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  1. Started with a kangaroo non remote for a couple years. Went with a kangaroo remote version to have the noise of the cart furthur away from me. It did have the wheelie bar, but the weight of it made it more inclined to want to wheelie. My home course is hilly and the ground uneven. There were only a few holes where i could use it remotely. I went with a basic motocaddy non remote this past fall. The noise factor is a nonissue with this cart, compared to the motocaddy. The motocaddy is way lighter than the kangaroo, and i can't imagine using it remotely on my home course.
  2. Thanks for all of the replies. There are only 3 color choices in the H2NO 2022 lineup, and white has been eliminated. Having my golf bag next to the dirty electric trolley in the trunk, also adds to the difficulty in keeping a bag clean.
  3. Yes they are worth it. I started with a Kangaroo, Built like a tank Heavy stable long lasting, but a little on the noisy side. Just got a motocaddy M1 DHC that is quieter. Weighs about a third of the kangaroo. On my hilly irregular course remote control didn't work out well. Hence I went without remote on the motocaddy.
  4. I really liked the convenience of the clicgear range finder pouch on my clicgear cart i adapted the clicgear universal mounts onto my kangaroo cart to attach the clicgear rangefinder bag and water bottle holder. I just mounted one of these universal nubs on the round score card holder of a motocaddy just had to buy a slightly longer 6mm screw The range finder bag may come with the universal mounting nub that is designed to fit around a 1" diameter tube. If not, it only costs a buck to buy one.
  5. The Snyc is designed for push carts, but still works fine on a riding cart. The 2022 Sun Mtn. H2NO lite cart bag has the same bottom (designed to fit securely on a S.M. push cart) and pocket orientation as the sync. Cost is about $100 more than the Sync. The H2NO has a luggage style handle on top.
  6. Adidas climacool golf pants. Very thin nylon material. I don't think the model is still made under this name. The first pair i bought at an adidas outlet. The next couple pair i was able to find new with tags on ebay, for about the same cost as i had paid at the outlet store
  7. looking at a Sun Mountain H2NO lite cart bag for use on an electric trolley. Color choices are limited, but the white with black trim is quite sharp. My main concern is keeping the bag clean. i am assuming the waterproof fabric could be hosed off, but i didn't know if mud kicked up by the tires could stain it. If you have owned a white bag, how did you make out keeping it clean?
  8. I found carrying easier than a pull or push cart when it came to hilly courses. When i had a back issue i tried a pull cart rather than carrying. This was a major mistake as the cart caused a twisting of my back pulling the cart uphill with one arm. It was worse than the pain from carrying.
  9. I'm using a 15 way sync bag on an electric trolley. The only time i had a problem, was with rain gear stuffed in a side pocket, that pushed in on the clubs. My next bag will have the same configuration.
  10. location: Averill Park NY handicap 11.5 current irons Ping G Shafts Aerotech steelfiber i95 R flex I would like to try a 90 gram regular flex I would agree to ongoing testing thread, and reviews
  11. Scotty 2 prong tool. I sanded the inside of the hole farthest from the prongs to enlarge it slightly, then used crazy glue on the sanded area to attach a rare earth magnet in the hole that sits flush with the handle. Magnet holds a steel ball marker or Canadian dime.
  12. I use the clicgear range finder pouch. it works really well and the magnetic closure is fast and easy. My clicgear pouch is now mounted on my kangaroo
  13. After using a slope adjusted rangefinder for awhile, i could get by without it. The slope reading may speed up the thought process ever so slightly. I also don't rely solely on the laser's slope adjusted reading. I play a hilly course where approach shots may have a 75 vertical foot elevation rise. In practical terms on uphill shots i find that the slope yardage doesn't allow enough extra yardage. I usually add an extra 5-10 yards. Most of the uphill shots are to greens with fairly severe slopes from back to front so the ball stops quickly. On downhill shots the sloped yardage play to short as well. When the laser is taking off 10 yards, i find that i only take off 5 from the actual distance. The slope distance is 120 yards on a 130 yard downhill shot into the wind from an elevated tee. The ball is in the air longer from the elevated tee, and the shot will play more like 140 The slope adjusted laser reading is a good reminder on some holes where you don't notice the elevation change.
  14. Fuji ventus red 65S 3.2* torque Fuji Pro 2 65 S 3.3* torque Both mid high trajectory. Looks like hitting one would be the only way to appreciate the ventus.
  15. The Velocore's notoriety is their ability to reduce twisting and dispersion on off center contact. If they reduce twisting shouldn't the shafts torque spec be less than other shafts?
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