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  1. I had/have the same problem. My swing fault is being to shallow and swinging around my body. And a strong grip. Switching to clubs with less offset helped. I now use PXG 0311 (same price as regular clubs using the Gen 1 discount) I also switched to midsize grips with reminders (Golf Pride MCC4 Plus align). These help me reduce my strong grip. Now I push it, but seldom hook it.
  2. Don't listen to me but I've heard the Gen 2's are far better for turf interaction. Don't know if true...just relaying other's opinions. I think this what bugs people about PXG claims. 'Far better'? How? Turf interaction is utterly dependent on your swing. If (and it is a big if) a club had better turf interaction for your swing, it is unlikely to prove magical for mine.
  3. Just done a bit of experimenting with my 5,6 and 7 iron single length and the short irons descending. I found the gaps too close and no real improvement in ball striking. Back to boring traditional.
  4. The sweetspot being closer to the heel is true of many irons, and especially blades and wedges. I've just acquired a Miura wedge and this is noticeable. Whilst I love the feel of the wedge and it is now my gamer, I've had a couple of shanks with it. My swing isn't precise enough for me to feel confident with the longer irons.
  5. Depends what you mean by 'Keep up' and how Old School you want to go. There have been some tests on such a thing: https://Not allowed because of spam.com/callaway-epic-vs-biggest-big-bertha/ https://Not allowed because of spam.com/taylormade-m1-vs-taylormade-r7-superquad/ The only Old School drivers I reckon will match a modern driver distance-wise are the Callaway ERC+ and the Taylormade SLDR.
  6. Have you tried a low spin ball. I get 500+ RPM difference between a Taylormade Project A and a Callaway Supersoft.
  7. Thats great but how can anyone cut off 12 strokes in months, seems a bit far fetched by just a switch in your irons. I guess there is a first for everything. Congratulations You're very nice.....but my post was sarcasm. I have plenty of friends who LOVE their PXG's....but they shoot the same scores as before. They hit the same misses...same bladed approach shots...etc. But in the end they are having fun. . Normally I would agree. In my case however, I've now played six competition rounds with my new (used) PXG set and shot my handicap or better in five of those six. Admittedly my
  8. No such thing as too forgiving.
  9. Oddly enough people are paying more for used ones than you can buy them new from PXG for, thanks to their Gen 1 sale.
  10. If you want soft and forgiving it would be hard to go past PXG. With the current discounts on the Gen 1 irons they are also the same or less than those mentioned.
  11. There's always hype here. But in truth most modern drivers are more similar than different. I have a G400 Max and like it a lot, but I also liked my previous Callaway Fusion and before that my Cobra LTD. My LM numbers are similar for all of them. On course, I've hit some of my longest recent drives with the Ping, but no longer than I have before. It's all about the strike. The GMax may be a little more forgiving, but the others were no slouch. I'd only expect drastic differences if your previous driver was utterly wrong for you.
  12. My clubs have just shipped. 13 days since ordering. :)
  13. As the original poster, it's great to see this thread still going after 400+ posts. I'm currently cheating on my Fusion with a G400 max, but the Ping is on a tight leash. :)
  14. I have regular GP midsize on my 58 wedge which is the only one I open up. This wasn't choice, the shop had run out of the Aligns.
  15. For as long as I can remember I've been fighting power hooks/pulls/draws with my irons. My strong grip has been a big part of the problem. Going to less offset has helped some. Ditto midsize grips. But nothing has been as dramatic as installing the newish Golf Pride Align midsize grips, with the red reminder rib. My curve left has almost magically straightened into a push right so I've had to learn to realign myself to aim straight at the pin. The only downside is that I'm having trouble hitting deliberate draws around trees and doglegs. But very impressed with the change.
  16. The first batch of my set (7-GW) just arrived. So far, they seem to do exactly what I hoped. I had them regripped with Golf Pride Align mid-sizes to lessen my draw-inducing strong grip. The combination feels much better than my previous Ping G700s, is much straighter, and as long or longer. I'm very much looking forward to the 6, 5 and 4 driving iron arriving. The one club I'm unsure about is the gap wedge. I may stick to my Cleveland CBX.
  17. Oh stop it. I'll be happy if I can hit my new 4 driving iron well. :)
  18. Adding to my earlier post, I also asked how long the deals will run. The chap said there is no time limit, but it will be stock dependent. He didn’t seem to think they’d running out any time soon. As for me, I was bored the other week and popped into my local used club emporium to do a shootout of their 0311XF and 0311 s against my Ping G700s using their GC2. I was expecting the PXGs to feel better, but to my considerable surprise the 0311XF in particular gave me better numbers in distance, dispersion and consistency than my already very good (and very recently purchased) G700s even with s
  19. Just a heads up for those considering the online deal on the Gen 1 irons. The price has come back down to $175 an iron. I was charged $195, but they refunded me the $20. They aren't listed on the site, but if you phone them you can also get the driving irons for the same price as the regular irons. Bit of a bargain compared to the price of alternative driving irons.
  20. They have considerably less than a Ping G (as does the XF). .135 vs .200 for the 7 iron. For reference this is also less than the Apex CF16.
  21. I also prefer to hit a stock draw with my driver. I have the G400 Max and wouldn't say it is especially draw friendly. Certainly less so than my previous Callaway Fusion, Epic or GBB. I have to make a conscious decision when setting up to draw it.
  22. I posted a lukewarm review earlier in this thread. I’ve done a couple of rounds now, and a session on a launch monitor. And I’ve also switched shafts from the Alta Stiff to the matricx Xcon 6 firm I’ve been using for years. The numbers aren’t that different compared to my Callaway Fusion with the same shaft. The Fusion is a bit lower spinning for me, but both are in the ballpark of the 17/1700 ideal. On well struck shots the Fusion is, if anything, longer. But it feels to me like the G400 is more forgiving of my misses (especially toe hits) and thus more consistently long. It also
  23. In spite of the fact that I don’t really think shafts make a massive difference, I’ll probably try the G400 Max with the shaft I have convinced myself suits me. Should I be swinging as well as usual I’ll probably convince myself some of it is due to Gmax pixie dust. A sensible person would wonder why I’m even bothering to try and replace a very good driver that suits me very well.
  24. I tried out a G400 max on the wekend and am hoping the middling results were because my swing was off. I hit it very well on the range, but then my swing disappeared on course. It didn’t seem to punish my awful drives, but certainly didn”t magically correct them either. I don’t generally see much of a difference between drivers so I’m not sure why I thought it might be otherwise, but once a ho, always a ho. Looks cool though, and the sound was fine.
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