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  1. Over the years I've often over-estimated my skills and dabbled with player's irons/blades. It never really ended well. The closest I got was the Adams CMB. I was almost good enough to play them. However, depending on how you define player's irons, they have become much more friendly. As an example, I played PXG 0311XFs for a few years. Because they were forgiving. Then I did a proper fitting . I was a little surprised when the fitter bought out the Gen3 0311Ts. But for me they were as forgiving and more consistent than the XFs. Feeling bold I also tried the Mizuno MP20s and JPX Forged because Mizuno is for 'players', but the 0311Ts were obviously friendlier. They also felt better. Give them a try.
  2. I'd say they are definitely different. But not necessarily better. I tried out the TM Sim2 with a stock Ventus and with a Velocore Ventus. Both 6R. The Velocore was too low in launch and spin for my swing. The stock Ventus was a noticeably better match. On the other hand I have the Velocore HB in my hybrids and get noticeably better results than the stock Ventus I tried. I think a bunch of people who insist on the Velocore because it is the cool thing might be better off with the TM Ventus. And of course vice versa. Horses for courses.
  3. I'm becoming a bit of a fan of the Mizuno JPX Fli-Hi. They are direct iron replacements as they have the same length shaft as an iron, ie 1" shorter than most hybrids. Nice feel too. And only $125 a pop.
  4. Get a Cobra F6 Baffler 4 wood from a few years back, or one of the similar Cobra Tour 5 woods. Shorter shaft makes it easier to hit, rails make it good in the rough, adjustable loft lets you tweak it for your swing. Mine is the oldest club in my bag, and I've just bought a backup head.
  5. I have copper Forged Tecs which I like a lot in the longer irons but less so in the short irons. So I've just added Tour GW and PW. FInger's crossed.
  6. There is an interesting chat towards the end of this link about swing consistency for high handicappers. Basically they say no matter how inconsistent the results, pretty much everyone has a consistent 'swing'. I agree that simple fitting can help even the highest handicap. I regularly play with a bunch of guys all off 20+. who would have far more enjoyable rounds were they fitted into drivers (draw biased) irons (SGI) and fairways (drop them) that suit.
  7. 60 years old, and since accepting I am no longer young and changing my set makeup accordingly I have reached my lowest handicap ever. Driver: Mavrik 10.5 with Hzrdus Smoke. 4 wood: Cobra F6 Baffler (shorter shaft) 3 hybrid: Ping G410 Alta S 19* (set to fade) 4 hybrid: Callaway Epic Flash Ventus 7S 21* (draw) 5 hybrid: Epic flash 24* (straight) 6 hybrid: Epic Flash 27* (straight) 7-PW: Cobra Forged Tec Copper Modus 105S GW: Cobra MIM Tour Copper Modus 105S SW: CBX 2 54 LW: CBX FF 58 Putter: PXG One & Done
  8. I also recently found I was hitting my utility (on average) not much further than my 5 iron. I then discovered I wasn't hitting my 5 iron much further (on average) than my strongly lofted 6 iron. So I went hybrid even though I didn't like hybrids. I used to hook them. For me, hybrids with adjustable hosels were a game changer. They go higher and further for me than equivalent irons (I'm getting old and slow) so I now have proper gaps.. Adjustable hybrids tend to be more 'player' for a start so less draw biased. But the ability to open the face and adjust lie is brilliant. I now have it set up so I have a 16.5 4 wood which I draw, a 19 hybrid which I fade, a 21 hybrid which I draw, a nd a 24 and 27 which I hit straight. In your case I'd go for a 22ish adjustable hybrid. Ping G425 is the obvious one. I use an Epic Flash, but have also had great results with a TM GAPR Hi. I also have the Mizuno JPX FliHi's mentioned above and like them a lot, but would like them more if they were adjustable.
  9. What hybrid did you used to hit well? Current Ping hybrids, just like their fairways, have shallower heads (in height) and flatter soles than earlier models and other brands to help get the ball in the air. So, shaft fun aside, I'd look at hybrids with deeper faces. The Apex comes to mind. As does the TM SIM (not the Max). Something with that squared off high toe look that was the Adams signature.
  10. There are literally hundreds of decent used sets that will perform well for most people. And as this thread continues eventually someone will recommend every single one of them. Your brother probably doesn't care what he plays. He just wants to take them for granted. And in my experience the clubs most people who don't care about clubs take for granted are Pings. Just get him the most recent G series Ping irons inside your budget. I have no idea what his swing is like, but personally, I wouldn't include anything over a 6 iron. I suggest this all the time to my social golfing friends and they ignore me, even though my handicap is 20 less than theirs and my longest iron is a 7. So Ping G Series 6-PW plus a couple of hybrids (20ish and 24ish). It is very hard to beat used Adans hybrids for value and quality. I have a soft spot for Adams Pro Golds, but that's just me. Sorted.
  11. Yep. I've just finished experimenting with the Ventus Blue driver shaft which hasn't worked out. But I love the Ventus Blue HB in my Epic Flash hybrids. I haven't tried it in my G410 since the stock Alta works so well, but the Ventus HB is the best hybrid shaft I've tried since the classic Matrix Altus. Wonky swings aside, I just have complete confidence in it.
  12. Alas, my Ventus experiment is over. I trialled a Red & Blue 5R, then a Blue 5S, then bought a Blue 6R. Originally in a Mavrik 10.5, then an Epic Max LS 10.5, then in Sim2 Maxes (10.5 & 9). I hit some great drives with it, but as a naturally low launch low spin player even with a strongly positive AoA there were just too many knuckle balls. I actually preferred the non-Velocore that came with the Sim2. The Ventus put up better numbers than my Hzrdus Smoke & Tour AD VR indoor on monitors and on the range, but not on the course. Fortunately I bought it here used for a good price so no financial penalty, but it just goes to show that different shafts suit different people, and that fitting sometimes doesn't work in the real world.
  13. I currently have a 6 iron and 6 hybrid with the same loft. The hybrid has a slightly longer shaft. I tend to draw my long irons and hit the hybrid straight. SO I use the 6 iron when I need a draw, or want to keep it low. The 6 hybrid for high and straight or fade.
  14. I'd question the picks. But I reckon I could still game the TM R7 Superquad or the ERC Fusion.
  15. I had a Sim Max (10.5) last year which gave me very good numbers albeit not quite as good as a Mavrik, and recently tried out a Sim2 Max 10.5. For me, it was completely different. And in a good way. There was more forgiveness, but launch and spin were way higher so distance was down a lot. I was also missing right with it, which I hate. In the interests of science I swapped it for a 9* Sim2 Max lofted up to close the face. Better, but still not as good (for me) as the OG.
  16. If it helps, I'm Stephen Dodds, and my WITB is listed in my signature.
  17. Where possible I always pick adjustable over fixed. At the moment, my driver, 4 wood, 3 hybrid, 4 hybrid, 5 hybrid and 6 hybrid are all adjustable. I don't adjust for loft, but rather for shot shape. I'm a natural drawer. My driver and 4 wood are set to standard so I draw them. My 3 hybrid is set 3* flat so I can fade it. My 4 hybrid is set upright so I draw it. My 5 and 6 are set open so I can hit them straight or with a slight fade.
  18. I recently switched from PXG 0311XF (Gen 1) to Cobra Forged Tec (copper). It was purely for aesthetics and I wasn't really expecting any real improvement, although I wouldn't have accepted any drop off either. At first I got what expected. I hit the Cobras about as well (or as badly) as I hit the PXGs. Then I regripped the Cobras with the same mid-sized Golf Pride Align grips I used with the PXGs. Over the next couple of weeks I had my lowest round ever (72), a bunch of others in the mid 70s and my handicap dropped two shots to 7, which is also my lowest ever. I'm at the age (60) where most of my long-time playing partners see their handicap go up, so I was pretty happy. I'm going through the inevitable patch of poor ball-striking at the moment so the Cobras are by no means magic. In fact I cheated on them today with a set of PXG Gen3s with very good results. But, coincidence or not, there is no denying that my time with the Cobras coincided with my lowest score. Mind you, now I think about it, I was off 12 when I switched to the PXGs a couple of years ago and dropped 4 shots in my time with them.
  19. After years of disliking hybrids so much that the only one I (reluctantly) carried was an ancient Adams Pro Gold, I've recently had to admit now I'm hitting 60 I can no longer do justice to my long irons. I still hit my 4,5 and 6 OK and sometimes great, but they average about the same distance. But they go too low, spin too low and I'm always at risk of hooking them. Likewise I don't hit fairway woods consistently enough to trust them. So I've been trying out a bunch of hybrids of different makes and lofts. I started with a 19, added a 21, tried a 22, then a 24, then a 23, 25, and 26. Quirks of different models aside, I hit them all straighter and higher than my irons. It would have nice to discover before I bought my fancy new irons, but such as life. I'm in several minds about gapping, however. Mostly I have a Cobra F6 Baffler (basically a hybrid due to the shorter shaft) set to 17.5. I draw it. It's 220ish. Then I have a Ping G410 19 set to max flat. I tend to fade it. It's 200ish. Then I have a Callaway Epic Flash 21 with a slightly long shaft. I draw it. It's 195ish. Then I have an Epic Flash 24 which is basically straight and 185ish and an Epic Flash 27 which is straight and 170ish. My (30*) 7 iron is 155ish. I've been enjoying a TS2 25 which is 180ish. These gaps feel a little tight to me, plus I would kind of like to have room for a low running hook-friendly club for when I go left with the driver. So I've done the Golfwrx thing and bought 22 and 26 G410s which are on their way. I should probably mention that in even truer Golfwrx spirit I also have a 19* SIm Max, 22 and 25 GAPR His and 23 and 26 Mizuno Fli-His. This would give me 19, 22 and 26. Although I'm concerned about the gap from my 7 iron and where a 5 iron would normally go. So how do other multi-hybrid users structure things?
  20. Just following up an earlier comment. For years I hated hybrids but after some proper gap testing recently bit the bullet and replaced first the driving iron, then the 4 iron, then the 5 iron with very positive results. A while back I also acquired a Mizuno JPX FliHi 6 hybrid, but never really tried it. In my city comp golf has just been suspended due to Covid, so today I thought what the heck and played a social round with the 6 hybrid replacing the 6 iron (26*) that is usually my 170ish club. Due to pin placements on par 3s and rather ordinary driving I had 6 approach shots from that distance today. All of them landed on the green. I don't for a minute think that I will suddenly have a 100% success rate from 170 instead of the 42% Arrcos says I currently have. But even the less than brilliant strikes were rewarded whereas my 6 iron would have smacked them severely. My ego is still muttering at me, but I must confess that I am taking a long hard look at my 7 iron.
  21. I had a Mavrik, loved it, and then switched to an Epic Max LS. I'm switching back. The Mavrik sounds and feels better, goes straighter and is at least as long. I think it is Callaway best driver in years. I hate the colour, so I bought a Callaway Customs one from CPO.
  22. For reasons that escape me since I hit it so well, I've been trying out replacements for my Mavrik 10.5 in recent weeks. My usual process on such occasions is to buy a used candidate, try it on the range, on a LM and on course and then flip it for about what I paid if it doesn't work out. I bought a PXG Proto + and found it less forgiving, worse sounding, higher spinning and thus shorter with worse dispersion. Sold it. I bought a Max LS 10.5 and found it less forgiving, too low launching and with worse sound and feel. Dispersion was worse. Sold it. I bought a SIm2 Max 10.5 and found it about the same forgiveness, equivalent in sound and feel but much higher launch and spin and thus notably shorter. Dispersion was slightly better. Sold it, but have a 9 on the way. I tried a Ping G425 but hated the sound and feel too much to use it. Spin was higher. Distance shorter. Inspired by the online raves (and the very good used price from 2nd Swing) a few days ago I bought a Mizuno ST-Z 9.5 and found it about the same forgiveness, slightly worse sound and feel, and similar launch and spin when lofted up. Distance is slightly down. Dispersion with the stock Riptide is slightly worse. But it has enough potential I'm trying it again tomorrow with the same shafts I use in the Mavrik (AD VR/Ventus Blue). I also bought an ST-X 12 which I plan to loft down. So (for me) the new Mizunos are at least as good as the latest releases from the usual suspects at half the price for a like new club. They don't work as well as the Mavrik, but may do when tweaked. There is something slightly less than premium about the finish that I can't quite put my finger on. It is objectively just as well built, but for some reason doesn't seem it.
  23. I played the OG SIM Max last year for a while, and am currently trying out the the SIM2 Max. It does seem more forgiving, which is good. But it also seems to launch way higher and spin way more. It seems to be about 20 yards shorter. WHich is not good. In its defence the shaft probably isn't right, but I am less than in love.
  24. 7. No 3 wood for me. I use the classic Cobra F6 Baffler.
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