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  1. Did you ever get the heads? What is the bore size? Thanks.
  2. I really think these long shots have more to do with not enough spin. You hit a down wind shot out of a dewy fairway, bye bye. I just bought and put into play a set of Callaway X14 irons. They are old, super game improvement irons that are pretty weak lofted compared to new irons with the same forgiveness. But they spin a lot. Pitch marks are only a couple feet from where the ball stops on a green.
  3. That’s something that you can probably check for yourself. Take a few balls with your new and old wedges. See what happens.
  4. I have bought and sold so many iron sets this year. Got sick of it. Bought a set of Callaway X14’s to finish the year off.
  5. When I had my blades in the bag, I played a Titleist 5 hybrid. I’m playing Callaway X14 irons now, 5-PW. I hit this 5 iron pretty well so far. I guess it depends on what you are playing and what you are looking for.
  6. Is it Pro Clubs? I’m looking at some of the same heads. Can you let know when you get them?
  7. Titleist, Srixon, PXG, Ping, Callaway, Honma, Bridgestone, New Level, Sub 70, Maltby Golfworks, Cobra. like I said, anyone but TaylorMade, for slots. I would say every iron made has some toe weight. Good luck in your search.
  8. Always heard most go flatter with wedges. I always had the tendency to pull wedges. I went 1 flat.
  9. Looking for a pair of irons? Have you tried the “Want to buy” forum on here?
  10. I bought my eWheels and cart on here. Local pickup.
  11. At that ball speed, yes, that shaft is pretty weak for you.
  12. I probably carry my 7 iron a couple yards less than you. A friend picked up a set of Callaway Epic forged a couple weeks ago. Those things are jacked! I was hitting the 7 iron, with range balls, past the 175 flag! It was fun, they felt great, look great, but what am I going to do with that? I was hitting an easy gap wedge at least 125. My current gap wedge is my 105 club. I would have to change a lot of clubs at the lower end. Distance is great. But at 58 years old, and still hitting the same yardages I always have and that I'm used to, I'm not ready to buy strong lofte
  13. I've never been that great of an iron player. I have played blades to SGI irons. My scores really do not change that much. What does change is my confidence at what I'm looking at. I do not like looking down at that super thin top line on a 5 iron. As far as irons go, play with what gives you confidence when you look down on it, and practice more. You only get out of this game what you put into it. You are probably right, more forgiving irons will give you retained ball speeds across a bigger area of the face, I guess. I think that's a good thing for us that don't always hit the
  14. I've bought sets of irons, multiple hybrids and fairway woods, and a couple drivers this year. Nothing to do with COVID, unfortunately. Now, if you are asking about trying to get on our course? It's been crazy! Everyone is playing golf!!
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