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  1. Adams Pro Gold with the Altus shaft.
  2. Because my good shot is a draw, and my bad shot is a pull hook, I've a,ways convinced myself I should play irons with as little offset as possible. Then a while, ln a whim, I bought a cheap Ping Crossover 5. Way more offset than my normal irons. And yet I hit the Crossover notably staighter than my irons. i was annoyed they didn't have anything below 26 or whatever. Now they do. If the G700s are anywhere near as good as the Crossover brethren, I'm grabbing them. Maybe as a combo set with iBlades, or maybe the whole lot. Theory says offset makes hooks worse. Practice saometimes says otherwise.
  3. For me driver is easiest, then woods then hybrids.
  4. I too found the T800 and the Diamana Red to be much of a muchness. A very cheap (now) shaft that worked really well for me was the Matrix Ozik Code 6. About $300 a few years back, but you can pick them up for peanuts on eBay and online. Matches the head colors too.
  5. I would assume pros don't need Twist Face technology because they hit it in the middle. Theoretically the worse you are the more useful it might be. Mind you, as noted above in reference to the Shiels Callaway test, I'm sure it makes no difference to the pros which driver they play once they have got their launch conditions right. If you browse through the reviews here and at sites like Golfalot, PluggedIn and Golfspy that actually provide LM numbers you'll quickly see that the differences between each year's models are minuscule, as are those for previous years models. It's much like the iron shaft test done on Golfwrx a few years back. We all swear there are big differences. But the numbers suggested otherwise. I'm somewhat interested in the Twistface since my miss is out on the toe and I am a sucker for bogus technology, but having been burned by the Epic hype (now replaced by the Rogue hype) I am skeptical.
  6. I've posted earlier in the thread but you sound like you're right where I was, just a year later. The Diamana Red was never the shaft for me but I tried it, got very good results and bought it, a bit on impulse, before a big trip. Used it for 6 months with pretty good results but as you, hit it a bit too high and I'm sure it was spinning more than necessary. So when I got back I went looking for a new shaft. Tried the Cobra F7+ with a 6.5 (numerically too stiff for me but) Hzrdus Black and got excellent results. Also liked the G400 a lot with the stock Alta. Decided to do things "incrementally" so first step was to get a Hzrdus Black (6.0 though LOL). Did that about 6 months ago. There's been NO "next step". Tried it on +1 and thought I was hitting it a little too high. Put it back on 9* and I think I'm hitting it a bit too low so I'll probably go back up 1 soon. :wacko: I have this sort of mental "thing" about "counter balanced" so I probably wouldn't do Hzrdus Yellow but if you like the feel of it by all means give it a shot. I managed to find my Black on the 'bay", handcrafted no less, for about $125. Bon chance. Thanks for the input. I ordered a hrzdus T800 55 6.0 off the bay last night and I'll try that up against the Fuji pro 62. You mentioned counter-balanced shafts, and while I don't fully understand how to convert that into feel, I never did love the stock Alta Ping shafts and those were counter-balanced as well. Made the entire club feel like a single unit. I prefer to feel the weight of the head as I pull and release through impact. I've never tried a driver that I couldn't hit to the moon with a stated loft 9* or higher. I've never tried a "premium" aftermarket shaft either. High hopes that a better shaft will allow me to loft up a bit. I'm still interested in the King Ltd which should arrive tomorrow. Its got the stock Aldila Rogue shaft which I have used and liked in the past. I've hit the King Ltd a couple times before and it was REALLY long for me. No idea if it will be anywhere near as forgiving as the Fusion or G400. But if it's forgiveness is reasonable I may keep it and the Fusion, and use the Ltd on those days when I'm swinging really well. I'd also try the Hzrdus Black (or Yellow). Both work very well for me with the Fusion. Black is a bit lower launch, Yellow a bit lower spin. The T800 didn't work for me at all.
  7. I was thinking something like this: iBlade power spec W 45* iBlade power spec 9 40.5* iBlade power spec 8 36* G700 7 29.5* G700 6 26* G700 5 23*
  8. I've always liked the look of the iBlades but don't fancy my ability to play a full set. And I love my Crossover 5 and 4 irons. The new G700s look like swollen iBlades so I've been pondering a combo set. IBlade (power spec) PW to 8 iron, and then G700 (regular spec) for 7 and 6, and then either g700 or Crossover for 5 and 4. I'm assuming that the iBlades would be more accurate than the G700 in the scoring irons. But who knows? Aesthetically it would work. Although I'd probably feel compelled to replace my RTX 3 wedges with Glides. There would be a dramatic jump in offset, but even though I fight a hook with my irons I hit my hugely offset Crossovers straighter than my much less offset Steelhead Pros. So again who knows?
  9. The original Altus for me too. I've used it in every hybrid for ten years or so.
  10. I also love my RTX3 wedges. But didn't love the Srixon Z545 irons which also have the V sole. That doesn't mean I'm not tempted to try the Z565 or Z355 for the same reasons you mention.
  11. Basically a driving iron is just an expensive version of an SGI iron. Larger, more forgiving etc etc. I used to use a Wilson C200 4 iron in this role with some success. I prefer the Ping Crossover now, but not if I paid new prices for it. The Callaway BB OS would be good in this role.
  12. To my surprise, when faced with a similar dilemma, I ended up with the Ping Crossover. I hit the 5 Crossover a similar distance to my old 4 iron but much straighter and more consistently. I now pull it out wherever possible. I have more confidence with it than my 6 iron. Seduced by it, I also nabbed the 4 crossover. I mainly use it off the tee but also hit better than any of the alternatives. So I've gone from carrying a 3, 4, 5 hybrid then a 5 iron, to now carrying a 4 wood, 3 hybrid, 4 Crossover, 5 Crossover and 6 iron (albeit a strongly lofted one). I'm considering dropping the 3 hybrid too.
  13. To be blunt, all of those are good clubs and you wouldn't be going wrong with any of them. Having said that, the Steelheads and G400 would be the most forgiving. In my experience with the Z545s, they are noticeably less forgiving, but for some swings the V-sole negates this. You really want to try them on the course, or at least in a grass range rather than off mats. The safest bet if buying blind is probably the G400s.
  14. I'm one of those who choose to hit my driver on every hole unless being long would get me into trouble with bunkers, water or doglegs. I did this out of preference (hitting driver is fun) and instinct (i felt like I it straighter than shorter clubs). Since starting to use Arccos shot tracking, I'm happy to confirm my instinct was right. Length aside, I hit my driver straighter off the tee than my fairway wood. Given the head is 3 times the size this shouldn't be a surprise. It is not as stgaight as my irons, but a wedge rather than a 7 iron second shot makes a massive difference.
  15. If Ping made the Crossover in a 6 iron, I would nab one. So do it.
  16. I find my XR Pros about the same as the previous club of equivalent length when it comes to holding greens.
  17. Actually, I take it back. I've put the same shaft in both and the Fusion has increased my driving average (via Arccos) by 10 yards or so. I've also hit some of my longest drives in a while with it.
  18. A replacement would be at least a year away. And that's assuming they maintain the line which they may not with the Epics basically duplicating the technology. An Epic OS is more likely, and likely more expensive. I suspect the BB OS isn't a huge seller because, much like the Fusion driver, people put them in the only for old-folk basket.
  19. I wasn't fitted for my E3, but I'm really liking it.
  20. I was the OP for this thread and am glad to see the Fusion getting love. It is very under-rated. However, I must confess that (inspired by the Rick Shiels driver test) I pulled out my old Great Big Bertha and did another head to head against the Fusion on course and on a launch monitor. The GBB was somewhat ahead by the numbers and on the course. This might change on another day. Both suit me better than the Epic. Proof I think that there is really minimal difference between the latest models.
  21. I've bought the GBB Epic drivers on several occasions in the hope the hype was true, but for me the older GBB has better numbers on a launch monitor (lower spin, better ball speed, higher launch) and on the course. Fortunately, I like the looks more too, and it is $250 cheaper. :)
  22. As mentioned earlier, this isn't the first time Callaway have had irons priced at this level. The Hawkeye VFT Tungsten/Titanium, adjusted for inflation, were even more expensive. The RAZR XF were about the same. Until very recently I played a set of Japanese model GBB irons that were advertised in a local (Australian) store for $2500. This was in 1995. I hasten to add I paid a tenth of that for mine a few years later. But all of these, at least, seemed different. The Hawkeyes were the first tungsten/titanium club. The RAZR XF were the first attempt at an SGI forged iron. The standard Epic is the same technology as the GBB OS, with slightly less offset and an uglier finish. And having tried that technology against my Steelhead Pros, I'm not sure that it offers any advantage anyway. So I agree with the OP. Miura and PXG may not offer anything better, but they do offer something different. The Epics offer neither.
  23. I've been putting terribly lately and I know changing putters isn't a solution but I'm a member here so of course I did anyway. My new Edel E3 arrived the other day. Unlike most, I actually like the looks (mine is black with black shaft and grip). And I love the feel of the insert. My Arccos putting handicap is usually 20ish. Today it was +5. I played 9 holes and had two birdies and no three putts. Obviously it is early days, but I'm almost feeling confident. I bought mine used so I wasn't fitted, but had an idea what would suit.
  24. I'm also a big Crossover fan. They are close to being my favourite clubs.
  25. He did test forgiveness in the sense that he threw out the bad shots. He said they were about the same from memory.
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