fireplace. personally, I don't think you need to move up tees, the course plays the same imo.
  14. Raven - still CPO; fairways pretty shaggy and slow with little roll; greens rolling nice - but geez, utterly marked with divots - felt like none were being repaired and the old ones have not recovered. The bunkers are absolute junk - either mud or concrete...really should be marked unplayable. Lot of really bad tee boxes.
  15. Tough this time of year because you only get 3 day advance....so you just need to get up early and take what you can get. The 2-1 are 24hrs this time of year...making those tougher, plus the better courses are after 11/12. Those are all about flexibility. THe farther you travel, the better chance you have an earlier tee time: Estrella, Sterling, Wickenburg, Quintero, Sewailo.
  16. Verrado, Sterling Grove, Wickenburg Ranch, Los Cabalerros, Vistancia, Boulders - all imo better options than Talking Stick and Papago; and Dino too - but for visitors, you'll love it!
  17. Victory at Verrado today. Off cart path - plus! Fairways are great, still a little shaggy and wet, so less roll. But almost there. The biggest surprise was the greens, while slower than normal greens, they roll quite good...however, the greens are soft and hold the ball; it checks well from any distance. No more dropping it short and letting it runn out...fire at the pins. What a great day out there today - it got to 91 - in November! Recommended. The only downside is all the new houses going in or getting ready to go in - there is a lot of dirt paths now and some ugly piles of rock and dirt.
  18. Me and one of my best friends 30 years ago.
  19. Atlanta +9 1/2 - Dallas stinks! Atlanta can ball and play with anyone - way too big a line Tenn -3 - Tenn is for real Kansas City -2 1/2 - seriously! KC less than a FG - will take that no matter what.
  20. This was 2021 - so probably add $100; since it's $799 in 2022 DOUBLE OCCUPANCY SINGLE OCCUPANCY Jan. 1-Feb. 28, 2021 $699 $829 March 1-31, 2021 $999 $1,299
  21. Only through Feb this year; no March - that is a bummer.
  22. Some on this forum will eat said mushroom on the golf course too!
  23. The forum is AZ course conditions - So you questioning with South Dakota or San Diego is simply a troll! Which you have proven yourself to be with this additional post. I had posted the previous week about SDs reopening, so there is some recency bias on my part assuming a read of a post 6 posts earlier. I will create special posts just for you moving forward. And, I am a seriously f*&^%^n fun guy, except in the 2-3% of the time when someone is so obviously being disrespectful to me or others! That, I will never tolerate and will call anyone out on! p.s. Since it is AZ course conditions, Southern Dunes is the only acronym of SD in the state of AZ! Well, unless you unmerge Sundance.
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