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  1. Thank you GolfWRX and Club Champion! 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel- Done 2. Search for your local Club Champion location -Done 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Newport Beach, CA 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? yes 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Irons and putter.
  2. Size of the titanium band please; and would you sell that alone?
  3. 1. Join SuperStroke Nation HERE 2. Did you join SuperStroke Nation? YES 3. What SuperStroke Traxion club grips do you want to win? TRAXION TOUR Standard size Grey/White 4. What SuperStroke Traxion putter grip do you want to win? Traxion Tour 1.0 Black/white
  4. I think it has to be increasing impact repeatability which hopefully lead to better dispersion. Scratch AR1v2 with DG s300.
  5. I've thought about getting a hard case, but i just don't travel enough with my clubs to buy one. I picked up my CG cheap so I've kept it. I do have the wooden rod with a tennis ball that i have used as a stiff arm. I did forget about removing the heads. Also nice tip about turning the irons upside down for weight distribution.
  6. thanks for the responses! looks like it’s time to go shopping.
  7. Good afternoon! I’ll be flying to Chicago from Orang County CA and was looking for some input. i have a Club Glove International travel bag and was wondering if anyone has had any issues flying with a ping hoofer and a same or similar travel bag. Will my clubs be protected, or should i use a sturdier golf bag? thanks.
  8. No Bogeys Golf-Laguna Niguel, CA I am looking for a smoother feel than steel and excited to try something that is smooth but still has that steel stiffness MC shaft flex-Firm
  9. foam roller like the kind used for physical therapy? interesting. i have my mat in the amazon shopping cart. hopefully the wifey will let this be an early bday present.
  10. Any issues of it not rolling out flat after storing it? Thanks for the info!
  11. @QuigleyDU Still enjoying the Wellputt mat? I'm eyeing this or perfect practice. I like the lines and practice options of this. have you tried the perfect practice?
  12. Playing Torrey Pines Need these gone by tomorrow night to help get some $$$ 1) Ping G25 15* 3wood w/ Diamana flowerband Redboard 63x5ct Stiff. Lamain UTx cord installed logo down. Normal wear on sole and face. Will ship with M2 headcover. SOLD!!! 2) Adidas Adipure size 13. only worn for about 4 rounds. 3 on cart and one walking. Great shoes i just bought some Jordan XI that i like better. $70shipped.
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