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  1. I am getting messages like this on every WTB ad I post now. Weird names, contact at aol or text, new member. Never used to happen...anything being done or is this the new norm.
  2. Looking for Standard Size Lamkin REL Ace 3gen Black (with white block logo) or White (white endcap and black block logo). Anyone have any of these laying around or know a shop with some. May consider other colors if full set. Thanks, JT
  3. Check this...not much commentary, but looking at the charts tells a bit of a story. Zx7 vs Z785 not much different, may even give edge to 785 in this particular case. Zx5 vs Z585 a bit different. Anyone with more monitor experience care to comment. Would love to hear more on these tests. http://coolclubsoz.com.au/blog/srixon-zx7-zx5-v-z785-z585
  4. Any update on best service to use or ways to access global market...looking for used irons for off season project.
  5. Titleist fairways gone. Shafts remain. prices dropped Throw me an offer. Would also trade for tensei pro orange ping g410. the 474 is a great lightwieght stiff shaft. Still at 50g despite name.
  6. Looking for clean light use Z945 bottom half shafted or heads -- 7-P or 8-P. Must be Z945. May buy singles if you have at good price. Thanks, JT
  7. TSi2 5 wood SOLD 3 wood price drop. Send offers on shafts. Would sell both Speeder shafts at discount.
  8. Speeder IV Shaft w/ Ping G410 Adapters. 474 S Measuring 44.5 569 R -- SOLD 474 S -- $140 125 Shipped CONUS -- This is a great lightweight shaft...specs at 50g. Thanks, JT
  9. Great day with the shortie yesterday. First shot with the 48 wedge lip out from the fairway for tap in birdie. Now I am trying to figure out how to work a 48 into my full bag. Mav Max 3+-- 13.5 Cobra F7 Hyb -- 19 Srixon Z545 5i -- 24 Srixon z945 7i -- 33 Srixon Z965 9i -- 41 Cally MD4 -- 48 Cally MD4 -- 56 Oddy White Hot RX 2
  10. This...I played both combo sets (585/785 and 545/745) last season and went to another set for half of this season. Needless to say, I am back to my z545/z745 combo and I am not sure I will even move to the ZXs. They are that good.
  11. Looks like someone got the Zx7s...also a G425 driver on there that is tempting.
  12. Anyone have any extras in Lamkin REL Ace 3Gen grips. Looking for standard in Black or White with block letter logo. I have a low number in both and would at least like to get to a set. Thanks, JT
  13. Looking for a Fujikura Atmos Limited Edition Masters graphics shaft. 6s or maybe 6R with Ping G410. Play at least standard or bit longer. Other tips or fairway...may be interested depending on price. Thanks...JT
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