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  1. I don't frequent the site like I use to but I would always look for a 'new' Dizz\JW post. Talked to him frequently on the phone re: golf gear and life. He was very personable.. Love what Scratch said about that G20......man, he loved that thing. G20 and an Anser Hybrid. Rest Easy my friend :( I've reached out to one of his friends on facebook about donations etc. When I know more, I will post the info.
  2. Quick Sale.....Shipping Monday USPS Priority No Trades Please..... 1) Scotty Cameron Newport ( 2014 ) -35'' Length -Stepped Shaft installed by local golf shop -Super Stroke SS2 grip -Includes 10g and 15g weights -Includes Scotty Select head cover Price: SOLD!
  3. It's been a while... -USD -Paypal Only -USPS Priority Shipping -No Trades -No Returns -Shipping this Monday, Oct 15th 1)2017 M2 'K' serial -Head Only -9.5* loft -headcover included -'Good' Condition ( scuffs and a small paint chip by the hosel...scuffs on toe are definitely not noticeable from address ) . Price reflects this. SOLD 2)2017 M1 -Head Only -10.5* loft -headcover included -Good Condition SOLD 3)Odyssey EXO 7S -35'' length -Super Stroke GTR 1.0 grip -Headcover included -Mint Condition ( only rolled in basement, didn't see grass ) SOLD
  4. Awesome....just finished year 2 with my 716 TMB's. Usually I 'need' to try something else by now but they are that good. They feel forged, great feedback and forgiving. I love that they don't ding up like a forged club.
  5. Dude, you still golf? ;) Bag looks good. Haven't tried the G400 series yet. Stupid forgiving? Still stuck on the 917 gear and have no reason to change up.
  6. For Sale: Scotty Cameron X7M 34'' length Black Scotty Winn Grip Black Shaft Black Polymer applied to shaft and head Black paint on Scotty 'cherries', weights , lettering etc. Custom Scotty Headcover Work done by TorreyRat SOLD! Shipped via USPS for CONUS. No Trades and all sales are final. Putter was used very sparingly ( maybe 6 times ). Thanks
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