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  1. Given how close GD shafts seem to be to each other, I’ve bit the bullet and bought a used AD DI 5 for a good price. Even though it shouldn’t (smooth swing, sluggish swing speed, high AoA) the Hzrdus Black has worked well for me In the past and was my gamer for three years. So I’ve also bought a Smoke Black. I’m finding the stock Diamana a tad loose, so it should be an interesting comparison.
  2. I was fitted into this shaft but am wondering if there is a similar Taylormade no-upcharge (or cheap used) possibility to try out. Head is the SIM Max.
  3. https://trackman.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115006035208-Driver-Optimization
  4. The driver appears to be an evolution of the Fusion driver of a few years ago. If so, it may be sprinkled with the Fusion’s pixie dust. The Fusion was pigeon-holed as an old hacker’s driver. I may qualify for that, but when I tried one it was the perfect combination of forgiveness, low spin, high launch, and thus distance. Up there with the LTD, Epic and other faves. A thread I started about it here three years ago is still going strong. ? Sometimes simple is good.
  5. As I mentioned in the linked thread, i really wanted to love the X+. Especially since I paid more than current retail for it. It’s arrival coincided with a period where my driver swing fell to pieces, so I bit the bullet and outlaid even more loot for a proper fitting at my local Cool Clubs. I put the X+ up against my SIM, and added in the SIM Max and G410. Fortunately my swing came back on the day and I hit all the drivers well. I have a strong positive angle of attack (5 degrees) and am naturally high launch and low spin. I was still high launch with the X+, but about 450rpm higher spin compared to my SIM. The reason I chose the SIM is that I consistently draw it and I want a one way miss. The PXG, for me, is more open/neutral and I hit a few more pushes than I’d like. It was very close in terms of spin, launch and flight to the G410, but sounded and looked much better. Better than all of them was the SiM Max, but that’s another issue. ? So in my experience, the X+ is like a better Gen 2 XF. Great feel, good ball speed, forgiving, slightly open.
  6. I've gone back and forth over the years. As a drawer of the ball, my main reason for going 'player' has always been less offset, and secondarily better feel. As an inconsistent striker, my main reason for going back to GI has always been forgiveness. I don't care about distance, and hit a well struck 30* player iron exactly the same distance as I hit a well struck 30* GI iron. Fortunately there are now irons that combine forgiveness and playability. My PXGs do, as do TM P790 and the Titleist/Mizuno equivalent. From a few years back Ping i25s were the prototype.
  7. On the monitor it was great, 17* launch, 2200 spin. I've put the Helium shaft I hit so well with the SIM in it and we'll how today's round goes.
  8. I use those exact hybrids, also with the Altus shaft. Nothing has been able to shift them. I'm not a great hybrid player, but usually have the 3 in my bag.
  9. I now have a couple of competition rounds with my X+ under my belt. I bought it from eBay and it came with an Evenflow CB shaft. I also had a spare Matrix Xcon 6 with a PXG tip which I gamed for years. I'm lucky enough to be naturally high launch and low spin with a +4 AOA, so most drivers work OK for me. On the range the X+ was more forgving and more accurate than my current SIM. On a monitor it was slightly higher launch and slightly higher spin than the SIM (which is what I wanted) more accurate and about the same in ball speed. I had high expectations. Driving is one of the strengths of my game. You know where this going... Alas, I can't recall the last time I drove the ball as badly as I have in the last two rounds. The first was the most woeful. I didn't hit it well enough to spray it all over the place, I simply could not connect. Half my drives were drop-kicks. The other half were toe hooks. Today was somewhat better (ie I hit a half a dozen fairways) but still pretty dire. It feels like a tempo thing, so the comments above about swing weight are interesting and I'll get it checked. I bought some 0211 irons recently and mishit them just as mysteriously awful until I found out they were C9 because of the graphite shafts and could not be adjusted. It's championship qualifying on Saturday, so that will be interesting.
  10. Which draw biased driver do you have? Often manufacturers will call a driver draw biased when what they've actually done is produced a driver with a closed face or offset (like a Ping SFT). This is likely to produce a pull, rather than a draw. Others have a more neutral face but weights in the heel to promote a draw (like the Mavrik Max). I'm defining a draw as a shot that starts right and comes back to the middle. So if you are starting the ball to the left (like those who slice the ball do) and now it keeps going left then perhaps your driver isn't right. If it has an adjustable shaft you can open the face by lowering the loft, or encourage it to start to the right by flattening the lie. If it has adjustable weights you can move them to the toe. You can also manipulate your swing but that seems counter-productive if you've just changed it. This Golfwrx. Buy a new driver. :)
  11. I have the X+ as I hit up on the ball and need launch. It's early days yet, but the X+ is certainly more forgiving than my SIM, and about the same distance on well-struck shots. I like the deep face and the sound/feel. The Evenflow it came with doesn't really suit, soI'm currently using the old Matrix Xcon I used when I had the original PXG XF a few years back. I may retip the Helium.
  12. It is a bit annoying that they dropped the price of the X+ two weeks after I bought one. But I guess Callaway and TM have been doing that for years.
  13. Well, I've tried my set (with Mitsubishi) on the monitor (decent results) on the range (OK results) and on course (terrible results). They are just too light. At least I got them cheap via the PXG eBay store and have already flipped them for what I paid.
  14. Speaking purely of the head, there is no logical reason why anyone would find a 3 wood easier to hit than a 460cc driver. The reason we have 460cc drivers is that they are more empirically forgiving. No smaller head will be as easy to hit. When you add a shaft, however, things get trickier. Modern drivers have longer and lighter shafts that are harder to control and square up. I'd try a driver with the same loft, same length shaft, and same weight as your 3 wood. As an analogy, I can't hit a 3 wood. But since moving to the Cobra Baffler with a shorter, heavier shaft (like hybrid) I have no problems. I
  15. Just got my set, purchased via the PXG ebay store. The condition surprised me. They were listed as Very Good but look like they have never been hit. But was also surprised at how petite they look next to my 0311XF/0311 blended set. Much more of a player look. The confidence I have looking down at my Xfs turns to nervousness looking down at the 0211s. Like comparing Ping iBlades to i25s. Less pleasant, and less of a surprise given earlier posts is how light they feel. Mine have the Mitsubishi shaft. I don't know the actual swingweight (I'll have it checked) but they feel much lighter than my 0311 short irons with C Taper light and my long irons with the KBS 80g which were built to D2. I'll give them a try, but am not feeling hugely confident.
  16. I'm also curious to see the COG data, but it is interesting how different swings change perception. I'm gaming the SIM at the moment and I've not hit a more consistently draw friendly driver that isn't advertised as draw-biased (ie PING SFT/M6D). That's why I switched to it from the F9. I'd prefer it to be more forgiving, but my bad miss when swinging hard was a push/fade right. Not with the SIM. One way miss only.
  17. The OP appears to be giving an exact description of PXG irons. All look and feel great. The standard models and XF are very GI. I've owned many of the sets mentioned earlier and while some are as or more forgiving than the PXGs (G700, Steelhead) and others feel as good (Mizuno MP), none combine forgiveness and feelgoodness. I'm not sure where BFE is, but if it is in the US then they are also quite cheap. Last time I check, PXG were selling 0211s for $95 per club. They also have an eBay store selling mint sets for amazingly low prices.
  18. I was fitted to the Cobra F9 a while back and when I hit it well I get results that match the theoretical maximum for my swing and swingspeed. However, it isn't quite as forgiving as some previous drivers I have owned and less brilliant swings area tad lacking. So I'm pondering the SZ Extreme. My natural shot is a draw, but my miss is a push right. So I have my F9 set to D1 as I'd like a one way miss. I've read that the SZ Extreme sits open, but I'm wondering if it plays that way.
  19. I don't really have the swing speed for DIs either. But I hit them much more consistently than hybrids. Except for the occasional shank, I'm enjoying the TM GAPR Mid.
  20. Pay no attention. I’m just venting over post-round beers. I’ve been a member here for a long time. And played even longer. I’m lucky that as I grow older my handicap has been growing smaller. I can’t hit anywhere near as far, but I am way straighter. A few years back I broke 80 for the first time. That was my lifetime golf goal. Then I had the occasional mid 70 if everything went just right. Today everything went slightly better than just right. I hit almost every fairway, and then almost every green. I made almost every putt. I lipped out one five foot putt. I finished 1 over. I’d love to build the drama by saying the lipout was on the 18th with everything on the line, but it was the fifth. I did miss a 12 footer for birdie on the last though. :) I’m sorely disappointed to have missed out achieving something I expect to never achieve again. Due to an errant blade of grass. Or gravity. And yet remarkably sanguine. Golf, eh?
  21. I hit hybrids badly. I hit the one length even worse.
  22. I recently bought the O-Works Black 2 Ball Fang and a Strokelab V-Line S (amongst others) to compare and much preferred the V-line. I find the 2 balls distracting. The V-line is currently my gamer.
  23. I'm the original poster and very pleased to see how this thread has grown. But after flirting with a bunch of other drivers and always going back to the Fusion, I seem to have found a combo which has benched it. I had a proper fitting at the tip joint in my town, and was fitted into the Cobra F9 and an Accra i42 shaft. I've done a few rounds and launch monitor sessions and the results and numbers seem to indicate a slight but real improvement, mainly in consistency rather than extra yardage. But I'll be keeping the Fusion just in case. :)
  24. Just an update on my update. I took the Cobra/Accra down to my local golf store for an extended shootout on a GC2 versus my old Callaway Fusion gamer, which I should never have dumped. The numbers don't quite match the Trackman (higher ball speed and spin) and I was swinging very well, but the Cobra/Accra combo was slightly longer and noticeably and measurably more consistent. The shot shape was my preferred slight draw, and front to back and side were much tighter. So I take my skepticism fully back.
  25. Well, I'm mystified. I tried it on the course one more time since my last post and the ball flew straight right, but almost felt like it was off the toe rather than the hosel. Then, when it was raining the other day, I took it and my old driving iron (PXG 0311x) and the hybrid I hate (Ping G400) to the indoor launch monitor down the road. You know what comes next. In spite of not making any allowance for length by gripping down, I didn't hit a single shot (out of dozens) off the hosel or toe. A few thin or hooky, but that's just me. Off the deck it was noticeably more consistent than either the PXG or Ping, and off the tee it was vastly more consistent. Slight draw, between 190-200. So I'm giving it another go on course. Fingers crossed. :)
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