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  1. Ive had the 425tp for a year and a half now and havent seen anything better. its the straightest driver ive ever hit. I did experiment with a 460tp for a weekend tournament. i hit 4 fairways at a 36 hole event and traded it in and golt my same 425tp back that i had before. i just love how the face is not closed at address where as the 460tp, burner tp, superquad tp, and all those other new geometric shaped drivers that sound like aluminum baseball bats are all closed. i just cant hit the ball when i see the face pointing to the left
  2. I have taylormade rac tp cavity backs and have had the original s300 shafts in them since i got them in november of 05. Right now my ballflight is too high and i dont get any distance out of them. i e: my swing speed is 107 and i only hit 7 iron 155. i have heard that i should get px 6.0 or 6.5 or x100. what should i do?
  3. sometimes when i sh%*nk, my hips are way ahead of my upper body on my downswing. Maybe thats your problem
  4. if you want to add distance to your shots, really work on your legs and midsection because thats what gives you your power. My routine is I work on my fore-arms then do 3 sets of 15 push-ups, 3 sets of 20 in squats and 3 sets of 20 in sit ups. You will find out that after you do this about 3 times a week for a few months that you will gain some distance and it can also help your golf swing by making it more compact and athletic.
  5. i have a temper and ocassionally brake clubs out of anger. one time though my regular flex nike procombo 3 iron broke at the grip as i was following through on a shot that i hit straight down the middle. This seems kinda funny, but i once broke a driver by holding the grip in my left hand and just below the grip in my right and started vigourisly shaking it and surprisingly snapped it. I was playing with this kid who had rac LTs and proceeded to brake all of them at once on the 8th hole cuz to be honest he was hackin. he know plays with yamahas, and no not the atvs but the golf clubs, yeah gol
  6. the type of divot u make all depends on how mach wrist-**** and lag u produce. i personally like to take a divot with all my irons a** long as i dont feel the grass decelerating my clubhead im taking good divots.
  7. i would try to not think about the water and if i was in between clubs i would hit the more lofted one because my adreneline is pumping and you know youre not gonna baby it
  8. hey guys i play with juniors in ajga events who are get there clubs for free from some of the top companies. Any idea how you can get sponsered? Do you have to win a big tournament or are the guys im playing with just lying?
  9. edgewood in lake tahoe is by far the most beautiful and scenic course in lake tahoe. the price is $225 but its well worth it, heck u hit your 9 iron like 160 up there and the range has pro v practice balls
  10. at an ajga tourney in diablo grande california i played in 121 degree heat for 3 straight days. i was in 2nd place going into the last round and had to withdraw because of food poisoning due to the heat. thats how i remember that tourney
  11. it is great for golfers like u. For example i started playing the tour on october of 2004 and was shooting high 80s and low 90s and now this year ive won 2 consecutive tournaments shooting 74-67 and 66-68 so you'll get there its alot of fun. The only thing i dont like about cjt is there strict rules and the timecard bull#*^t which can be a pain in the a#*.
  12. doesnt matter if youre on top of your game every course is the same to you whether u played it or not after all its golf not the SAT
  13. (HS name) did u hear theyre building a Walmart between my drive and your drive unlike you we dont paint our hosels we play it as it lies and wear if it clashes HS name "wheres the 19th tee?" hows my driving call 18002LONG4U
  14. yeah, i got a 460tp for a weak and played a tourney with it and hit 5 fairways for 2 days. the 460tp is still closed at address. i say the 425tp is way more of a tour driver than the 460tp. i say u should stick with the 425tp
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