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  1. That R1 was $399 new. It's all titanium construction. Good job getting that out!
  2. No, I’ve never snapped one off. Good luck!
  3. You need to clean the inside of the shafts as well. Take a drill bit down the inside of the shafts. The air needs to escape when putting them together.
  4. Only you know that answer. Odd that an easy out isn’t moving it. I would probably keep trying. I’m stubborn that way.
  5. My distances are very similar. I’m 58. Been having a very stiff neck the last couple months, so my swing has been getting a bit slower. Been playing indoor simulator golf lately. I was wasting time in the local golf shop last week, and wanted to try a lighter shaft in a driver. Tried the Titleist TS 2 with a 55 gram Tensei. Hit it great. On their Quad I was getting the ball past the 250-260 mark with roll. They had a used set of T100 irons with Tensei Red 65 gram regular flex shafts. I could not believe how good they felt. I was hitting the 7 iron out past the 150 yard mark on the fl
  6. I use build up tape from the open end of the grip to the end of the shaft. Then use grip tape for the length of the grip plus enough to close off the open end of the shaft.
  7. I never owned one, but isn't there allen screws in the back of the weights? I know they were interchangeable with different size weights.
  8. I'm 58 and couldn't get a 19* hybrid in the air. I want to go driver, 16.5* 4 wood, probably 22-23* hybrid. How do you like those Honma hybrids and the 4 wood? Looking for some clubs in those spots.
  9. I’ve seen some great reviews on the 21. I doubt there would be a whole lot of difference between the 3 clubs, unless one is just an awful fit with the shaft.
  10. I have an old set of Mizuno MP 4’s. Tomorrow in the simulator I’m going to play Mizuno 7-PW. I picked up a Cleveland TA5 6 and 5 iron head. They have the same lofts as the Mizuno’s. I need the help with launch.
  11. Grab the club by the grip in one hand and the head in the other. Twist in opposite directions. If you can hear crackling and crunching, then yes, it's probably cracked.
  12. I tried! I bought 2 off CPO back in October. I bought a 20 and 23*. The 20* was perfect. The 23* was 1” longer than the 20*. Called CPO, no problem, we will you another out right away. New 23* came, and it was 1/2” too short. Sent them both back without hitting them. First time I have ever had a problem with CPO.
  13. I have no allegiance to any golf brand. Maybe if I were paid by one....
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