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  1. Actually just the stock non pro tensei blue. Seems to pair pretty nicely with it. I know it’s not very wrx-y of me but in this case it just worked. Granted, I did not get a chance to be fit with other shafts so can’t make comparisons on it there.
  2. I find the M3 fairways give me better ballspeed and feel/sound better to me than the 2016 M1. Biggest thing though is that the M3 sits much more square at address in the standard position on the loft sleeve. Had to have the 2016 m1 set all the way lower to make it look not so closed at address.
  3. Yeah. That's weird. I'm no expert on how to set up a trackman but is it possible that it was in a lefthanded setting when you're right handed or vice versa? Think that's the only thing that makes sense.
  4. Interesting. I can give this a shot this weekend (switch heads and shafts) and see if that makes a difference. Curious also because we generally like to label drivers as muted vs. metallic/loud but if the same driver design can be both when made within tolerances what are we even talking about. Will report back once I change the shafts and see if anything changes.
  5. I have two retail off the rack GBB Epic Heads. Both are 9 degree and both are playing with the sliding weight all the way to the toe. Yet one of them sounds a little like an aluminum baseball bat and the other is muted. Why would this be?
  6. I had a thinner cheap mat like that for my first iteration of my home range and I too developed elbow pain. Then I bought the country club elite and haven't had a single issue. I was thinking the same thing. That mat looks real thin and when I had one like that fat shots were painful. I got a nice monster tee mat and have had no such pain since. What kinda mat is that? I would like to put that in front of my CCE mat to reduce the rebound of the balls off the concrete. I believe that's the 6'x10' mat that you can also order from net return. Their nets are awesome for golf practice
  7. 10-12 yards is a lot. It won't take long for that thing to look a lot prettier to you if you're consistently hitting a club to a club and a half less into each green. I'll tell you what I would do though. I would buy the best fit and take it on the course. The on course results would be good and even great, but because it doesn't check the box in looks, I would buy the second best fit driver that looked better. Take that driver onto the course to see if it mirrors the fitting. If it's close enough, I keep it and sell the first driver. If not, I keep the first and sell the second. All at a loss
  8. Bigger ticket item, but hands down it is a GC2/HMT. Converted an unused guest bedroom into my golf room and there's just enough room in there to take full on hacks into a projector screen. I use it almost every day. I love coming home from work and just pounding a few balls for stress relief. The ball data is fun for tinkering with equipment. The HMT data is great for improvement. I like to audit quality of strike (with corresponding ball numbers), angle of attack, club path, and face angle. Actually measuring swing speed is great too for swing speed training. If you have the space and the fun
  9. Would the cotton ball trick not work with the SZ fw? Pretty easy to access the inside of the head when the weights are removed. Give it a go if you haven't already. How many cotton balls would I have to put in there? To get from D0 to D3 I think you need another 6 grams of head weight. Assuming each cotton ball weighs half a gram, you would need about 12 cotton balls. Seems a lot to try to stuff into a 3 wood head but they're easy enough to fish out using a drill bit.
  10. Would the cotton ball trick not work with the SZ fw? Pretty easy to access the inside of the head when the weights are removed. Give it a go if you haven't already.
  11. really disliked how hard the g30 felt off of the face. The almost offensively loud sound it made didn't help either.
  12. another vote for 50, 55, 60. If you're sticking with Titleist for the wedges (SM6) I would recommend F grind 50, M grind 54 bent to 55, and S grind 60. The S grind 60 is really good out of bunkers. I really used to struggle from the sand, and my consistency is much improved with the S grind without changing technique from the previous wedges I owned.
  13. Holy eff. Look at those numbers. Would be a good test for us to compare ourselves to if those were kilometers per hour instead of miles per hour. Nice ball striking
  14. I got fit at Club Champion off of a track man and got the highest ballspeed numbers from the 2017 M2. I am coming from the 2016 M2. It was not entirely apples to apples as the 2017 9.5 degree head was used compared to my current 2016 10.5. Used same gamer shaft in both. New M2 sounds much different, more powerful if you will and I usually prefer a muted sound. Also prefer the look of the new M2 slightly better. So in true WRX fashion I have a 2017 M2 on order because it was the ball speed winner, just received a GBB Epic because it had the best combination of ballspeed and dispersion, and look
  15. Thinking they could've gone with a different name than vertical groove. Am I the only one here that thinks of lady parts with that name? With all the talk of Vaseline, astroglide, and coconut oil I figured someone would've brought it up already.
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