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  1. Will I be able to play golf again?I've been feeling for a couple of days that the lateral aspect of my left foot is hurting a little bit, but I thought it was nothing great. Today was my first match in our annual singles match play tournament, I got ready, hit some balls on the range, everything good. Got on the first tee and smacked a hot drive straight down the fairway, the same instant I saw the ball heading bullet-like down the fairway I heard a "POP" sound coming from down, and the next instant a drastic gush of pain explodes in my left foot that I collapse on the ground. I regain my po
  2. On their website, Mizuno advices against using irons head covers for their forged irons. They say they could trap moisture in them leading to increasing the rate of degradation and rusting of the soft carbon steel.
  3. No, not a pro-am. It's a strictly amateurs tournament played in Stableford format. It's actually a qualification for the international BMW world cup that is to be held in Fancourt Links, South Africa next March. The highest scoring players in each category (Category A: HCPs 0-11, Cat. B: 12-28, Cat. C: Ladies) will qualify to represent Egypt in South Africa. The top 3 players from category B were from our club, scoring 39, 38 and 37 respectively.
  4. Katameya Heights Golf and Tennis resort. [url="http://www.katameyaheights.com/golf_course.html"]http://www.katameyaheights.com/golf_course.html[/url]
  5. I have made a topic before about qualifying to the BMW golf tournament that was to be held in the capital (Cairo, Egypt) on December 11th. This was my very first tournament outside my home club. Just came back from the event. It was awesome. Can't say I played good, scored a 25 (winner scored a 39) but considering it's a very tough course with CRAZY greens, and that it's my very first time to play there, also the fact that it was windy like hell and it even rained a few times, I am really not disappointed. I could've scored better if I had some experience on the course, I picked up my b
  6. After 3 months of playing (over 50 rounds). I love how they're aging. Wear is a normal part of the golf experience IMO.
  7. I need to fill a gap I have in my setup, plus, I wish I could win something, just once in my life!!
  8. Hit them before, nothing spectacular. But at least they're better than the X and the BB series.
  9. I have the predecessor of the Monster XLS; the HiBore XLS, and I love it to death.
  10. [url="http://reviews.golfwrx.com/categories/5/products/1256"]http://reviews.golfwrx.com/categories/5/products/1256[/url]
  11. HQ Videos!!Here are some videos from a local tournament held at our club every year. The videos are really of a nice quality and they show nice views so I thought I'd share with you. This guy is one of the best amateur golfers in the Middle East, if not THE best. I think he's won the Middle East Cup (or whatever it's called) several times before. Plays scratch. He's golf wasn't in it's best that day though. Seen here driving from the 16th tee. Two guys, 3 handicap and 7 handicap. Both very skilled players. Same tee. Same guy (7 handicap) 2nd shot on the 17th. Not a very good
  12. Whose bag is this? Malikah Singh? These irons are too GI for PGA! But love the Naboodah bag.
  13. [quote name='bigred90gt' post='2007226' date='Oct 15 2009, 06:52 AM'][quote name='goinglow72' post='2006953' date='Oct 14 2009, 08:01 PM']Try holding on to your driver with both hands a little longer....and If I had to putt on those greens all the time, I think I'd take up tennis!! haha[/quote] Not all of us have the luxury of playing pristine courses. For some of us, we play what we can. If the course is not perfect, so be it. At least there was grass on the greens. [/quote] Yeah. I'm lucky we even have this single course. It's the only golf course in Alexandria, and being a member of th
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