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  1. Hello, Clearing out the closet some more. I have way too much stuff. It never ends. You all know how it is (hence why we're on this forum). 1. Odyssey Orange blade putter cover - Excellent, used under 5 times on course - Actually purchased during my vacation in Tokyo a few years ago! - $OLD 2. Scotty Cameron 2013 Mardi Crawfish blade putter cover - Also excellent, used maybe only 3 times on course - $120 shipped USPS Priority 3. Miura CB-2008 8-PW heads only - Right handed - Used, but not abused. Bought these to project, but could not find a 7 iron. Ended up never hitting them. - Some bag chatter, some marks on the face, nothing major. I bought them used as-is, but at separate times. Mostly from Mike's Golf Outlet on eBay. - $OLD
  2. Looking to move along some projects, as I lost interest and went in other directions. 1. Adams Super 9031 23* hybrid head only - Never hit a ball, but was shafted up once and since removed - No damage/wear as far as I can see - Right handed, no headcover - $OLD USPS Priority 2. TaylorMade TP HydroBlast Chaska putter head only - Right handed, matching headcover included in great shape - Putter has wear on the sole from aerated greens, but noticeably on the insert. See the following explanation: This was a failed project. I tried to remove the shaft myself, ended up burning a bit of the insert. Dumb, I know. I don't know if this is recoverable, or if you can paint over it? Either way, maybe this will be a good candidate for a restore project that I clearly don't have the expertise for. - $OLD USPS priority
  3. Hello! Doing some post-Labor day clean up. 1. Titleist TSI2 16.5* with Graphite Design Tour AD DI-7X - Right hand - X-stiff flex - Stock specs (L/L/L) - Like new Lamkin Sonar Standard+ grip - Matching headcover included, excellent - No dings/dents, but light scuffs on the head/crown. Can't see at address, can't photograph, but I feel compelled to mention out of transparency. - $old 2. Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 - 2021 version - 35", right hand - Like new matching headcover - Shaft band has been removed - Stock grip - Has light scratching on the sole from play - No dings/dents, but has a small dark mark on the face. Hard to photograph, hard to see, but need to mention - $OLD
  4. Hello, Cleaning up some spares, as I now hate long irons with a passion. Also a spare driver shaft. 1. Titleist 718 T-MB 3 iron - Right handed, stock L/L/L - Excellent condition, used only a few times. Some minimal chatter (what's an iron cover?) - Stock Golf Pride 360 grip - Stock MCA Kuro Kage TiNi 85g stiff shaft - $OLD 2. TaylorMade Tour Preferred UDI 2 driving iron - 18* degrees - Right handed, stock L/L/L (to my knowledge) - Good condition, with some bag chatter. There is a small ding/nick above the 'preferred' logo, however. Please see photos. - Like new Lamkin Sonar standard+ grip - Graphite Design Tour AD 85 stiff shaft. The shaft graphics are displayed up at address. No clue why, as I got the club as-is. - $OLD 3. Graphite Design Tour AD GP-6s driver shaft for Titleist - Titleist driver tip (played in my TSI) - 45" playing length - Unsure of tipping. Measures 24.25" from end of adapter to bottom of first ring, for what that's worth - Tiniest little nicks below the grip and near the bottom of the shaft. Please see photos. - Like new Super Stroke Grim Reaper standard grip - no longer for sale
  5. +1 to Sub70. Great company, great customer service. I've played their woods/hybrid/irons at some point, but not their wedges. Would be curious to hear your thoughts!
  6. I can even get over the K-Sig logo, but the "milled face technology" text kills it for me. Either way, the bag appeal is indeed sucky, but I am fine with being an outlier and gaming something unique and left field. I also use the K-Sig glove and 3piece ball and enjoy those products too. Great stuff.
  7. Currently gaming these (have Hi-Toes otherwise) Complaints - gap wedge isn't my cup of tea. Shape isn't as crisp? Loves - either I learned how to chip, or the 56/60 fixed my short game. I can get out of bunkers very easily with the 60 due to the "sharp" leading edge. Unsure if it's me or the club. Everything else is peachy. Clubs have no bag appeal, but that's not a concern for me.
  8. +1 looking forward to seeing the test results!
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