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  1. Anyone have target swingweights for the three clubs/shafts/sticks?
  2. If you live close enough I might even deliver! You will not be disappointed with the i210, I have been told they are a great upgrade to the i20s.
  3. Selling a set of the best irons on the market. These irons are in the bags of a number of top pros and a weekend mic-capper like me can play them as well. I have multiple sets and am sticking with the other shaft version (X100) so one of the backups has to go. I was intrigued by the Ping i210 thread and after playing Mizuno MP 32s and 53s for many years I thought Ping wouldn’t hold up to the soft feel I was used to…I was wrong. These are amazing irons and since moving to them I am playing the best golf of my life. Distance control is a major strength…even on mishits I am in the vicinity of the
  4. Non-Standard is custom chosen by you or Power/Retro lofts. I agree the chart may be misleading but I am confident the bounce/offset is changed in these other loft configurations. That being said I have played both and the minor bounce change is not noticeable to me at all.
  5. Ping just bends irons to Power/Traditional/Retro Spec, no special casting or CG movement.....I know because I asked them and have sent numerous sets to them to adjust to Retro-Lofts.
  6. Thanks for the response - took off the rest of the grips, looks like only one of the sets is actually hard stepped. The X100 set just has a smudged serial number on the 4i, stepping looks correct compared to others.
  7. Question - does Ping "hard step" their DG120 shafts standard? I have two sets; DG 120 TI S400 and DG 120 X100 and unless I am misreading the serial number it seems both are hard stepped. (4i has 39 listed as length of shaft in serial number...isn't standard 39.5 for 4i?) One set I called Ping and asked them to look up the serial numbers - the shafts must have been changed because their system showed S300. The other set i havent called yet and certainly could be a similar situation with aftermarket change but seems weird I would randomly buy two sets that happen to be hard step
  8. Lol, I'm in love with the i210s as well...just testing out a few different shaft options to decide which is best then I'll have a set or two back on the BST. One thing I love about Ping is the ability to send back for loft/lie adjustments for a reasonable fee. I'm playing the Retro-Spec and I dont notice the little amount of extra bounce from bending at all and the lofts are way more in line with my preferred gapping (coming from older Mizuno blades).
  9. Pro v1 is clickier especially off the putter. Spin might be a tad better with B XS. Distance similar in my experience but not a lot of back for back testing. Durability I feel the Pro V1 gets the edge, I seem to scuff up the B XS within 9 holes consistently. Color edge is Pro V1 because it comes in yellow...this is my major gripe but still playing the BXS this year and sticking with it
  10. The fires are raging in California and stuck inside due to the smoke seems like a good time to sell my extra gear. All prices OBO shipped in CONUS, will discount multiple item packages so make an offer. Open to trades/partial trades....items I am most interested in: 2020 Bridgestone BXS Balls, Ping i210 3i head or full club, Glide 3.0 56, 60 wedge heads or full clubs, stand or carry bags (ping preferred), Dynamic Gold TI 120 X100 iron shafts Kuro Kage 60g Reg Flex Graphite Shaft with Ping G series adaptor (great shaft for G series, G400, and Max drivers) $30 Ping G400 Max 10
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