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  1. I agree. I love my 905R drivers. I will still bag one once in a while. Great feel, long and accurate.
  2. Forest Dunes and the new course there The Loop are outstanding and the facilities are great as well. Very underrated courses because they are out in the middle of no where. I play there once a year and love the trip except for the gnats that consume you at certain points on the year.
  3. JHR

    TM V-Steel

    I have a Tour V -Steel II and it is as good as any fairway wood I have hit. It hits absolute bombs.
  4. I will be ordering a set of these very soon. Add them to the Vokey collection. Edit: Ordered a 52 and a 56. We will see. They sure look nice.
  5. Great list! I have played all of these . Arizona is my favorite golf destination. I have a few more to add to list. There is so much golf there and so many great courses. Grey Hawk Kierland Golf Club of Estrella Poston Butte Las Sendas Legacy Ocotillo Superstition Springs Whirlwind - Devils Claw Wildfire- Palmer and Faldo Foothills Dove Valley
  6. I continue to be a blade guy even though my game probably isn't where it needs to be to use them. But, having played them most of my golfing life , it is hard to change. There is nothing better than using a blade club if you can hit them. Woods come and go, blades are timeless. I currently use Titleist 681 Irons. I have two sets of these that I still use. The set with the X100 sees most of the action but I have a set with S300 shafts that make it out once in a while. I also have 1 brand new set of 681 irons and a set of 681 T's that are still in their original boxes. I refuse to open them.
  7. I just ordered a combo set of these. I went with the 3 and 4 iron in the Apex 19 and the rest of the set in Apex 19 Pro. I ordered with Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shafts. I figured I would give this set up a shot. I currently have an 18' combo set of 3-5 in X forged and the rest of the set in Apex MB's with PX 6.0 shafts. I am really impressed with all the new Callaway equipment. I used to play Callaway years ago and had moved on. I got that set last year along with all the Rogue woods and I was really impressed with their new offerings. I also ordered a complete set of the Epic Flash wood
  8. I am way too OCD for golf. I have to have all of my equipment match 100%. I cannot play a mixed bag. If I am playing Titleist , I have to play Titleist 100%. Driver, woods, irons, wedges, bag, towel and ball. That also include my hat, jacket and shoes have to be FJ. Same thing with TaylorMade or Callaway. I would probably be a so much better golfer if I just took the best of each club and put them all in one bag, I just can't do it mentally. It is terrible. LOL. That is why I have too many clubs. I can't just buy 1 new driver. I have to buy the whole set.
  9. Shelby Township, Michigan. Titleist ProV1 X 7 handicap Vice Pro+ Thank you for sharing the opportunity with the WRX community.
  10. That sounds like an amazing golf trip. I hope you keep us all posted and post tons of pics! Enjoy all that awesome golf.
  11. The first time I played Arcadia I felt the same way as Kevin did. I felt the greens were too hopped up. I think they throw you off at first and they get in your head causing you to lose focus on the rest of the round worrying about putting. The second time I played it I knew what I had to do and I really enjoyed the round a lot more. I felt exactly the same way about Shepherds Hollow after my first time playing it. I have since played it a dozen times and I really enjoy the course now. From my experience I tend to " really " like a course when you play well versus a course you play poorly a
  12. Excellent WITB! Love seeing the old Titleist drivers getting some love and some playing time.
  13. Have to agree here! If you want distance, it's Rogue. Another vote for the Rogue woods. I have not hit a Callaway fairway club in years and the new ones are outstanding. I am also really liking the TM M4 Tour Fairway and the TS offerings . I can highly recommend any of these 3.
  14. The CB1 was another good ball. Most of these " older " balls were balls that I had ordered as give away balls to my customers. I usually bought whatever was the new/ hot ball on the market.
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