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  1. I wish there was a way to vote 'none of the above'. Not in the sense that none of them are any good, but more that none of them are any different. I fell for the hype and actually purchased an Epic and a Subzero to compare to my current LTD and previous GBB. I'm getting older, more decrepit and have a very efficient driver swing anyway. But after testing on course and with launch monitors, with identical shafts, and shafts supposedly optimised to the drivers, there was no consistent difference in distance or dispersion. I hit my old GBB well. I hit my LTD well. I hit the Epic well. I hit the Subzero less well due to face angle, but wellish. Maybe for the big swingers, but not for me. I wanted to believe, but the numbers just weren't there.
  2. One other little experiment that is easy to try is to hit a few drives with a low spin ball versus a high spin ball. See which you hit straighter.
  3. I did. I am a sucker for black irons and was going to buy a set of Steelhead Pros with black XP95 shafts. For $750 Less I figured these are worth a shot.
  4. Any thoughts how these might compare to the Ping i25 forgiveness-wise.
  5. I'm not sure this is true. Latest research seems to show the opposite. Do a test on the Flightscope Optimiser and leave the Spin Axis the same but increase the backspin. This is what you get (the spin selected was actually 2000 in the first shot and 5000 in the second. You can see that as spin goes up the ball goes more offline. I believe this is because there is no such thing as backspin or sidespin, merely spin and spin axis. I hit the subzero more offline than the standard Epic not because it spins less, but because I had trouble squaring the face. By this logic pros like higher spin because it makes it easier to shape the ball (i.e. deliberately manipulate the spin axis).
  6. I think this is exactly right, they don't need or want the spin reduction, super low spin also means less accuracy which they don't want. Why would lower spin mean less accuracy? I'm curious about this too.
  7. One last update before I totter off into the distance. I managed to glue tips to the Matrix Xcon 6 without them falling off and without sticking myself to said shaft. So I was able to try the LTD directly against the Callaways, mano a mano. Both heads were lofted up to 11.5. I've already flipped the SubZero, so here are the results with the regular Epic. Epic first: Those are pretty good numbers. And now the LTD: Those numbers, I think, are better. The Xcon launches a little higher than the Hzrdus so I may bring the loft back down. Try as I might to justify keeping the Epic, I just can't make it perform noticeably better than the LTD (or the GBB). And the money it cost could be more wisely spend on the set of Steelhead XR Pros I just pointlessly bought. :)
  8. I believe the heads are the same, just with different lofts.
  9. Not sure if this has been posted, or if anyone else takes the Maltby MPF rating seriously, but they have published a preliminary figure that has the i200s notably less forgiving/playable than their predecessors (both S55 and I E1). This doesn't surprise me holding them next to my i25s, but many (including Ping) say they are more forgiving.
  10. I think forgiveness is very important, but impossible to define because it is subjective. Although I must admit that the Maltby MPF MOI rating corresponds quite closely to the clubs I consider easy to hit. I have tried some irons which are much more forgiving, in the sense of not punishing a mishit, than others, and yet hit them worse in terms of scoring., ie sent a perfectly struck shot flying way left. I have also tried unforgiving irons and hit them very straight but often way short because of a slight mishit only to get one right in the sweetspot next time and fly it way long. So for me forgiving is a club that minimizes my bad shot (pull hook or thin) whilst not demanding I hit a sweetspot the size of a flea. I would like every half decent swing to go the same distance. Not every perfect swing. Given most really forgiving irons are designed for those who slice or cannot get the ball in the air, those of us who do not have a very limited choice.
  11. I should pick my current Callaway Steelhead XRs, but my heart still lies with the Adams Pro Golds I played for almost ten years and which are still waiting eagerly in a cupboard a la Toy Story. Not as long as the Steelheads, but almost as forgiving with a long heel to toe length and a nice neutral/open face that made them relatively hook-free, even for a natural drawer. When combined with the stock Matrix Altus shaft, often said to be the best hybrid shaft ever, there was some pixie dust there. Alas the square head that made them so straight and forgiving was hated by most buyers. They are a bargain at the $30 or so you can get them for on eBay.
  12. I was recently fitted for hybrids by one of the best fitters in my town. We tried some of the latest and greatest. They were nice, but pricey. Then I mentioned that I was using the Altus in my ancient Adams Pro Golds, and he coughed up that in his opinion that was the best hybrid shaft ever made and I should just stick them in the new ones. Even better, brand new old stock was $50 installed. I love them. Perfect flight for me, they feel great, and look cool. Win win win.
  13. I'll expend on my earlier suggestion of the Steelhead XR Pros. Like the OP, I like forgiveness. But my miss is a big hook. And even though I know offset isn't to blame, I still blame it. So I have been searching for the low offset high forgiveness unicorn. Ideally with nice feel. I've tried most of the clubs mentioned above. The usual recommendations are Apex or Z545. But both actually have a fair amount of offset, and neither ar all that forgiving. Of the Mizunos, the MPH4 fits the bill most closely. The Cleveland Altitudes have very low offset, but may be too SGI. For me, the real contenders are the Ping I series (i have the I25), and the Callaway XR Pro series (I had the originals and have the Steelhead XR Pros on the way). The Pings have less offset in the short irons and more in the long irons. i hit mine really well, but they don't have the distance or quite the forgiveness of the Steelheads. If you like to hit long irons instead of hybrids I would pick the Steelheads. If you transition to hybrids instead, I would pick the Pings.
  14. Not remorse because I bought used and can flip for what I paid. I bought both a regular Epic and SubZero, and after trying them out with a bunch of different shafts, on launch monitors and on course, it has become evident that neither is an improvement on my current LTD or indeed my previous GBB. The SubZero sounds great, has similar spin launch and distance, but leaks to the right too much. The Epic is consistent, but launches lower and spins more. Hence it is shorter than the LTD and GBB. I could probably tweak them to get closer to what I have, but it isn't worth spending the extra money for no real benefit
  15. I should have expanded. Nice shaft, a bit too light for me, the right kind of launch but too spinny. I just didn't feel comfortable going for it (as much as I can still go for it with my skuggish speed these days).
  16. I have had a similar experience but with the Recoil as the culprit. I had similar spin numbers to your son with the Recoil, and switched in a Hzrdus Black and saw spin drop by a lot. Since I have strong AOA launch stayed high. The combination of high launch and lower spin (2200 or so) gained me 15-20 yards. Of course the Hzrdus is one of those expensive shafts the OP mentioned. But I also tried highly regarded shafts from a few years back that originally sold for heaps, but can now be bought for a pittance. In my case the Matrix Xcon 6 produces similar spin numbers to the Hzrdus. It sold new for $300, but can be had for the princely sum of $29 brand new. By all reports the lighter Xcon 5 may be even better for a younger chap.
  17. I've had essentially similar results from a slightly lower swing speed. Both the LTD and the original GBB perform better for me. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1455006-the-sluggish-swingspeed-shootout-epic-vs-epic-sz-vs-ltd-vs-gbb/page__hl__%20sluggish
  18. Another Altus fan. I have them all my hybrids.
  19. Try playing with this: http://flightscope.com/products/trajectory-optimizer/
  20. I played one for years in my R7 Superquad and now have it my LTD. It performs as well as any modern shaft in my opinion.
  21. I had one in an Epic. Nice shaft but a bit lighter than I prefer.
  22. I'm going to try the same test with the Hzrdus T800 and Xcon 6 when I get them glued soberly. And I've added carry numbers. It makes the GBB and Epic even closer. As for spin, if you are a proponent of 17/1700 the lower the better. In spite of the lethargic ball speed, the LTD was actually the most efficient.
  23. I wouldn't say it was clearcut, but today I hit the LTD and the Epic straightest.
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