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  1. 5 and 6 are FLI•HI 7-SW are JPX-919 had to open the box...
  2. Like the title says: Mizuno JPX-919 Hot Metal Combo set (5-SW) Graphite UST Mamiya F3 (Regular Flex). Still in box, never opened. $750 shipped in US.
  3. You are correct sir. That’s what I saw. Thought they were the 2.0
  4. Hey Wrxer’s, Do any of you know of clubs that are allowing the use of caddies? If so, what types of restrictions are being used? I would think that forecaddies would be possible (just driving and green reading)... Any input would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks
  5. > @benno_r said: > > @gsrjc said: > > > @Drewmun said: > > > Fake? > > > > Possibly the wording is way off. > > > > Cavity engraving is correct for that model. 2014 BB1f. Thanks!!
  6. Drewmun


    One of my faves. Think they open on April 15? Go Ephs
  7. Aha.... that one worked... loved PE growing up. Saw Prophets of Rage in Brooklyn in 2017. Chuck D can still sling it
  8. wow this isn’t a lot of fun adding a link...
  9. I was playing with my boss once and I hit a poor chip. While he was hitting his shot I put the offending club behind my head holding the grip in one hand and the clubhead in the other and went “arghhhhh”. At this point the shaft snapped causing the clubhead to swing around and strike me square in the forehead. Oh my... Shook my head, found my way to my bag somehow, put the offending club in my bag and grabbed my putter. As I putted out blood began to drip down my nose. In typical C Mac (my boss) style he just said: Whot whot whot is wrong with you? Pretty embarrassing. For me that was an emo
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