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  1. Seems like something Bryson would say, but the other way around....my head is too big for just regular ole non custom hats.
  2. Just did a long grip on an armlock and you literally have to go nuts on the solvent...tons. I even sprayed myself in the eye trying to get every part of the tape soaked with solvent. Then its a helluva push to get that baby on. Good Luck
  3. Does no news mean good news or bad news? Are you saving your $$$ so you can outfit your whole bag or is this up on BST already?
  4. Looking for either Ventus red or tensei pro orange in 3 wood length. G400 adapter. 6s or 6r or close
  5. Easy, right now -- "Walkin it in." Everyone seems to walk their puts in whether they are really walkin it in or not.
  6. Interesting tweets from Grayson on lack of help from PGA tour on his alcohol and tour life issue. Not sure he has the clout to get much traction on this issue. But Phil...seems to agree with Murray, which may really be the headline to this story. https://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/31875459/grayson-murray-discloses-issues-alcohol-upset-pga-tour-not-helping I would have thought with the new amazing home office and over 700 employees in the office (still not sure how they need 700), they would be able to get back with PGA players or even have a small part of the office
  7. Anyone have one of the of Pink Palmer Putter headcovers that Odyssey released several years ago. Need the blade version. Thanks, JT
  8. Hmm, will check out that shaft. Didn't even see your bag. Im on ping woods and srixon irons as well. It's a great combo for me. I stuck with the older stuff -- 410 plus, 400 stretch 3, do have the 425 5 wood on Orange pro and love it. Ping hybs with AD DI 85 are rocking for me as well.
  9. Maybe...but probably will wait. I played i210s and it came down to them and srixons after testing a bunch. Srixons won out. But I have had 2 sets of i210 so that tells you how close they were. Plus, i210 on Steelfiber with white iomic 2.3 may have been the best looking set I have ever had.
  10. Pernilla's instagram pic and caption makes me think they might be too close to Blueprints for my tastes. Was hoping for something more foregiving.
  11. Have it in my g400 19 and g410 set to 23 and love them both. High and long. But with the 19 I can flight low and turn over getting out of trouble too. One of the only clubs that "listens" to me on a consistent basis.
  12. Weekend report? We are waiting.........
  13. It does make me feel better about my pressure golf swing when I see all these guys at the top of the leaderboard fanning it right. Wow.
  14. Back to Rahm...is it me or has he turned the corner since fatherhood, covid, U.S. Open. I was leaning toward not being a fan with his "fiery" attitude as the commentators like to say. But lately he seems more open, mature and generally a good guy. I'm becoming a fan after each time I hear him at a presser. Plus, he does actually have a degree from ASU.
  15. I have gone back to a Ping g400 Stretch 3 set to 13.6. Any of the Pings set at 13.5 or so will go.
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