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  1. ? This is good advice. Very bad idea to mess with the shaft length of a club you are hitting well
  2. Also since he won the Masters has dumped Pete Cowen and gone to Sean Foley. Strange decision
  3. I thought that as well. The short irons and wedges look shorter than the rest
  4. Dead right : The sound slot not speed slot
  5. Jack had his right thumb more on top of the grip; I have mine pressed against the right side of the grip
  6. I just got an Orange Whip : Very good for warming up
  7. My advice would be to quit going to the range completely and practice by playing by yourself when the course is quiet in the evening or in the morning. I went through something similar and this worked for me
  8. I think that the traditional Manganese Bronze Ping Anser with the speed slot is a better option for the average golfer who tends to play on slow greens. Very forgiving : The speed slot makes practically the whole face a sweet spot Light Weight : Easier to release and get the ball to the hole Lively face : Gets the ball to the hole I find it very hard to get the ball to the hole with a large mallet like a Spider or 2 Ball and as a chopper I leave myself lots of long putts every round. I also find the Scotty Cameron equivalents of the Anser are too heavy and the sweet spot is too small. A
  9. Putting Grip Worth Trying : My putter is a Ping Anser with a Superstroke 1.0 grip Left hand normal : Left thumb down the top of the shaft Right hand very strong : Right thumb pushing against the right side of the shaft The key to this grip is to keep an even pressure on the shaft with the right thumb throughout the stroke. This has really transformed my putting during the last few years – Maintaining the even pressure on the shaft with my right thumb makes the stroke smooth, ensures a good strike and ensures I release the blade nicely. Maybe worth a try if you’re struggling
  10. Strangely I'm the opposite : I'm much more relaxed on the course than on the range
  11. You're right in that I don't know how to practice on the range, I think its probably a concentration thing. When I have a real target to aim at I usually hit it much better
  12. Practicing on the Driving Range Makes my Golf Worse Playing nine holes by myself on a quiet course, taking a mulligan to replay a poor shot and hitting a few chips and pitches on each green is really good for my golf. This gets me into a good groove for my irons, driver and chipping/pitching which tends to hold up when I play with a card in my pocket. However when I practice on the range hitting a bunch of drivers and a bunch of irons tends to make my golf worse. Typically when I go to the range I start off hitting it well and get gradually worse and worse as I work through the bucket of b
  13. Yep: Taylormade Rocketbladez 4 - PW, AW, SW and LW : Works really well, the wedges are very like the TM ATV wedges which were out a few years back
  14. Taylormade Rocketbladez irons : Transformed my game
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