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  1. Hello, Clearing up some spares for today. Everything will ship USPS Priority. 1. Titleist 818H1 21* head only - right hand - head only - overall, condition is great. some marks on the head, but very small and can barely tell. - has some sandy marks on the face, however. I tried to capture it as best as I could in the pictures - no headcover, sorry. Will ship protected - neutral stock weight included - $old shipped 2. Miura CB-2008 9 and PW iron heads only - right hand - heads only
  2. Now to see if he'll use Elder Wand Jr. for upcoming tournaments..
  3. The new putter giveth, and the new putter taketh away. We'll see which one he ends up choosing for the weekend.
  4. rooting so hard for this new putter, lol.
  5. hahaha, that's how it works right? luckily me, my TS3 is from last year, but I did try and hated a SIM. Karma telling me to wait patiently for the new Titleists...
  6. how many more sleeps until the woods...
  7. Haha, I know right. My friends like going, and I'm a sucker for peer pressure. There's that part of me that just wants to keep trying it to see if I'll ever like it more. Played there around ten times total maybe since I've moved to the Bay and nope, still don't love it. Oh well. Still excited to see it on TV though!
  8. One way to get peak weekend tee times is to pay the extra to book more than a week out. That's how I was able to get my most recent one. Still painful and drives cost up some more! Anyway, looks like Tiger's back to SIM??
  9. Haha, exactly my experience. I'm sure that they have actually put real sand in there. Back in June, it was still horrid.
  10. But to tie it back to Tiger, M2?!?! haha. Use what worked Tiger!! Hit fairways and win this damn thing!
  11. Played Harding 3 times this year, most recently in June, as I live in the area. It is definitely not 30 dollar quality, but also not worth the 155 they make me pay (I am a Bay Area resident, not SF). The back 9 views are great for sure, but the layout isn't that exciting, and I will be more than quick to admit that I am definitely not playing from the tips. Greens are okay, not too hard, and overall it's just not THAT hard? The winds can pick up, and it's always cold/foggy in that part of town, so those present some challenges. Definitely a nice course, but only worth it at the SF residence
  12. For sale today are two items. Reasons for selling - I am hitting my TS3 better (go figure), and I went to a Sub70 Pro 5 wood (they are pretty good!). All items ship free through USPS Priority, Continental USA only please.TaylorMade SIM 9* head only Right handBasically new - only used for one round.Comes with matching headcover, also like new.Comes with matching wrench (not pictured). You guessed it - like new.Looking for 340 shipped Titleist 818H2 19* w/ MCA Tensei White 90HY Stiff Right handStock length/lieStock MCA Tensei White 90HY stiff shaftGripped with a good condition Golf Pride Tour
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