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  1. 105g, 2.0 torque, mid kick point, x flex only now but stiff is coming .355 and .370 versions. Cost is $150.
  2. I'm not bitter. But you can't seriously tell me that a large part of the perceived value of Scotty Cameron putters doesn't come from the perceived involvement of the big guy himself, however ephemeral. Or, as his website puts it: "On March 15, 2006, we followed Scotty around the Custom Shop for about 20 minutes. It's amazing to see what he can accomplish in just a few minutes when he gets going. We captured the action in the slideshow posted here. Scotty is truly in this business because he loves creating and tinkering. From the gripping station, complete with its laser-guided alignment system, to his welding deck, with white-hot torches at the ready, Scotty designed the Custom Shop to allow him free movement between every aspect of putter making. He seems to get as much excitement from a perfectly aligned grip on a brand new putter setup, as he does tackling a bent shaft with some good old fashioned elbow grease. And just watch out when he gets a raw putter head in his hands that needs a new neck. He’s deadly accurate with the band saw, grinders, and welding torches. Another interesting thing about Scotty, a trait of true craftsmen the world over, is his instinctual reliance on his eye, feel, and experience. He’ll simply grab a putter, grind here, buff there, check it in an outstretched hand, look down the lines, fine tune his work—and he’s done. There’s nothing like experience in fine craftsmanship." For some reason there are no equally effusive paens to the those who actually build the little suckers, nor any firelit photos of the facilities. Cheers Steve
  3. It's not whether they are made in Korea or not. I don't care. It is the mythic image that people buy into of Scotty alone in his workshop slaving over a hot lathe that I find so funny. That his sweat has dripped on their own putter. First he 'borrows' most of his designs from Ping, then he gets someone else to make them while he, according to his site, swans around Augusta. He certainly has cojones.
  4. Not quite the image you get when you read the Cameron website is it? There it is Scotty moving from machine to machine, eyeballing each putter and laying his hands upon his creations, willing his spirit into each head. Instead, it seems it is just a machine in an industrial park just outside Pusan or wherever. For some reason I find this hilarious. It doesn't change how the putters play of course, but it does tend to fray the Scotty mystique. Steve
  5. Most Nike clubs have very little offset. The Slingshots have less than the RAC LT2s, and the Slingshot Tours even less. Steve
  6. I found the size of the insert too small, leading to distance inconsistencies. Admittedly I made a couple of bad strokes, but I would like a consistent feel across the entire face. I went to Ping Craz-E, then a Monza Corza, then a Bettinardi Big Ben and now use a Rossa Maranello TP, although I am eyeing a Scotty or original Ping Anser. Steve
  7. The stock MAS shaft is pretty nasty. The V2 makes sense or a Grafalloy Blue.
  8. Here in Australia we play year round, but I also have hoed over the summer. After trying various iterations of the r7, r5 D & N, R510 TP, R5 TP, FT3 and Nike SQ Max, I'll be sticking to my R7 757. Too straight. That said, I have an R7 425 on the way as I type. :stop:
  9. You obviously know the latest recommendations from the experts, that the vast majority of players use too low a loft. And your swingspeed, one would think, isn't fast enough to obviate this. I'd hypothesize you get lots of roll? However, the R5 D plays considerbaly higher than other 10.5s due to the closed face and low COG, and the NVS is a high hitting shaft. I tried the same combo and just skied it, whereas the R7 10.5 757 was much lower. I'd look at a high launch low spin club like the Nike SQ Max or Hibore, and if you miss to the right an R7 425 setup to draw. Cheers Steve
  10. The reason they usually give is to protect the privavcy of their previsou customers and stop them getting unsolicted offers. I wouldn't buy from someone who has hidden their feedback because you don't know what the feedback was for. Steve
  11. If you're hitting the R5 TP and R510 that long, why change? I don't think any of the legal drivers will give you more distance, as evidenced by the multiple recommendations. I'd also pick the SQ, but I also have an R7 and have had an R5 TP and R510 TP. The SQ is no longer, just straighter for me. So far. Or the Hibore. Cheers Steve Steve
  12. SQ Max 10.5 with PL 65S for me. And loving it for the same reasons as the poster above. Steve
  13. Why do you want to change shafts? Distance is not why we use hybrids, consistency is. 17* is 4 wood loft, so if you need distance get one of them. Like the poster above, I like my hybrids with steel shafts that progress naturally in weight and length from my irons. Steve
  14. Favorite has be what you hit best. And to my utter surprise that appears to be the Grafalloy Prolaunch 63S as married to a Nike SQ. Previously I would have said 757 Speeder. Steve
  15. Interesting review, but there are a few factual issues. The R7 425 has a built-in draw bias. The weights can be used to return it to a neutral flight, but only when they are all the way over to the right, ie 2-2-12-12. The 2-12-12-2 setting merely gives you less of a draw. Hence, I would guess, some your left issues. The 425 TP has a square face so yoiu can actually set it up to fade. Cheers Steve
  16. I don't know why Nippons are so expensive in the US, if $60 is accurate. Even here in expensive Australia it only cost me $35 AUD or $25 US to reshaft. As for the shaft itself, I have DGS300s in my irons and Nippon 950GH in my hybids and 4 wood. No complaints at all.
  17. I've had my original Big Bertha A wedge in my bag since 1995. Everything else has changed numerous times, and I've tried other wedges right up to the RAC TP I returned a few weeks ago, but nothing else can replace the confidence I feel in it. I'm not that good a player, but I haven't missed a green (or at least badly) from inside 130 for weeks. If I could putt and drive I'd be off scratch. I like it so much I keep getting tempted to get a full set. Cheers Steve
  18. The tradein value of my R5 TP is listed at $303, which is more than I could eBay it for. Does anyone know if they will allow you to use this against TaylorMade (R460) or Cleveland (Hibore) drivers? There are some restrictions noted on the list. Cheers Steve
  19. You could try a set of Nike Slingshots (originals). They are full game improvement and yet have quite a bit less offset than the RAC LTs. Steve
  20. I've pondered reshafting one of these to use as the world's largest and most forgiving 3 wood on tight holes. Steve
  21. I have Nike CPRs, originally in UST Irod, but agree with the advice above about steel. I replaced mine with steel shafts that match my irons (S300) and made good clubs even better. With hybrids I am going for consistency rather than out and out distance and I see them as iron replacements rather than wood replacements. Steel is cheaper too. Steve
  22. For me no comparison. I recently tried an NV65 at a Callaway demo day and was spraying it all over the range (high fades) compared to my 757. If you like to really smack it, which I do, the 757 is the ticket. If you are a swinger, the Aldila might be closer. I'm still an amateur club ho, but the 757 is the only shaft out of about 8 that I have tried that gives me complete confidence that a hard swing will not go astray, and indeed the harder the better. It's like a very light steel shaft, and that is a compliment. Steve
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