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  1. I've been doing the same search. Tried the PXG and the G410.


    I've settled on the Callaway Epic Flash 4 with Ventus Velocore HB.


    It is long, stops on greens and is absurdly straight.


    I like it so much I just bought the 3 and 5 model.

  2. I'm a ho. But I try to be scientific about it.


    Thus, over the past five years or so, I've done a bunch of fittings.


    Most at the consensus premier fitter in my town (Sydney Australia), a couple at a dealer, and now a couple at another upmarket fitter.


    Fortunately I have a very launch-monitor friendly driver swing and my numbers have been basically the same with a driver.


    But the recommendations for irons have ranged from insistence that light graphite shafts are best to equal insistence heavier steel shafts are the go.


    Lie angle recommendations have ranged from 2* flat to 4* up.


    Heads have ranged from thick soled GI to thin-soled 'player' irons.


    So whilst I subscribe to the theory of fitting, if it were scientific the recommendations should converge and be repeatable.


    When they are not I suspect expensive guesswork.


    Am I too cynical?



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  3. And just to confuse the matter even more, I was bored the other day and for no sensible reason booked myself into a hour of fitting at one of the more boutique Trackman-equipped fitters in town. Cool Clubs to be precise.


    First bit was a driver shaft shoot-out (Hzrdus Smoke v AD VR in my Mavrik). The fitter was very confident the VR would be best. Unsurprising since he fitted it to me. Alas, the numbers were basically identical.


    In his defence, I'm lucky enough to have a good POA, good launch and good spin so pretty much any driver I try works well.


    Then we got the the irons.


    According to his machine my current irons are not 2* flat. They are standard.


    He thought that was about right. And lo and behold I was hitting the irons we tried pretty much dead straight.


    When two (supposedly) expert fitters give such divergent opinions it makes one wonder.


    But my eyebrow was raised more by the 4* upright recommendation.


    (UPDATE!) As it happens (and as I was typing this post) I was informed that Cobra cannot bend the irons that upright in any case.



  4. As an ancient member of this site, and an increasingly ancient golfer, I’m trying not to be too cynical.


    But none of the irons chosen to represent cutting edge technology actually have any cutting edge technology. Unless I’ve missed it.


    All are exactly what you’d expect a new Apex/Srixon/TM/Cobra to be.


    Given irons are probably the most mature golf technology this isn’t surprising. 

    But Golfwrx shouldn’t pander to PR like this.



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  5. I have the Mizuno JPX 2019 Fli Hybrids in 5 & 6 which I sometimes play.


    They have what Mizuno call a face forward design which means no offset.


    The shafts are also the same length as the matching iron.


    They don’t go as long as normal hybrids, but do match the irons they replace. Except they fly higher and spin more.


    The Epic Flash also has no offset.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Stuart_G said:


    He's right about that - and not even a very good band aid.  The effect of lie angle on the shaft shape is actually quite small - maybe 2-3 yards per degree.  And that's assuming the lie angle setting doesn't negatively effect the setup.




    Did you try that same "fade" swing with more normal lie angles?   Or only after he adjusted it to +4?


    Lie boards are notorious for fitting folks into a much more upright lie than they really need.   Do this simple test yourself to get a better idea of where the lie angles really should be.



    i tried the ‘Fade Swing’ with my current PXG irons (2 flat) and did indeed hit them better, although not as better.


    The lie board still had them toe down.


    I’ve done the sharpie test previously with my current set and it did indeed indicate they were notably flat. Since this is what we were going for I saw it as confirmation, not an issue.

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  7. My usual shot shape with irons is a draw. My bad shot is a pull draw. My really bad shot is a full-on pull hook.


    My (main) swing flaw is coming back too far inside and then coming over the top.


    I’m 6’ 3 and play standard length shafts.


    A while back I had a fitting and was prescribed irons 2* flat to ameliorate this.


    Recently I’ve had a hankering for the pretty copper Cobra Forged Tec irons and so had a fitting today.


    The fitter said the flat lie was at best a band-aid and at worst making the problem worse.


    He fitted me 4 degrees up. I still hit everything left until I switched to my rarely used ‘fade’ swing in an attempt to get my backswing straighter. I normally only use with hybrids.

    Lo and behold, a lovely sequence of slight draws, dead straight and even the odd baby fade.


    A lie board test showed dead centre markings.


    Even before the session he was flabbergasted I’d been fitted to a flat lie, which I thought flew in the face of accepted practice.


    But the results were eye opening.


    As was the ‘winning’ shaft.


    I’m 60 and these days my 7 iron ball speed has dropped to just below 110mph. I play C Taper Lite regular, and every other fitting I’ve had has suggested even lighter graphite shafts.


    Today we had best results from the $-Taper stiff which I insisted on trying because it is available in black.


    I’ve ordered the clubs so it will be interesting to see if this translates on the course.

  8. Well, I did the swap this morning. My old set back from the guy I sold them to in exchange for my new set (plus cash).


    Then I went straight out and played.


    I was still a bit hooky with the long irons, but back to dead straight with the short irons.


    First time in weeks I've had a birdie from a good iron shot.


    Distance was also better with the old set, presumably because I hit the sweet spot more often.


    Since I am a long-time WRXer I fully intend to flirt with other clubs. Maybe even the same Gen3s. But for me, anyway, old beats new.


    Welcome back to Papa!



  9. I'd take a punt on the PXG 0211.


    They are certainly hot. Partly due to lofts but also due to technology. They feel great and look as good as most players irons. Even with the slightly tacky badge.


    They are a progressive set so the short irons have less offset than one might expect.


    And given how cheap they are direct from PXG ($99 a club) and that people on eBay are too dumb to check the direct price from PXG and thus pay more than that for used (plus PXG have a good return policy anyway) there is little financial risk to a blind buy if you can't get fitted.


    I have 0311s because I am no longer good enough (if I ever was) to play sexy forged irons like my old Adams CMB or Mizunos. PXGs feel as good, look as good, and are vastly more forgiving.

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  10. 4 hours ago, Wormkiller said:


    Im pretty sure at my club we can't put in cards from social rounds to go towards our handicap, even if played with another member. Is this standard? Im in Australia btw.


    I put in social cards in Australia sometimes. As long as you play by the Rules of Golf it is fine.

  11. I had a PXG credit due to price drops on the Gen 3 irons I bought recently and used it on an X+.


    It arrived a couple of days ago and I've had a couple of range sessions with it.


    Overall performance seems very good, if not quite as good as my fitted Mavrik.


    But I was rather surprised at the sound.


    I was expecting the lovely muted thud I got from the 0811XF driver I used to have. But the X+ was quite a bit louder and more 'metallic'. 


    Not Ping G410 loudness. But I was certainly not expecting to prefer the sound/feel of the Mavrik.


    Anyone else find this?

  12. I wasn't good enough to play the MB2, although I tried. I was almost good enough to play the CMB however and did for quite a while. They still get my vote for the best (feel/coolness/looks) iron I've tried.


    I'm even less good than I used to be, although my handicap for some reason doesn't reflect it, and after a few drinks I occasionally still find myself perusing eBay listings for CMBs with a poised BIN finger.



  13. Yep, coming a bit over the top with a strong grip is why I hook (also a tendency towards toe hits) but doesn’t explain why I hook the new clubs more than my old.




    So I had them regripped with the same midsize Align grips I usually use and have had a long range session and comp round.


    With the new grips the shape is much better. If I set up to hit a slight fade, I get a slight draw or slight push. Both are liveable given the otherwise exemplary distance and consistency.


    But I have to really make a deliberate effort.


    Given I am hitting the steel shafted wedges very well ( and my previous problems with 0211s and MMT) I suspect the graphite just doesn’t suit.


    So I’m going to nab a set of 0211s with the Elevate Tour and see how they go, and if that works get another set of Gen 3s.


    Given I live in Australia where the only official distributor still asks $600 per iron, I should have no trouble selling my current set for what I paid from PXG direct.

  14. 1 hour ago, Golf64 said:

    Generally, going a bit thicker grip(or +4s) and flatter lie should/might help a bit. A heavier shaft would be next to try. Also take a look at the Mizuno shaft optimizer for shaft suggestions?!

    They are already 2* flat with a midsize PXG grip. But I am going to regrip with a midsize align.


    I've done the Mizuno Optimiser and for my swing (smooth verging on languid) the recommendation is Recoil 95R.


    Interestingly I had similar issues with PXG 0211s last year. Also with MMT shafts. Their swingweight was very low (c8 or so) and unable to be adjusted. 


    Hence why I ordered these at D2. Next step is to get the SW checked I guess.


    I'm hoping I've just had two bad swing days. I'm playing early tomorrow and will be quite hungover so that should provide more data.



  15. I recently took advantage of the PXG price slashing to 'upgrade' my 0311/0311XF combo set to 0311XP Gen3s.


    My old set have KBS C Taper Lite shafts, but every fitting I've done in recent years has fit me into lighter Steelfibers or Recoils.


    So I ordered the MMT80 in stiff. My bad shot is a pull/hook so I ordered them a couple degrees flat. Usual D2 swingweight.


    PXG don't have my preferred Align mid-size so I ordered their midsize grip. Which is crap, BTW.


    I've had a few range sessions and a couple of rounds. Love the feel. Love the distance. Love the forgiveness.


    Hate the fact that I am hooking/pulling the crap out of every single club. 


    On the range hasn't been too bad, but on course it is awful.


    The only straightish iron shot I hit today was by setting up for an exaggerated fade.


    Even then there was still a slight draw.


    Every other shot was either annoyingly left, badly left, destructively left, cussingly left or worse.


    Offset is less than my 0311XFs, and actually less loft to loft than the 0311Ps so I can't blame that.


    This is more an annoyed vent than a plea for help (plus I was hooking the crap out of my hybrids too today), but if anyone has any suggestions chuck them my way.

  16. The pricing changes started last year as a welcome response to Covid, although they have always had very keen pricing for vets and first responders.


    I've always assumed PXG is a vanity project for Parsons so he doesn't really care if he makes money or not, but I do find it quite interesting as a comparison to other manufacturers.


    PXG was originally, and deliberately priced high. But they kind of had a technology story to back it up. 


    Other manufacturers loved it. As a result they felt they could also introduce ultra expensive clubs - Taylormade and Titleist in particular, but also Callaway and Ping. I don't just mean things like Titleist Concpt (or whatever they call it). They all have irons at considerably higher prices than they used to because they could point out they were still less than PXG.


    Now PXG are selling the same technology for 1/2 to 1/3 what they used to says to me that (obviously) there was a big markup before, but also that there is a massive markup by all the other guys.


    As an aside it is also depressing proof of the gullibility of people. I usually buy clubs used on eBay, and it was how I afforded my current PXGs when they were new.


    Now, used PXG stuff sells on eBay for way more than you can buy it new from PXG.



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  17. 8 hours ago, blackngold_blood said:

    From what I read it is store credit. I ordered my 0211 driver at the $295 price. When it was lowered to $279 I wasn’t concerned about the $16 store credit but now that it is $249, I will call tomorrow and see if I can get the $46 credit. I could use a 0211 fairway or hybrid or more weights or even some pxg hats!  

    PXG lowered the price on Gen3 irons by $50 down to $199 just after I bought a new set. I emailed them and they gave me a credit which I just used on a Proto driver.


    They said it was part of the 30 day guarantee.


    So the price variation is annoying, but hats off to them for making good.

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  18. Just bumping this because I have been on the perennial quest for forgiving irons with low offset.


    I did a seperate post on the subject, but you'd be surprised how strong lofts can actually lead to reduced offset for a given loft, as opposed to club.


    The most forgiving clubs I know of with minimal offset are the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons. They have around .1 offset in the 4 iron, and less than .07 from the 7 iron down.


    Bizarrely enough the only people I ever see use them are high markers with slice problems, which is odd because they are probably the least slice-correcting SGI iron.



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