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  1. I just discovered that a fitter here in Sydney (Australia) does a Try Before You Buy scheme where you pay $30 to use a shaft for a week. So I have now tried out the Red and Blue 5r and the Blue 5S on the range, on a momitor and on course. I normally alternate between a Smoke 5.5 and Tour VR 5S. I’m naturally low spin with a strong AOA and the usual ball flight is a draw. Driver is normally the strongest part of my game. At 60 I’m not as long as I was, but much straighter. I expect to hit or be just off every fairway at my home course. I love the V
  2. IMHO, the advantage of the Super Hybrid is the shorter shaft compared to fairway woods. The same reason so many here still love the Cobra F6 baffler. The disadvantage is that the smaller head launches lower and is less forgiving than a fairway head. I'd do the fitting, but ask to try a Callaway fairway head with your current Super Hybrid shaft. Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJKfa5HGeoQ
  3. I have also recently switched to Forged Tecs, in my case from PXG 0311s. I did it simply because I liked the look of the copper. The FTs and PXGs are obviously very similar in the sense they are hollow players distance irons. they perform pretty much the same on course too. But, as suggested by the OP, both are just as forgiving and just as long as GI and SGI irons I’ve had in the past G700, G400, Steelhead etc etc. But they look and feel much better. And, importantly for me, have less offset. So there is no penalty going with the coo
  4. This is a perennial question, and as usual there are a couple of active threads floating about. I'll give the same response I usually give. The GI clubs with the least amount of offset are whatever the current model of the Cleveland Launcher hybrid irons set is. This was true of the classic Altitudes and is true of the current HB Turbos. The 7 iron offset is .07 inches (or 1.7mm). No other GI set (or even Player's set) comes close.
  5. In the case of the Cobras I was just fitted to, I took the fitters advice and they were ordered at 3 degrees up. He did the usual lie board test. My PXGs were fitted 2 degrees flat to counter my draw, based on Trackman dynamic fitting. I’ve done the Sharpie lie test with the PXGs and, strike differences aside, the line was quite vertical. I haven’t done it with the Cobras. But after a couple of range sessions hitting club for club side by side it was pretty obvious that with my current swing 3 degrees upright wasn’t wise.
  6. This is the dilemma if I go this way. Hiccups with the new irons aside, 9 iron down is what I normally consider strength. So 140 yards. But I’m not thinking pure hybrids, rather hybrid style irons. I’ll probably have to suck it and see. I have a cheap set of the Cleveland Launchers in my eBay cart. Given I’ve just paid double their price for the dubious benefit of the Forged Tecs, the potential cost if it doesn’t work isn’t that great
  7. I have indeed been fit for lie angle. I’m a bit of fitting slut in fact and went to both of the top fitters in my town recently. Their recommendations were different from each other in a micro sense but not macro. Similar kinds of irons (players distance). One suggested upright, the other flat. One suggested light graphite and had numbers to prove it. The other suggested heavy steel and had numbers to prove it. Neither considered real life turf interaction.
  8. I’m almost 60. When I was younger I hit my irons long, if not especially straight. Always with a power draw. I have a positive AOA with driver (good) and with irons (bad). I hated hybrids. I hovered around a 13 handicap. As I aged, I reluctantly added a 3 hybrid, then a 4 hybrid. Then a 5. But I also hit my remaining irons straighter because I lacked the athleticism to hit them harder. My handicap dropped to single figures. I recently upgraded my irons to Cobra Forged Tec 6-GW. I’m not yet hitting them as well a
  9. I've had the Gen 1s for years and bought a set of Gen 3s. For some reason I hit the Gen 1s better and ended up flipping the Gen 3s. I've been fitted since and the Gen 3s were recommended, but not enough to make me want to switch again.
  10. How stiff are people finding the Ventus plays to flex. These days I top out at 95, smooth swing, upward AOA. 5R, 5S or 6R?
  11. Cleveland Launcher HB Turbos As GI as you can get. .07 (1.7mm) offset in 7 iron.
  12. I’m lucky enough to have a pretty efficient Trackman friendly driver swing. Due to an upward angle of attack and lowish natural spin I usually get smash factors very close to the 1.50 ‘ideal’. But I unfortunately exhibit the same upward AoA characteristics in my iron swing. Which, I am told, is much less lucky. Hence I am a sweeper. But I recently did a quick TM fitting for driver and 6 iron. Driver was as usual. And the fitter rightly pointed out that I need to hit down more with my irons. The smash with my current set was 1.38, which seemed OK
  13. For over 10 years I’ve been playing the classic Adams Pro Gold hybrids. Shod with the equally classic Matrix Altus. I’ve tried to replace them many times with the latest and greatest, but always gone back. Now that I am nudging 60, and with the lofts of modern irons making modern long irons impossible to hit, I decided it was time to seriously look at replacing my 4 and 5 iron. So I’ve been buying and selling the usual suspects in modern hybrids over the past few months - Ping, TM, Mizuno, Cobra, Callaway & co. Most were longer than the Adams, but none w
  14. Do the Cobra .370 adapters fit into .335 heads so you can use a hybrid shaft with a fairway head? I know the Callaway Optifit 3 adapters do.
  15. I've been doing the same search. Tried the PXG and the G410. I've settled on the Callaway Epic Flash 4 with Ventus Velocore HB. It is long, stops on greens and is absurdly straight. I like it so much I just bought the 3 and 5 model.
  16. I'm a ho. But I try to be scientific about it. Thus, over the past five years or so, I've done a bunch of fittings. Most at the consensus premier fitter in my town (Sydney Australia), a couple at a dealer, and now a couple at another upmarket fitter. Fortunately I have a very launch-monitor friendly driver swing and my numbers have been basically the same with a driver. But the recommendations for irons have ranged from insistence that light graphite shafts are best to equal insistence heavier steel shafts are the go. Lie angle recomm
  17. And just to confuse the matter even more, I was bored the other day and for no sensible reason booked myself into a hour of fitting at one of the more boutique Trackman-equipped fitters in town. Cool Clubs to be precise. First bit was a driver shaft shoot-out (Hzrdus Smoke v AD VR in my Mavrik). The fitter was very confident the VR would be best. Unsurprising since he fitted it to me. Alas, the numbers were basically identical. In his defence, I'm lucky enough to have a good POA, good launch and good spin so pretty much any driver I try works well. Then we g
  18. As an ancient member of this site, and an increasingly ancient golfer, I’m trying not to be too cynical. But none of the irons chosen to represent cutting edge technology actually have any cutting edge technology. Unless I’ve missed it. All are exactly what you’d expect a new Apex/Srixon/TM/Cobra to be. Given irons are probably the most mature golf technology this isn’t surprising. But Golfwrx shouldn’t pander to PR like this.
  19. I have the Mizuno JPX 2019 Fli Hybrids in 5 & 6 which I sometimes play. They have what Mizuno call a face forward design which means no offset. The shafts are also the same length as the matching iron. They don’t go as long as normal hybrids, but do match the irons they replace. Except they fly higher and spin more. The Epic Flash also has no offset.
  20. i tried the ‘Fade Swing’ with my current PXG irons (2 flat) and did indeed hit them better, although not as better. The lie board still had them toe down. I’ve done the sharpie test previously with my current set and it did indeed indicate they were notably flat. Since this is what we were going for I saw it as confirmation, not an issue.
  21. My usual shot shape with irons is a draw. My bad shot is a pull draw. My really bad shot is a full-on pull hook. My (main) swing flaw is coming back too far inside and then coming over the top. I’m 6’ 3 and play standard length shafts. A while back I had a fitting and was prescribed irons 2* flat to ameliorate this. Recently I’ve had a hankering for the pretty copper Cobra Forged Tec irons and so had a fitting today. The fitter said the flat lie was at best a band-aid and at worst making the problem worse. He fitted me 4 d
  22. Well, I did the swap this morning. My old set back from the guy I sold them to in exchange for my new set (plus cash). Then I went straight out and played. I was still a bit hooky with the long irons, but back to dead straight with the short irons. First time in weeks I've had a birdie from a good iron shot. Distance was also better with the old set, presumably because I hit the sweet spot more often. Since I am a long-time WRXer I fully intend to flirt with other clubs. Maybe even the same Gen3s. But for me, anyway, old beats new.
  23. I think the potential advantage of the G425 is adjustability. But you need to be fairly consistent for that adjustability to pay dividends. The G410 suited me better than the G400, but I couldn't stand the sound.
  24. For the last couple of years I’ve been playing a combo set of Gen 1 PXG irons I bought them used and, although not custom fit, they fit me well enough that at age 59 I reached my lowest ever handicap (6). Did I reward them with a comfy soft pillow when not in use? No. Instead I dumped them for a set of sexier, massively improvider, latest thing Gen3s. Love the look. Love the feel. Love the distance and dispersion on the range. Alas, I can’t hit them for s***. Today was a perfect example. I hit every fairway with m
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