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  1. If your desire for forged is due to feel and softness then the obvious answer is PXG. They may not satisfy the carvings of forged purists due to the hollow head, but nevertheless feel as good or better than any classic forged club I've hit. I think the 0311Ps are the sweet spot.
  2. +1. I'm a low spin iron player. Each new model of PXG irons has been, for me, progressively lower spin. I suspect that is why I had problems with Gen4. Whether or not Gen4 is slightly longer is immaterial. They simply weren't as consistent.
  3. Same here. After replacing the Adams Pro Gold hybrids I gamed for 10 years last year, the F6 Baffler is my longest serving club. I like it so much I bought a backup a few months ago.
  4. I bought a 19* UW with Trono like many here but alas wasn't good enough for the shaft. So I flipped it and bought another 19* UW with a friendlier Tensei Blue. Now I get what people are talking about.
  5. I've always been fond of Hzrdus shafts. Initially because I thought the hazard graphics were cool. But my swing is the opposite of the Hzrdus 'ideal'. Smooth tempo, not that fast any more. The Mizuno Swing Analyser thing usually recommends something like Riptide, or Atmos. Yet I played the original Hzrdus Black for a few years and really liked it. I didn't like the (more suitable) Red. I was fitted for a GD AD VR and it was OK, but I never fully trusted it. Ditto a Ventus. I've since gone back to a Hzrdus Smoke Black and am loving it. High with a slight draw. I've not done a Trackman session but distance is as good or better so I assume spin is OK. Anyone else enjoying these fine shafts which should be wrong, but are right?
  6. I've never been a good fairway wood player. I think carrying them caused me more harm than good. Nice gaps don't matter if you can't hit them consistently. After a lot of experimentation a few years back I found that the longest club I could hit consistently was the Cobra F6 Baffler. It is a 4 wood with a shorter shaft. A bit like the new Callaway UW. These days my driver is 250ish. The 4 wood is 200-210. From there I go 3-4-5-6 hybrid (although I'm not convince the 3 hybrid is worth it, then 7-PW, then 52 and 58 wedge. That gives me one. or two spare slots for certain courses or shot shapes. For example I sometimes carry a second hybrid cranked open for courses that need fades.
  7. I used to because I couldn't hit a 3 wood. The 18 5 wood (with the longer shaft) went longer and higher than the 19 hybrid, but was less consistent. I replaced the 18* wood with the Cobra F6 Baffler a few years back. It is a 4 wood with a shorter shaft, a bit like the new Callaway UW. In spite of numerous flirtations with other 5 woods and low loft hybrids it is the longest lived club in my bag.
  8. I've owned all the PXG irons except Gen 2 (although I have a Gen 2 driving iron). I preferred the looks and feel of Gen3 over Gen4. They also performed better for me. I still have my Gen1s in black, and was tempted by the Gen4 Black, but they just didn't work for me. Plus I don't like the silver weights in the black irons. If I'm honest, even the numbers for Gen3 were better than my Gen1s, on course there is very little difference. I stuck with the Gen1s simply because I like having black heads and shafts. They still feel great. Quite often I play with them rather than the copper Cobras which bumped them and wonder why I bothered changing.
  9. Those gaps are good. The question is whether they are consistent. A while back I did some really intensive gap testing with my irons. I found that while I could hit my 4 iron 10-15 longer than my 5, and my 5 10-15 longer than my 6, in fact on the course I didn't (except off the tee). So first I dropped the 4 iron for a hybrid. Then the 5 iron. And lately the 6 iron. Mine have shorter shafts than most hybrids so I don't hit them any longer. But I now hit them consistent distances. I also used to over draw my irons. Thanks to careful selection of neutral to open faced hybrids and adjustable heads, I hit it straighter and can even manufacture a fade. I'm almost 60 and have lost a fair bit of distance from my younger days, so I have to hit long irons/hybrids a lot more. But after switching to hybrids (and a run of great putting) I shot my lowest score ever (square) and reached my lowest handicap ever (5). I have to say the search for the right hybrids wasn't easy. I used the ancient Adams Pro Gold for years because it was the only one I didn't hook. But as mentioned above there is now more choice for face angle and adjustability. So I'd go hybrid.
  10. I've been mulling gapping over a few drinks and would interested in WRX consensus. For quite a while the longest non-driver club in my bag has been the venerable Cobra F6 Baffler. I play it 1* open so at 16.5*. I'm almost 60 with increasingly creaky limbs and no longer hit it far enough to make going for par 5s in two a realistic proposition. These days the Cobra is about a 220 club for me when struck well. 190 if I hit a low hook. On my home course I use it when the wind is against me on our two 420ish par 4s, likewise depending on wind on our 230ish par 3, and for the second shot on our 550ish par 5. I draw it, although I can manufacture a fade. Also for quite a while I've been using a 21* Epic Flash hybrid. It is money. The most reliable club in my bag after the driver. It's 184ish. I draw it too, but can hit it straight. Recently I've been trying to fill the distance and shot shape gap with a 19* Ping G410 hybrid set -1 and flat. I've also tried a bunch of other clubs of similar loft ranging from other hybdrids, to 5-7 woods to the trendy new Apex UW. The idea was to have a reliable long club I could fade Alas, I've hit all of them worse than the 21*, and no better than Baffler. The most consistent has been the G410 19*. I can hit further than the 21*, but on average I don't think I do. So now I'm thinking this is a waste of time. If I need the distance just use the F6. If I need to reliably advance the ball use the 21*. Thoughts for the top end? Almost as long-serving
  11. I replaced mine with PXG 0311s. A bit more pop, similar great feel.
  12. Well, my 19 with the Trono 65S arrived a couple of days ago. I took it out for one round, and have also had a long range session against my F6 Baffler and Apex 21 19 hybrid. Alas, I think I am not man enough for the Trono. I've hit a few decent shots with it, but it is not as long as the Baffler nor as high and straight as the Apex hybrid. I may try and swap for a UW with the regular Hzrdus shaft (which I love in my driver), otherwise it is off to BST.
  13. My 19 UW with the 65S arrives tomorrow. I’ll be very interested to put it up against my longest serving club - the Cobra F6 Baffler. Both have the same concept. Smallish head with shorter shaft. Game on.
  14. I’ve owned the OGPM Grind, TM Hi Toe, CBX FF and Jaws Full Toe. I prefer the Cleveland in a 58, and the new Jaws in a 54-56.
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