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  1. Yeah I always thought slate was more grey too. Can’t go for the green-grey mix. thanks a ton!!!
  2. Anyone have or seen this bag? Thinking about pulling the trigger but have never seen this color scheme in person. Wondering if it looks as good as the pictures or is I should stick with black.
  3. Are the pockets on the SL2 tight due to size? I’ve got smaller hands so thinking for me it may work.
  4. Anyone have experience with both? I am currently using the Craze-Lite and love it for walking. But on occasion I do ride. This bag does okay strapped on a cart but I find myself every couple of holes having to retighten the strap or adjust the bag. Wondering if the Hoofer Lite could be what I am looking for. thanks
  5. Has anyone have experience with both? Any preference one way or the other? Due to tendinitis along the top of my foot I’m leaning toward the BOA at the moment but not 100%. thanks
  6. Underwear and socks! I will wear a less expensive polo over cheap underwear any day. Especially on a hot summer day. Saxx underwear and Dry Max socks are my go to brands.
  7. How is the sizing on the Commuter pant and/or the resort short? Most dress slacks I wear a 38 but need to size down to a 36 in Lululemon Commission. Thanks
  8. Over the past few weeksI will hit the occasional shot that will go about 45-60degrees to the right and travel about 50 yards not matter what iron I hit. Well this past weekend every iron shot I hit had that same pattern. Driver and fairway woods were solid with my typical draw. I looked to see if I could see a strike pattern and noticed a lot of heel strikes but none off the actually hosel. I always thought shanks travel straight right at a 90 degree angle. Do I have the shanks or could this be another issue?
  9. Noticed there hasn’t been a lot of love online for the Tour X, anyone have opinions why? In the market for a black spiked shoe and this one seems to check the boxes. Lightweight, waterproof and stable. Typical go for the Dryjoys or Icon Black but see they are being phased out. What do those who wear them think?
  10. Does anyone know if it’s possible to order replacement parts from Ping? Or will the bag have to be sent back for repair? Somehow on my Craz-e lite the pin that holds the leg to the bracket fell out. thanks
  11. Thanks! I definitely see did not see my head going down and back during the swing. I’ve been struggling with that super strong grip for years but I think the trick of having the palm face the target will help ingrain that feeling.
  12. Contact is good 90% of the time. Flight pattern is a draw but miss is a pull draw or the occasional high push. I know a lot of that is due to the incredibly strong grip that I’m trying to weaken up a touch. Personally feel like I get a fuller turn and maybe a bit more aggressive leg action. I have dropped about 30lbs and feel that has affected my timing a bit. let me know what you see other than my poor choice in pants. Haha IMG_4523.MOV IMG_4525.MOV
  13. I use the flat setting on my driver for two reason. 1. Being only 5’4” it looks better to my eye. Although this is probably mental. 2. It has eliminated my pull hook miss. Thinking about looking at other driver brands, in particular Sim Max but wondering if I would be able to replicate a similar flat setting. I don’t want to go back to that horrible score killing miss! Any thoughts?
  14. Damn! That was one small screw! Turned the bag over and it hit the ground. Thought I lost it until I stepped in it. Got it back in but still calling Ping tomorrow because I don’t know how long this fix will last.
  15. Picked up the bag a few months ago from Carl’s Golfland and like everything about however the stand seems to be broken. Whenever I set it down the “dowel” that runs down the spine comes away from the stand mechanism. I can reach my hand down and push it back in and it will work a few times then pop out again. Also if I push the legs out they will extend so it’s not like they are stuck. Has anyone experienced this? Were you able to figure a more permanent fix? Did Ping offer a replacement? Again. The bag is perfect for me this just shouldn’t happen on a $200+ bag!
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