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  1. 6'4" with irons .5" over and putters are primarily 35" and have a few 34"
  2. I'm contemplating the same. I have $-Taper 130X in irons. Considering KBS Tour X and 610 S+.
  3. Originally ordered 4/5 forged to go with 6-P tour and then ordered 4/5 in the tour and favored the tour 4-PW. That said, I think if you need a little psychological boost with the long irons the forged are great and offer a little more ball speed. The 919T heads are so consistent. I am likely moving on to ho but will not get rid of them.
  4. Drivers remind me of the old Bridgestone J33R heads from the top. Stuff looks good.
  5. Should have stuck with TM if possible IMO and stuck with what got him thus far. Why introduce a variable at this critical juncture. TM has superior product anyway IMO.
  6. Just got fit into $-Taper 130X. They really stood out in the fitting from a contact perspective. Haven't gotten the sticks yet. Contemplating some new wedge/shaft combos.
  7. Fabulous irons. I found them really consistent and reliable. Played them last season and moving on but will keep them for sure.
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