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  1. Anyone willling to provide a La Golf Trono Tip To Graphics Measurement?
  2. 1. Aloha Golf Center 2. Honolulu , HI 5. +7 4. Sim Aldila Rogue White 70TX 5. Self-fit 6. Tsi4, if not, Tsi3 7. Yes
  3. What is your handicap: +7 Current hybrid or utility iron shaft and flex: P790 UDI KBS Tour V 125 Closest Authorized Fujikura Dealer (Search HERE) Aloha Golf Center What hybrid or utility iron head will you install your shaft in? P790 UDI Choose your Ventus HB weight/flex: Black 10TX Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  4. Krank Golf , Mutant Golf, Bang Golf, SMT, Callaway LD, Adams Ld, Cobra LD
  5. Anyone mind sharing any tip to graphics measurements?
  6. I ordered a 60 with $-Taper 130 X and is scheduled to be delivered on Thursday. I ordered at 12am pst on the day of pre-order opening
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