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  1. I would pick an adjustable hybrid so you can vary the face angle to suit.
  2. I've owned or extensively tried out the XR, the XR Pro, Apex CF16, regular Steelhead XRs and now the Steelhead XR Pros. Based on trying the Pros on a LM indoors, I was expecting them to simply be a darker cooler version of the regular SHXRs. Which would have been fine, albeit annoying that they weren't available when I bought my SHXRs But when I took them out onto the course this morning I was surprised by how much I liked them and how well they performed with no practice. The result, despite average driving, was a 78. I'll take that any day. The look is obviously great. The offset is noticeably less than both the regular model and my Ping I25s and I have convinced myself this reduces my evil shot (a pull draw). Forgiveness feels identical to the SHXRS, and is thus notably better than the Apex (worst) and the XR Pros (better). Blade length is longer so this is what I'd expect. Distance was what I expected. The pleasant surprise was how good they felt, albeit with my squishy choice of ball (Supersoft). They felt softer than I remember the XR Pros feeling. Softer in fact than the supposedly forged Apex, although I've never quite understand why so many like them. About the same as my i25s in fact. They don't have that cliched buttery feel I got with the Adams CMB I used to own, but I can hit these. Very cool clubs.
  3. I was fitted to the HB with my GBB by (supposedly) the best fitter in town. It stomped the other shafts I tried. Close to ideal launch and spin, smash factor averaging 1.50, ball speed 5mph higher for the same swing speed, and dispersion to die for. However, being the cheap sort I didn't want to pay the bucks for a new one and I've yet to see one in my specs on eBay. So I tried both the Purple and the Gold as some have said they are close aside from the counter-weighting. Neither produced the results I was expecting from the numbers I saw from the HB on the course or on a (different) LM. I have had similar numbers in terms of launch and spin from other shafts, but nothing has been as remarkably consistent in terms of dispersion and smash factor. The big question is whether I was simply swinging really well when I tried it. The fitter is currently running a promotion for a free driver fitting and 40% off anything I buy subsequently, so I'm tempted to give it another try.
  4. Why would high launch and low spin be any less accurate than lower launch and more spin? By definition low spin means the ball goes straighter. And the wind doesn't care what height your shot is. The reason many pros are cool with higher spin is that they have enough distance already, and the more spin the easier it is to work the ball.
  5. You can still get the KBS Tour Customs from Golfworks in a glossy Black Pearl. My previous set of irons had these and they look good, but not as good as a matte black like the KBS FLT or the XP95 Black. There is also now a black KBS S-Taper, but I think that is gloss too. That matte finish with the simple red KBS badge looks great IMHO. I've been tempted by the new KBS graphite hybrid shafts just because they look so cool.
  6. Whilst both scores are still quite low, the Maltby MPF does indeed have the CB as more 'playable' than the AP2s.
  7. I picked up a set of the Steelhead Pros yesterday and took them out for a whack today. I previously owned the regular SHXRs. I like the look a lot better and the feel was better than I thought it would be. Better than I remember the regular set being. Aside from the looks, I bought them because of the combination of forgiveness and minimal offset. They do seem to be just as forgiving as the regulars, and whether the effects of reduced offset are all in my mind or not, I drew them less. Distance is about the same. The stock shafts suits me better than the Steelfiber stiffs I had in the regulars, but I will probably reshaft with the set fo black XP95s I have stashed. So for me an improvement but probably not worth it for most. I can't see the point of doing a combo set.
  8. Being the rational type I am a shaft skeptic. The 'science' of high launch and low spin just doesn't make sense. That said, I've been doing a bunch of launch monitor sessions with various heads and shafts lately to burn up some store credit I had. I also have a positive AOA (3.7) and launch at around 17* with pretty much every shaft I've tried. According to the LM numbers some do spin less than others, and hence go further. However, testing on another day, with that day's swing, sometimes produces very different numbers. And on course testing is even less definitive. For what it is worth, the Hzrdus Black you currently use has produced lower spin numbers in some sessions than most of the other shafts I've tested. But I remain dubious.
  9. I've had a similar experience (see my sluggish swing speed thread if you are curious or bored). I bought both an Epic and SZ and tried them against my current and previous driver with a range of shafts from stock T800 to Hzrdus Black and a few others. I got very nice results on course and on a LM. But no better than either of my older drivers. Admittedly my numbers were close to optimal with those drivers, but I saw no improvement in ball speed, forgiveness or dispersion. So I sold both. I'm at a loss to explain the massive improvements some are finding. Perhaps Jailbreak is of no help for my dignified swing speed. Perhaps it comes down to proper fitting. The fact that M1 testers here saw similar gains to Epic testers indicates the latter is the case. I'm kind of sad I didn't see any improvement, but to be honest not all that surprised.
  10. The way I have it figured, the i25 and the XR Pros have lofts within 1 degree up until the 8 iron. I doubt I'd notice that, and for those clubs I'm not worried about distance. Then there is a 6 degree gap between the the i25 8 iron and the SH Pro 7 iron. This is a bit of a jump (and I may reduce it by bending the 8 iron strong), but it happens at about the point (150 yards for me) where I go from a get it close expectation to a get it on or about expectation. The added forgiveness and (IMHO) reduced offset of the SH Pros long irons makes them more consistent in distance than the i25s. They are also easier to work, which is something I am trying to do to cut down on my evil miss, which is a pull/draw/hook. Even aside from lofts however, the SH Pros are longer and if I had enough slots in my bag I'd carry two 7 irons. What disturbs me most in the experiment so far is the aesthetics. I was planning on having all black set of irons (using the black TT XP95), but I hit the i25 short irons so well, and they feel so much better, that I'm not willing to sacrifice scoring for cool factor.
  11. After considerable experimentation, I have come to the conclusion that I prefer the short irons of my Ping i25s over the Steelhead XR Pros I've been comparing then to, but prefer the mid-long irons of the XR Pros due to better forgiveness and less offset. So I'm going to do a combo set with i25s up to the 8 iron, and the SH Pros from 7-5. I know most people do combos from the same brand, but this seems to make sense to me.
  12. I recently conducted a faux-scientific (i.e. me and a launch monitor) of the Epic, SubZero, LTD and GBB for those of us with, shall we say, dignified swings. There is a thread floating around with the results, but suffice it to say I have sold the Epics. However, I still have the Hzrdus Black and T800 65g shafts that I used, and after a few too many beers this evening I just bought a Hzrdus Yellow for no logical reason I can think of. The intent was to put the Yellow into my LTD, but if there is any interest, I'll stick a Callaway tip on it and do a comparison using the GBB head of all three plus the Matrix Xcon 6 that actually produced the best numbers. All the Hzrdus shafts are 5.5 flex. Let me know.
  13. Still my favorite hybrid and still in the bag. Heading to the range today to try a new Srixon hybrid but wouldn't be surprised if the Pro Gold is a lifer. I paid so much for my Steelheads (plus even more to have them reshafted with the Altus) that I stubbornly refuse to admit the Pro Golds may well be better for me. I hit the Steelhead 19 almost as long as my 4 wood,. But hybrids shouldn't be about length, they should be about consistency.. I also hit my 4 and 5 iron (sometimes) as long as my 4 and 5 hybrid, but tend to hook the irons. The Pro Golds I can hit straight and even fade. The Steelheads better be on their best behaviour, because at the first sign of mischief I'm yanking them. :)
  14. I bought both and sold both. But were I going to keep one it would have been the Subzero.
  15. According to many, by definition a high launch shaft is high spinning. i'd try something a couple of years old but which can be bought new these days for not much. The Matrix Xcon 5 comes to mind. $300 originally, $29 now on eBay. Or the original Matrix Altus if you could find one. Fubuki K might also be neat.
  16. You can see the effects of higher spin in some of the swings, ie 2 & 6 with the LTD. With the same ball speed and launch, higher spin effects both carry and total distance negatively. For me anyway, the higher the launch and lower the spin the better the distance. I have a Titleist 910 D2 with an Altus shaft sitting around somewhere and could do a test against the LTD if you like but assuming the results stay the same as last time I did it the LTD will launch slightly lower, spin much less and go 10-15 yards further. On course they have similar dispersion. The 910 feels better. i have sold both the Epics and so can no longer test them. I still have the Hzrdus Black and T800 (and have just bought a Hzrdus Yellow) if anyone wants a comparison there before my free launch monitor sessions finish in a couple of weeks.
  17. Yep. When I tested the two in the Epic head, they launched about the same but the Xcon 6 spun about 5-600RPM less.
  18. I really only attention to the MOI numbers an blade length, as that seems to reflect quite closely what I find on course.
  19. I'd drop the utility. It would seem to have most overlap with the 4 iron.
  20. Buy a used set of Cleveland Altitudes.
  21. I bought and compared the Subzero and regular Epic to my GBB and LTD on course and on a launch monitor. Neither of the new drivers were any better for me. Mind you, I already launch the ball high with low spin there isn't much improvement to be had in that area. Ball speeds were the same.
  22. I'm not sure this is true. Latest research seems to show the opposite. Do a test on the Flightscope Optimiser and leave the Spin Axis the same but increase the backspin. This is what you get (the spin selected was actually 2000 in the first shot and 5000 in the second. You can see that as spin goes up the ball goes more offline. I believe this is because there is no such thing as backspin or sidespin, merely spin and spin axis. I hit the subzero more offline than the standard Epic not because it spins less, but because I had trouble squaring the face. By this logic pros like higher spin because it makes it easier to shape the ball (i.e. deliberately manipulate the spin axis). Low spin drivers reduce vertical spin, not necessarily side spin. Adding backspin with the same amount of side spin will change the spin axis and potentially lead to a straighter shot. There is no such thing as side spin. It is just spin. That's why a lower spinning drive even on a tilted spin axis will still go straighter than a higher spinning shot tilted on the same axis. That's what those pics show.
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