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  1. I currently have a 6 iron and 6 hybrid with the same loft. The hybrid has a slightly longer shaft. I tend to draw my long irons and hit the hybrid straight. SO I use the 6 iron when I need a draw, or want to keep it low. The 6 hybrid for high and straight or fade.
  2. I'd question the picks. But I reckon I could still game the TM R7 Superquad or the ERC Fusion.
  3. I had a Sim Max (10.5) last year which gave me very good numbers albeit not quite as good as a Mavrik, and recently tried out a Sim2 Max 10.5. For me, it was completely different. And in a good way. There was more forgiveness, but launch and spin were way higher so distance was down a lot. I was also missing right with it, which I hate. In the interests of science I swapped it for a 9* Sim2 Max lofted up to close the face. Better, but still not as good (for me) as the OG.
  4. If it helps, I'm Stephen Dodds, and my WITB is listed in my signature.
  5. Where possible I always pick adjustable over fixed. At the moment, my driver, 4 wood, 3 hybrid, 4 hybrid, 5 hybrid and 6 hybrid are all adjustable. I don't adjust for loft, but rather for shot shape. I'm a natural drawer. My driver and 4 wood are set to standard so I draw them. My 3 hybrid is set 3* flat so I can fade it. My 4 hybrid is set upright so I draw it. My 5 and 6 are set open so I can hit them straight or with a slight fade.
  6. I recently switched from PXG 0311XF (Gen 1) to Cobra Forged Tec (copper). It was purely for aesthetics and I wasn't really expecting any real improvement, although I wouldn't have accepted any drop off either. At first I got what expected. I hit the Cobras about as well (or as badly) as I hit the PXGs. Then I regripped the Cobras with the same mid-sized Golf Pride Align grips I used with the PXGs. Over the next couple of weeks I had my lowest round ever (72), a bunch of others in the mid 70s and my handicap dropped two shots to 7, which is also m
  7. After years of disliking hybrids so much that the only one I (reluctantly) carried was an ancient Adams Pro Gold, I've recently had to admit now I'm hitting 60 I can no longer do justice to my long irons. I still hit my 4,5 and 6 OK and sometimes great, but they average about the same distance. But they go too low, spin too low and I'm always at risk of hooking them. Likewise I don't hit fairway woods consistently enough to trust them. So I've been trying out a bunch of hybrids of different makes and lofts. I started with a 19, added a 21, tried
  8. Just following up an earlier comment. For years I hated hybrids but after some proper gap testing recently bit the bullet and replaced first the driving iron, then the 4 iron, then the 5 iron with very positive results. A while back I also acquired a Mizuno JPX FliHi 6 hybrid, but never really tried it. In my city comp golf has just been suspended due to Covid, so today I thought what the heck and played a social round with the 6 hybrid replacing the 6 iron (26*) that is usually my 170ish club. Due to pin placements on par 3s and rather ordinary
  9. I had a Mavrik, loved it, and then switched to an Epic Max LS. I'm switching back. The Mavrik sounds and feels better, goes straighter and is at least as long. I think it is Callaway best driver in years. I hate the colour, so I bought a Callaway Customs one from CPO.
  10. For reasons that escape me since I hit it so well, I've been trying out replacements for my Mavrik 10.5 in recent weeks. My usual process on such occasions is to buy a used candidate, try it on the range, on a LM and on course and then flip it for about what I paid if it doesn't work out. I bought a PXG Proto + and found it less forgiving, worse sounding, higher spinning and thus shorter with worse dispersion. Sold it. I bought a Max LS 10.5 and found it less forgiving, too low launching and with worse sound and feel. Dispersion was worse. Sold it.
  11. I played the OG SIM Max last year for a while, and am currently trying out the the SIM2 Max. It does seem more forgiving, which is good. But it also seems to launch way higher and spin way more. It seems to be about 20 yards shorter. WHich is not good. In its defence the shaft probably isn't right, but I am less than in love.
  12. 7. No 3 wood for me. I use the classic Cobra F6 Baffler.
  13. If it were tomorrow, I'd probably go with the 5S. I think there is more potential in the 6R, but it is taking some getting used to.
  14. Your clock is upside down. The Align is at the bottom so Neutral is 6pm. 5PM will give you a stronger grip. 7 PM a weaker one. I’m a massive fan of Align grips. Especially with irons. I used to have a really strong grip which lead to hooks and pulls. The Align grips remind me of where the grip should be. But I can still over ride the rib simply by rotating the grip so the line is not where it should be. It feels slightly uncomfortable when I do this, but of course it supposed to. Rotating the rib so it is permanently stron
  15. I’d suggest getting on a launch monitor. I’m the same age with about the same swing speed on a good day. I’ve certainly lost 20-30 yards from what I fondly remember as my prime 25 years ago. As compensation I am much straiter. But I haven’t lost any distance since I first tried to optimise my swing on a launch monitor 6-7 years ago. I still pointlessly try new heads and shafts, but I know the numbers I need in terms of launch and spin for my swing (4% up AOA). So I test every new buy against them. For me, maximum carry needs 17* launc
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