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  1. S300/S400 is my vote played the standard and DG120 versions, I am a higher SS player but x100 isn’t the right feel for me though I have tried a few times. I really didn’t get along with the Modus shafts I tried either…but maybe I’m weird
  2. Amazing putter, someone game this thing it is so nice! (I have two already)
  3. They did when I was there....no idea if the layout for spectators has changed this time around but I would be surprised if there was not an accessible area for sitting.
  4. Went to PGA championship at Whistling straits and brought my grandmother; parked her in the grandstands where she was able to relax and watch most of the day while II followed Tiger/Daly/Vijay for their round. It is not an easy walking course but there are good places for stationary spectating if you get there early.
  5. Tee holder is in the rangfinder pocket (elastic loops), holds 6-8 tees I believe.
  6. I found my people! Added patches myself and the custom Headcovers by GeauGolf, nothing beats a morning round with some nice background tunes
  7. Your 85X in a g425 hybrid and so far I love it
  8. Did you go with the S or X shaft? I just picked up the same #3 from the used bin with a Tour85 X shaft, I play my driver and fairway woods with the tour S shaft so interested to see how this stacks up
  9. Interesting - thanks for the info. I measured 0.369 inn with my calipers just above the ferrule on the 4i. Hope that helps!
  10. I’m not familiar with S300u...shaft bands are missing and I never pulled grips to inspect the serial numbers...any way you know how to tell from looking at them?
  11. Please see the iron sets I am selling below, let me know if you have any questions. If I sell one or two of these I may take the other set down to keep, just need to reduce the hoarding in my garage. All prices include shipping to CONUS. Ping i210 - DG120 X100, 3-W retro lofts $sold 3 is standard length, 4-W are +1/14" length (extra 1/2" by extensions, can remove if preferred and the shaft will be -1/4" from standard), can ship with Tour Velvet Midsize grips that are on or pull them for you and ship gripless for $25 off price. If you prefer the standard lofts I can ship them to Ping where they will adjust loft for $30 and ship to you (I did this with a previous set I sold and it was no problem). Best irons I have played by a wide margin in terms of feel, consistency and forgiveness. I am keeping another set of i210 as my gamers and selling this backup set so someone can use them instead of waiting 2 months to get a new set from Ping. Pictures show 8i face and 5i length. Ping ISI Steel - Green Dot, +1/2" ZZ65 shafts with Cushin inserts.(check picture for actual 5i length), 3-W, refinished by Ping and have not been played since I received them back. Planned to use this as a second set but lots of other options on my shelf and never got the chance to see if I like them more than the others $330obo Mizuno MP-14 2-W matching set with DGS300 shafts, absolutely love these pure blades but dont play enough golf to get these on the course much. PW face shown, as you can see little to no browning. $365 True Linkswear $75 gift card - $old Tue Linkswear OG - Feel in Everyday Gray color size 14 $sold will be shipped in one of the TL shoe bags that they come in. pin 1/8
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