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  1. Interesting - thanks for the info. I measured 0.369 inn with my calipers just above the ferrule on the 4i. Hope that helps!
  2. I’m not familiar with S300u...shaft bands are missing and I never pulled grips to inspect the serial numbers...any way you know how to tell from looking at them?
  3. Please see the iron sets I am selling below, let me know if you have any questions. If I sell one or two of these I may take the other set down to keep, just need to reduce the hoarding in my garage. All prices include shipping to CONUS. Ping i210 - DG120 X100, 3-W retro lofts $sold 3 is standard length, 4-W are +1/14" length (extra 1/2" by extensions, can remove if preferred and the shaft will be -1/4" from standard), can ship with Tour Velvet Midsize grips that are on or pull them for you and ship gripless for $25 off price. If you prefer the standard lofts I can ship them
  4. Anyone have target swingweights for the three clubs/shafts/sticks?
  5. If you live close enough I might even deliver! You will not be disappointed with the i210, I have been told they are a great upgrade to the i20s.
  6. Selling a set of the best irons on the market. These irons are in the bags of a number of top pros and a weekend mic-capper like me can play them as well. I have multiple sets and am sticking with the other shaft version (X100) so one of the backups has to go. I was intrigued by the Ping i210 thread and after playing Mizuno MP 32s and 53s for many years I thought Ping wouldn’t hold up to the soft feel I was used to…I was wrong. These are amazing irons and since moving to them I am playing the best golf of my life. Distance control is a major strength…even on mishits I am in the vicinity of the
  7. Non-Standard is custom chosen by you or Power/Retro lofts. I agree the chart may be misleading but I am confident the bounce/offset is changed in these other loft configurations. That being said I have played both and the minor bounce change is not noticeable to me at all.
  8. Ping just bends irons to Power/Traditional/Retro Spec, no special casting or CG movement.....I know because I asked them and have sent numerous sets to them to adjust to Retro-Lofts.
  9. Thanks for the response - took off the rest of the grips, looks like only one of the sets is actually hard stepped. The X100 set just has a smudged serial number on the 4i, stepping looks correct compared to others.
  10. Question - does Ping "hard step" their DG120 shafts standard? I have two sets; DG 120 TI S400 and DG 120 X100 and unless I am misreading the serial number it seems both are hard stepped. (4i has 39 listed as length of shaft in serial number...isn't standard 39.5 for 4i?) One set I called Ping and asked them to look up the serial numbers - the shafts must have been changed because their system showed S300. The other set i havent called yet and certainly could be a similar situation with aftermarket change but seems weird I would randomly buy two sets that happen to be hard step
  11. Lol, I'm in love with the i210s as well...just testing out a few different shaft options to decide which is best then I'll have a set or two back on the BST. One thing I love about Ping is the ability to send back for loft/lie adjustments for a reasonable fee. I'm playing the Retro-Spec and I dont notice the little amount of extra bounce from bending at all and the lofts are way more in line with my preferred gapping (coming from older Mizuno blades).
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