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  1. [quote name='wilwin' post='2015864' date='Oct 19 2009, 11:21 PM'][quote name='mac2lad' post='2014468' date='Oct 19 2009, 08:20 AM']i10 irons are not game improvement irons. They are player's cavity backs. You won't see much of a difference in terms of forgiveness relative to your TW blades. You should try PING's G series (G5, G10, G15) rather than the i series to see what GI irons can do for your game.[/quote] I also agree that should really consider the G series. I game the G10s and they did take a little getting used to at address, but they are stupid easy to hit. So easy that I spen
  2. Wow, some serious club Ho's here. In 20+ years of golf I have had 4 drivers. Ping Eye 2 (the oversize wood driver) TaylorMade Titanium (the original with the bubble shaft) TaylorMade Firesole TaylorMade R7 Limited
  3. You are going to get a lot of recommendations. You probably need to narrow it down some. Do you want something more forgiving? High spin? Kind to the golf ball? Many will spin a lot, but also tear the cover off the ball. Some will throw darts on a good hit, but others are more forgiving. Some are in between all the above. For a gap wedge I personally use the Ping Tour-W. Since I use my gap wedge mostly for full swings I want something that has some forgiveness. It also doesn't eat the golf ball, and I am not a person that wants tons of spin with my gap wedge (it spins fine, just no
  4. For some reason this topic fascinates me because every time it has been brought up people have different viewpoints. I edited my post above a couple of times to try and clarify my thoughts. After thinking about what Tiger said, how I putt, and how an old golf teacher taught me putting (which I no longer do) I think some of my theory holds weight. Anyway, a "feel" putter has consistent velocity for given putt lengths. I am that type of putter, and I think that is what Tiger is saying he is. I don't use a consistent backswing (it certainly varies, but the length of putt does not mean to me
  5. My thoughts on the subject at hand, and mind you I have not done any experiments. I could actually be wrong, anyway... You have to figure out energy transfer. You can also use force and work too if you assume some constants (time and distance), but we will go with energy since it's easier to understand (understanding acceleration is a little tough). Anyway, Kinetic Energy = 1/2 Mass*Velocity^2 So in order to increase kinetic energy to be transferred to the golf ball, you can do 1 of 2 things....increase mass or increase velocity. When it comes to a driver, there is no doubt you want t
  6. [quote name='mattl2787' post='2015437' date='Oct 19 2009, 07:39 PM']Just look at Tiger...he has a very light putter compared to most of our putters, and he uses it on some of the fastest greens in the world. It's whatever you are accustomed to. [b]Although, he does add lead tape for the stupid-fast greens.[/b][/quote] Just the opposite... [quote]If you're a "feel" putter like I am, consider using lead tape on the bottom of your putter when greens are slow.[/quote] [url="http://www.golfdigest.com/instruction/shortgame/putting/tigertip_0804"]http://www.golfdigest.com/instruction/shor...g/
  7. [quote name='Robert Brown' post='1900369' date='Aug 19 2009, 02:01 PM']I have noticed that Y E Yang has an interesting set make up in his bag... 3 woods, 2 hybrids, and the longest iron in his bag is a 5 iron! One of the things I love to do is play with different guys and take note of their set make up... I must say that about 80% of the guys I play with do not have a set make up that is best for them... they can't really hit a 3 or 4 or some even a 5 iron... they have drivers with not enough loft, etc. You know what I mean... There is a great lesson to be learned from Mr. Yang!! Bob 6 hdcp
  8. Definitively not one to stick to a specific make. TM R7 Limited driver TM Burner 3 and 5 wood (2008) Ping G10 3 hybrid Ping i10 4-PW Cleveland CG11 54 SW Cleveland 588 60 LW Odyssey Sabertooth putter I am looking to add a gap wedge and I am thinking of going to Titleist Vokey wedges. Possibly a whole set, not sure. Yet I need to have the option for 4 wedges and take out the 5 wood depending on the course. I might also try going back to a blade putter. Might splurge and try a Scotty Cameron Newport 2. BTW...I also play a Titleist Pro V1, have a Ogio Grom bag, and Nike Air Zoom P
  9. [quote name='Shanks For The Memories' post='1893076' date='Aug 17 2009, 12:20 AM']Driver heads are limited to a COR of 0.83, so, as long as you catch it on the center, all drivers are created equal. The only real difference is personal preference, fit, and specs. Too many people believe that one club is superior to another, not realizing that one club just fits them better.[/quote] Exactly. I was just talking about this the other day with my dad who was asking about clubs (I bought him a R7 a few years ago and we were discussing how he hit it). I told him drivers used to be the one club
  10. [quote name='aaronsnow' post='1891092' date='Aug 16 2009, 10:00 AM']8.5 X Flex here too, and I still hit the ball pretty high. I'm sure it's a swing flaw, but I'd really love to try a 7.5º driver... too bad they're so hard to find.[/quote] Find an 8.5 that is actually an 8.5. Most 8.5 drivers are higher than 8.5. Unless you had yours measured to 8.5, I am willing to bet it's closer to 9 (maybe higher). If you get an actual 8.5 you will get some of the lower loft you are looking for.
  11. I think feel is mostly a mental thing, and mostly for the next shot and overall game. If you have something where you can differentiate the feel of good shots from bad shots that is one more signal on how well you really hit it. The more you can hone in on good feel with a club the more confident you get, and you can also tell when you don't hit a good shot (yet ends up in a good result due to luck or massive forgiveness). That can add consistency to your game, and like I said, the more shots you hit that feel good the more the confidence. Of course finally a club that feels good adds conf
  12. [quote name='ryohazuki222' post='1857047' date='Aug 1 2009, 01:17 AM']discount dans[/quote] They have some good prices, but it looks like they require some calling. That is fine, but can I get free loft, lie, and length adjustments? Also, is their shipping free?
  13. Lie, loft, length, shaft, etc.I was just wondering what is the best internet site for buying clubs that are not standard. Many offer standard clubs, and maybe they will do mods if you call them. Yet instead of wasting time on the phone calling around for sites that have good deals and also offer modifications, I was wondering if people here had favorite sites.
  14. 3rd party emailNot sure if this has happened to anyone else, but I received an email after I won an ebay auction. It was not through ebay but directly to my home account. The email stated they were the seller, and that their ebay and paypal accounts were suspended right after the sale. So in order to get my item I needed to send them a money order to an address in England. Yeah, like I am going to send a money order overseas. I sent a message through ebay to the original seller (haven't heard back yet). I also called ebay and they have heard about the scam. They also stated the account
  15. As I posted in another thread most GI irons have a 45 degree PW (virtually all but Ping which is 46). The TM set is more spread out, plain an simple. I have known people to do this with their own sets so they can add another wedge. I personally don't have enough gap between my 3, 4, and 5. This set spreads that out. So no, it's not cheating. It's actually a good idea. As far as the rest, if the sellers are ignorant that is not TM's fault.
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