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  1. My last couple have been Sun Mountain that we ordered through their school team program. They are comfortable and have held up very well. My stand is still in good working order after 7 years and very few of our high schoolers have broken their bags. We have an older version of the Collegiate Bag.
  2. Never wanted to spend the money, but found a cheap one on the BST a month or so ago and decided to try it in a TM 2017 M2 hl. So far, so good. Launches well and keeps it fairly online. I’m using the 6S. Actually made a par 5 in two with it for the first time in a long time last week.
  3. If Phil's moving back to game improvement irons, what should I be moving back to???? Whatever's next after Super GI... Gargantuan GI?
  4. I think we deserve an update on this... plus, for those of us who don't do social media, please post a pic of what you're talking about!
  5. Let's pretend someone listed a putter on the BST. Let's also pretend that the seller posted a price that indicated it was a custom putter and as such he had paid a premium price for it. And to take the hypothetical situation further, let's pretend that even when someone questioned his previous statement, he doubled down and insisted that he had paid more than his asking price for it. Now let's pretend that a quick search in another forum brings up a posting from earlier this year in which the same WRX member brags about getting a great deal on this seemingly same exact putter, cl
  6. I played the J40 DPC for a while and enjoyed them, but my miss is out on the toe so I got rid of them for some Mizuno HMP's that are a little more forgiving on toe hits. But if you are a consistent ball-striker that doesn't need help elevating the ball or compensating for any specific miss, they feel great!
  7. You big hitters need to come to Laramie, Wyoming (U of Wyo), and tee it up at 7,200 feet elevation with 15% humidity in the warm summer months. Then you can really distort this survey!
  8. I've battled this for years and I've absolutely changed irons just based on the looks of the short irons... and that's why I've bought and sold so many sets of BeCu Ping Eye 2+'s, I just can't handle the looks of the 9-iron and PW, but I sure love playing the rest of them!
  9. When you hit the back button, it doesn't send you back to the top of the page.
  10. Alright, I'll be "that guy". I played the J40 DPC's for a while with a couple different shafts and while I liked them, I definitely see much better results on mis-hits with my Hot Metal Pro's. Someone else said the key phrase, "it depends on what you're looking for from an iron." If you don't need much help getting the ball flight you are looking for and are a consistent ball-striker, they're probably just as good as anything newer. On days that I was hitting them well, they were great! However, on days that my swing is not on, I'm glad that I moved on to something else.
  11. Got mine today, exactly three weeks after placing order through my local shop. Looking forward to a quick 9 tomorrow morning!
  12. I didn't get along with the Str8-Fit driver either, but I really liked the 3 wood...after I got used to the hosel design.
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