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  1. I chose the XR Pros. Longer, straighter, more forgiving, similar feel and look better.
  2. I've currently replaced my set GW with one of these. Working really well.
  3. The regular Epic has more side to side shot adjustability as well. https://www.milesofgolf.com/callaway-epic-driver-review/
  4. If I were going to add weight, I'd use polyfill. Improves the sound too.
  5. Love my new wedges. Love my new 4 wood. Love my new Crossover. Dubious whether my new driver is any improvement and ditto my new irons. My new putter is being very naughty. That said, my handicap has dropped five shots since last year so something is working.
  6. I'm 6' 4" and 250 or so. After years of playing standard length I was fitted to an inch longer in my irons. My game fell to pieces. I've gone back to standard length. I suspect my fondness for the Cobra Baffler is due to its shorter shaft. On the other hand I used to play a shorter driver and now play that standard too with noticeable difference in accuracy.
  7. I have the 5 crossover, and the 4 on the way. I was looking for a club to fill the 180-200 gap. I used to hit my 5 and 4 irons well, but with a consistent draw that often became a hook. Some days I hit the 23 degree hybrid well, other days not. It was never a consistent club for me. Bad swings aside, I hit the 5 crossover dead straight, and right in the middle of that distance gap. It's the consistency I really like. Plus I hit it higher than my hybrid. My hope is the 4 crossover continues the consistency but gives me another 10 yards or so especially for the 220 yard par 3 pn my home course that you cannot go long on.
  8. LTD head w/ screw and no adapter 202.5gm Mine is 205g. With a shorter shaft the swing weight is D6. With a 45" shaft it is E2. It's a bit much and I'm after a lighter head.
  9. I recently bought an LTD Black. It came with a Hzrdus Red that is around an inch shorter than standard. I didn't ask for this to be done. I had the club swing weighted, and it came in at D6. With a normal length 65g shaft it came in at E2. I weighed the head (with screw and without adapter) and it was 205g. Is this normal, or do Cobra make heavier heads?
  10. If you plug numbers into the Flightscope Optimizer http://flightscope.com/products/trajectory-optimizer/ and have a fiddle, you'll find the best numbers are invariably around 17* and 1700 RPM spin. I have similar launch numbers to yours, and at my last Trackman fitting was told not to change anything.
  11. I recently picked up a Ping 5 Crossover for a song, in spite of mixed reviews. I hit my normal five iron quite well in terms of distance, ut the usual shot is a lowish raking draw. I wanted straight, high and long. the first shot I hit with it was in a comp and it fulfilled all three criteria. 200 yards (slightly down wind), dead straight, and higher than my equivalently lofted hybrid. In subsequent rounds it has replaced my F6 Baffler as my favourite club. I've nabbed the 4 Crossover for an equally cheap price from 3balls. Hopefully it performs the same. But I hit the 5 higher and straighter than my 6 iron. It' s odd, because the Crossover has lots of offset and my Steelhead Pros have very little. Presumablyit is the weighting. What do you reckon the odds are that Ping will introduce higher lofted versions? I use to have G30s and hit the Crossver much better. I also used to have Mizuno MPH Fours which have a similar concept but again were not as good for me. If not, any other suggestions for similar irons available in higher lofts?
  12. Matrix Altus Hybrid shaft. The best there is.
  13. Sorry, but I'm in a ranting kind of mood. In 1990, I joined a golf club. I'd played a bit socially and liked hitting balls hard, it was cheap to join, and the club was a ten minute walk from home. After the usual feeling out period, I found a slot amongst a group of like-minded younger members. Because it was so cheap ($400 a year) most of us were more blue collar than your average member. We drank (or worse) during rounds. We drank (or worse) after rounds. We had our own little club within the club. Most of our little Tour were good enough to be off mid single figures in spite of (or because of) this. I was the outlier. I settled down to a handicap of 15-17. I always had a good swing. I could hit it long. I could do spectacular shots. But I could never score. Bad putting. crappy chips. Hangovers. Bunkers. Blah blah. Over the years I took the game seriously, as you can see by my GolfWrx join date, and did much club hoing, but I was always first picked for an ambrose and last for foursomes. My handicap did not budge. Then, late in life I had a kid and didn't play at all for four years. Although I kept up the membership. When I started playing again last year, my old friends were still playing, albeit less often. And their handicaps had inexorably blown out. The guy who was once a pro apprentice off five was now off 17. The guy who was Mr Straight and played off 3 was now off 13. Everyone was a much worse golfer. Except me. My first round after 4 years I shot my old handicap. Since then my handicap has crept consistently downwards until today it hit, for the first time ever, single figures. My long-time playing partners can't quite believe it. I can't quite believe it. I'm 55, have plantar fasciitis, sore shoulders and a gammy neck. I've lost at least 10MPH from my swing and I'm 20-30 yards shorter. I still can't putt. Or chip. I have new clubs but I don't think I hit them any better than my old ones. Golf is a seriously stupid game.
  14. Adams Pro Gold hybrids (the boxer ones). Ten years later and they just knocked the new Steelhead XRs out.
  15. I agree about the F6 Baffler. I cannot hit fairway woods, but the Baffler is my favourite club after my driver. I'm sure it is the shorter shaft. I don't know what the THP guys are on about either. For me, it isn't a smaller headed unforgivng fairway wood, it is a larger headed, more forgiving hybrid. Oddly enough, I didn't like the F7 hybrid. I may get the F7 7-8 fairway and cut it down to match the Baffler.
  16. ARen't you the best person to judge your own degree of OCD?
  17. How are people finding turf interaction with these? I'm normally a sweeper, but seem to take more turf with them than normal. Can't decide whether this is good or bad.
  18. I'm not wildly fussd about the exact lofts of my irons, but I do prefer the increased gap between irons most strong lofted sets have. It used to take 7 clubs to get from 50* to 27*. Now it takes 6. I don't feel I've lost any flexibility and in fact feel like I can be more committed rather than dithering. And the extra club I now carry gives me more options at the top of my bag where a hooked shot from 200 out is far more penal than a slightly short 9 iron
  19. It's odd. I chose my current irons because of their lack of offset to avoid 'power draws'. The Crossover has heaps of offset, yet on the range I hit it staighter than I hit my 7 iron. A full set like Mizuno did with the MPH4 would be interesting.
  20. One day I hit hybrids good, the next bad. Currently I am using the Cobra f6 Baffler in place of my Steelhead XR 3 hybrid (same distance) and a Ping 5 crossover in place of my 5 hybrid. I'm vacillating between the Steelhead XR 22 and Cobra F7 for the slot between them, but don't trust them. I have more confidence in my ancient Adams Pro Gold.
  21. My 5 Crossover arrived the other day and I put it straight into play. My main reason for buying it was for one specific par 3 we have that plays about 200'yards. It is death if you go long, or right. Left is fine so I normally hit a club I know I will go low, draw and run. Recently that has been Wilson C200 4 iron (22*) or a 23* hybrid. First swing with the Crossover I nutted it. Never hit a long iron that high, seldom that straight, and never that long. Probably beginners luck, but colour me impressed. I also hit it really well on the range, but haven't had the chance to try it off the deck when it counts.
  22. I suspect I am way less in terms of swing speed, but it is good to know you nippy guys get similar results. I ended up selling my Fusion because I felt the LTD was a bit straighter and then I drunkenly bought the cool black head and had to pay for it, but I remain very impressed. My last round with it I smashed a couple of drives so straight and long that I was ready to pull out of the sale. I actually bailed on one hole that needs a 240 yard carry only to fly it rather longer than that through the chicken line. I convinced myself I had actually hit the LTD to similar distances in the past, but I'm not sure. It was certainly better for me than the Epic. If you get too impatient for CPO, they can be had ridiculously cheap now on eBay. I paid $110 or so for mine (head only).
  23. Up for your whacking pleasure are some of the new Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrids. I have the 3, 4 and 5. All are in great condition with light signs of use. The shafts were professionally upgraded to the famous Matrix Altus hybrid shaft in firm flex by the Golf Doctor. All have head covers. These are very forgiving, and very long. You should buy them. I'd like to sell them all together. Asking price is $375. Only trade interest would be a Callaway Epic.
  24. Regarding the weight and shaft length, that will affect the swingweight but shouldn't affect the overall performance all that much. Your particular swing will make a much bigger difference, and whether the shorter shaft helps you middle the ball. I actually have the 12g weight in my head, but am experimenting at 45 inches with both a heavier shaft (Hzrdus Black) which should increase the swingweight to D6 or so, and a heavier counterbalanced shaft (Hzrdus Yellow), which should be about the same as the original, albeit heavier overall. There are differences in feel, but not the objective numbers like launch and spin are about what I'd expect from those shafts, albeit much better than I expected with them in the Fusion. What I am finding is that the head seems really sensitive to changes in face angle from adjusting loft and lie. It may be psychological, but whenever I set it at +1 (which closes the face), the ball starts going left I had similar results with the GBB and the Epic so I suspect, for me, that the Optifit hosel isn't as innocent regarding face angle as some make out.
  25. The stock Fusion shaft is the Recoil 450. I have tried it in an Epic. It felt too light for me, and on the launch monitor spin was a lot higher than I prefer. Mind you, for me the Epic head spins more than the Fusion.
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