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  1. I didn’t think modern clubs made that much of difference when I was fitted. I played formerly top of the range Callaway GBB titaniums for 15 years or so. Tried some others, but they didn’t seem that much better head to head. Then I tried some PXGs and liked the look and feel so much I committed to them. Even though I still thought the performance was similar. After a few months, I pulled out my old set for a trip. I couldn’t believe how badly they performed compared to the new set. Not just feel, but everything. It was the commitment
  2. I’d suggest getting a used Taylormade hybrid with an adjustable head. A GAPR Hi 6 comes with a very nice 39” KBS Tour shaft as stock. You can get them for well under $100. The shaft plays stiff to flex. Stick it into the M5, set it to the most upright position, and try it out. If it sucks, you can resell for what you paid. If it works, you saved much stuffing around.
  3. I took the DI for it’s first run today. I can’t say by the numbers whether the VR would have been better, but I had my best driving round in ages (1 fairway missed) en route to my best score ever. I was obviously hitting everything very well, but the DI/SIM Max performed beyond my most optimistic projection.
  4. The VR. Being cheap I bought a used DI to try out.
  5. There's a Black Tie on eBay. ? Otherwise I'd also suggest the Hzrdus.
  6. I was recently fitted into a GD shaft. Researching them at Golfshaftreviews, the EI profiles of all their shafts appear to be very very similar. So is there any real difference in performance between them?
  7. Try the Forward putter grip. TXG sell them, or you can order direct. Same shape and finish as your pics. Interesting technology too. https://forwardgolfgrips.com/product/forward-putter-grip/
  8. As the starter of this bounteous thread, I have to say it warms my heart that so many shared my affection for this orphan of the Callaway line. However, at long last, it seems the Fusion has a younger, cooler brother. The new Big Bertha B21 looks like an updated Fusion. Same shape. Same poorly targeted marketing positioning it for decrepit slicers one step from the grave. Same crap shaft. But a forgiving high launch/low spin driver is exactly what most golfers need and which no-one is delivering. If the B21 lives up to the claims it should be a rea
  9. I’ve had a couple of G crossovers. Including a 5. The first had the Ping Tour shaft and I loved everything except the sound. It did exactly what you are asking for. But the sound bugged me so much I sold it for other utilities, none of which I hit as well. So I bought another G Crossover, but with the Alta. Did not work like the original. I reshafted it. Still didn’t work. Ping stock shafts are very good, and work very well with their heads. Rather than hope other shafts will work, I’d try for a used Ping Tour shaft, or
  10. Given how close GD shafts seem to be to each other, I’ve bit the bullet and bought a used AD DI 5 for a good price. Even though it shouldn’t (smooth swing, sluggish swing speed, high AoA) the Hzrdus Black has worked well for me In the past and was my gamer for three years. So I’ve also bought a Smoke Black. I’m finding the stock Diamana a tad loose, so it should be an interesting comparison.
  11. I was fitted into this shaft but am wondering if there is a similar Taylormade no-upcharge (or cheap used) possibility to try out. Head is the SIM Max.
  12. https://trackman.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115006035208-Driver-Optimization
  13. The driver appears to be an evolution of the Fusion driver of a few years ago. If so, it may be sprinkled with the Fusion’s pixie dust. The Fusion was pigeon-holed as an old hacker’s driver. I may qualify for that, but when I tried one it was the perfect combination of forgiveness, low spin, high launch, and thus distance. Up there with the LTD, Epic and other faves. A thread I started about it here three years ago is still going strong. ? Sometimes simple is good.
  14. As I mentioned in the linked thread, i really wanted to love the X+. Especially since I paid more than current retail for it. It’s arrival coincided with a period where my driver swing fell to pieces, so I bit the bullet and outlaid even more loot for a proper fitting at my local Cool Clubs. I put the X+ up against my SIM, and added in the SIM Max and G410. Fortunately my swing came back on the day and I hit all the drivers well. I have a strong positive angle of attack (5 degrees) and am naturally high launch and low spin. I was still
  15. I've gone back and forth over the years. As a drawer of the ball, my main reason for going 'player' has always been less offset, and secondarily better feel. As an inconsistent striker, my main reason for going back to GI has always been forgiveness. I don't care about distance, and hit a well struck 30* player iron exactly the same distance as I hit a well struck 30* GI iron. Fortunately there are now irons that combine forgiveness and playability. My PXGs do, as do TM P790 and the Titleist/Mizuno equivalent. From a few years back Ping i25s were the prototype.
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