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  1. That article, and those comments, might have real, actual weight were they not anonymous! So many heavy hitters in the professional ranks willing to speak their mind publicly, without actually going on the record! Hurray, that'll teach the USGA! You're so fed up that you wanna boycott? Then f'ing boycott! If you feel so strongly, and have something to say, then stand up, say it, and own it, on the record. Then maybe something gets accomplished. I am not apologizing for the USGA by any means here. But for the love of golf, the last thing I am interested in is a bunch of ego inflated mil
  2. Steve Stricker! While he is significantly older than most on the list, his resume is impressive enough to be considered IMO.
  3. The USGA is modernizing the rules, perhaps this is modernizing the workforce? Think? Want to appeal to the younger golfing demographic, then just maybe allowing the institutional, conservative voice retire is the best direction.
  4. I think eliminating green-reading books would be more detrimental to scoring, than eliminating the players caddie.
  5. To cool for school 'eh Brooks? Except when you raise your hand in class and ask the teacher why he/she never calls on you? He cares, just doesn't want anyone to think he does!
  6. I like this approach. The Tour is advertising this as a season long race to the "Playoffs!" Whether it's football, basketball, baseball, hockey, or golf, playoffs are playoffs. You play the "regular" season in order to get into the "post" season. Top 150 point getters receive a sport in the playoffs, and the field is reduced in the first two events. This would provide compelling golf not only to win the tournament for significant prize money, but also surrounding the cut to play the next week. Finally, the winner takes all in the final event. Seems like a good fit from a true season lon
  7. To all who say they would call the penalty on the OP, or better yet, themselves, I pose a question: Do you also call local law enforcement and ask them to send you a speeding ticket every time you break the posted speed limit? Or request a ticket be sent to another who is breaking the speed limit? Rules are rules, whether on the golf course, or behind the wheel on the open road! Break the rule, suffer consequences. This is not an apples to oranges comparison either. Rules in any situation are, well, rules. If you ignore rules of the road and don't inquire about being held responsible f
  8. I recently discovered the awesomeness that is Chuck Norris memes. What is your favorite? Mine so far:
  9. When you open your car door and place your feet upon the golf course parking lot!
  10. Two questions; who plays music via speaker when golfing and what are you typically listening to when playing? Myself and my buddies usually have music playing, at a reasonable volume as to not disturb others who don't like it. Just wondering if you also have music and what you are listening to typically?
  11. And that’s why it’s often best not to even talk about it. There are basically 3 types of people when it comes to this. 1. Those that love the idea of playing with a low cap. Enjoy the good play. Maybe learn something. 2. Those that couldn’t care less one way or the other. Who cares. It’s just a game. 3. Those that really get truly upset at playing with a stranger that’s far better than they are. Jealous, insecure, or both. You obviously ran into number 3. I personally enjoy scenario 1. It's a great opportunity to learn something from a complete golfer. Plus my game usually rises to
  12. Well, now that you've given him the idea!! This would probable speed up his pace of play too! Win-win!
  13. K-sig three piece. For the price, there is no better ball in my opinion.
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