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  1. Must be Sm8 Raw 58 in either M grind (8bounce) or Low K (6 bounce)....standard everything else. Light use. Let me know...ready to buy
  2. And they keep going up in price too. Couple years ago, when I grabbed my first set of older Srixons, you could find a nice condition 4-p for 300-350. There is a combo set on 2nd swing. https://www.2ndswing.com/pv-1683449791-srixon-z-945-iron-set-5-pw-nippon-ns-pro-modus-3-tour-120-steel-stiff-right-handed-380in.aspx Z745s would be a nice set to find as well. Good luck. JT
  3. This in my pocket (can also be used as a marker in a pinch) and damp towel --
  4. Looking for 5 wood -- G425 head or shafted. Let me know what you got. Ready to buy...
  5. Anyone see ANWA. Linblad was rollin the odyssey flow neck.
  6. Obviously no, but to be fair the original thread was that a 4 cap man would get waxed by a bottom of the barrel LPGA tour player. Very different premise. BTW, L.Ko was crushin it...would have loved a bit closer contest at the end.
  7. Couple quick ones. Ping G425 19 Hybrid. SOLD Srixon ZU85 3/20 degree utility SOLD
  8. Missed it...what happened to Rose on 13....water twice? Looks like complete opposite of last year...no one running away with it.
  9. Ran across Two TSi3 drivers (9 and 10) with ad di 6s shafts -- about 500 if you can get the 10% discount. Tempted but held off.
  10. Shafted up a Z745/Z945 combo and moved to a Zipcore 46, 52, 58 mid (not using Z945 PW). Used to go 45, 50, 54, 60, but really liking the new setup so far with very limited use. Love the zipcore 58, can use it for everything around the green. Backed up a bit and was just flushing 1/2 to 3/4 swings from about 75. It really gets through the turf nicely. Still dialing in all my 1/2, 3/4 and full distances, but I think its a go for me. Allowed me to add another club to the top which I need as an older/getting shorter hitter on a tough home course.
  11. Yes, I was very surprised watching the ANWA rerun and both of them talking about future battles, so decided to look up how they were doing on the LPGA. Surprised on two fronts -- 1) how well Kuptcho is doing Money and Ranking -- highest ranked without a win. 2) how not so well Fassi is doing...essentially couldn't find her.
  12. Anyone have a WITB for Rose? Would have thought I could find one from her U.S. Am win, but can't seem to locate.
  13. Gonna try to roll this all season, but if I see an 89 that catches my eye, it might be tough to resist. 620 Welded mid flow neck. Blasted Raw Carbon, Hand Milled Face. I like them soft.
  14. "stamping looks off to me" -- This is the first and number one response to every Circle T legit or not legit post...whether is is in fact legit or not. Most of the time it is legit.
  15. Looks like Michael Newton (Typical Long Hitting Youtube Reviewer) agrees....TSI3 knocking out his longtime G400 LST Gamer.
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