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  1. Greens got faster and due to shorter strokes we went from a "pop" stroke that got the ball rolling on top of the grass to more of a sweep
  2. For those that think Reed cheated do you also think Rory cheated? What are the odds that Rory's ball went straight up a few feet and went back into his own pitch mark?
  3. They just played video and audio. The volunteer clearly says that the ball didn't bounce
  4. Should have? Yes... Required to by the rules? No...
  5. I just bought the ESB1 and will write a review soon. I can say that when I fire up the ShotTracer app it picks up the B1 as the ES14 so I am guessing it works. Still no manual in the box
  6. I was borderline S and X for driver and went with the S Blue Ventus w/velocore. If its the true aftermarket shaft you are looking at you might be fine with the S as I was. Its very stable even when I step on it and swing hard
  7. SIM is one of the lowest spinning heads out this year and it might get you a few hundred RPM knocked off. Switch your ball to the AVX and you could knock off a few hundred more RPM too... Sounds like you know the answer is fixing the AoA but these two things might help
  8. wfrogge1

    M5 vs. SIM

    Once you hear this you can't get it out of your mind...... The SIM whistles when you swing it. Mine does it and just tried two demo clubs at Edwin Watts.....
  9. Bought a dozen of the BX last week to test and today exchanged two boxes of ProV1x for the new BX. Just as good as the V1x but feels just a tad softer with a tad lower spin off long irons and woods but just as good spin off short irons and wedges. Not going to BS any of you and tell you its longer/straighter/spinnier than any other ball........ I just like the feeling of it at impact from all my clubs and it gives me the results I want
  10. It’s marketing..... Just play the firmest ball you can tolerate that gives you adequate spin around the greens with good feel off the putter. this is true for all swing speeds
  11. You can still get them from Titleist. I got a set last year, played them for a month, then sold them for what I purchased them for.
  12. I was a member of TPC Southwind for a few years and when I played 2.5 weeks before the tournament I would get at least 20 yards of carry from a good drive. This was 2.5 weeks out and they would cut them even shorter the week of for the pros! If the PGA would just stop having fairways that run as fast as a public course green the problem would be solved. Nothing has to be rolled back
  13. Got a SIM 10.5 with Ventus Blue 6s. Got to play today but it was 45 degrees and wet so hard to give it a full review. What I can tell you is my carry distances were up there with anything else I have played even in the cold. Feel is great with a nice muted sound. It does feel a touch light but once I swing the club that feeling goes away...... Sounds weird but that's the feel to me. Ventus blue shaft (real deal, not some made for) I was skeptical with the fitting being a 6s and wondered if I should have gone with an X. My fitter was right that this shaft is stable at speed. This is an excel
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