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  1. Especially the black heads that you can still get new on ebay, 4-PW for $405.
  2. Just curious to revive an old thread- anyone still playing these? How did the black finish on the 1126’s hold up?
  3. Yes, when you toggle between modes, one is with slope, the other without.
  4. Another sweeper here who has spent a considerable time lately pouring over Maltby Playability charts looking for what should work best for me. I had the Srixon z545/745's and they were okay. When I caught them clean, they felt great, but the soles just weren't for me. I loved the Mizuno 900 forged, but didn't like the shafts in them. Switched to the Mizuno 919 HMP's and that didn't go well. The soles were wide and chunky and I struggled to hit them cleanly. Now I'm back to looking for another set of 900F's until today when a friend offered me his Ping i210's, which led me to this thread.
  5. I can tell you this- if the Eye 2+'s went from massive offset shovels down to a reasonable PW with half the offset they actually have, I would still be playing some BeCu's and never look at anything again!
  6. I can't count how many sets of Ping Eye 2+'s I've owned. So many. I love the 3-7 irons, but can't stand the massive heads on the short irons. But next time I'll like them better, right??!! Oh, and I'm in discussions about going back to some Mizuno 900 forged irons as I type this. Yep.
  7. From playing the 900F, I liked the forgiveness and distance I got from them. I have a hard time believing you guys in the 0-2 range need that kind of help. My guess is you'll love the mp20 line.
  8. I just ditched my 919 HMP's. I thought the sole was too wide and the shafts weren't what I was looking for. I had the 900F's for a while and really liked them, but they had recoil 95 F3's which were too loose and light. Now I'm trying to decide whether to go back to the 900's or move up to the 919's. I hit a 919 Forged last week and it felt great, but I haven't seen them side by side with the 900. I would like to go with whichever has the thinner sole for this sweeper swing.
  9. I had a chance to use mine out on the course last week and it worked just fine. Another guy in our group had an expensive callaway one and mine was consistently 3 yards longer than his, but who knows which one was more accurate. At least it was three yards longer every time.
  10. Picked up a Ping g410 4h that I finally had a chance to hit last week. Soooooo easy to hit and just as long as my fairway wood. It made such an impression that I immediately bought a 5h off ebay to go with it.
  11. Then I’m your 1%, that little Mizuno tool spit out PX 6.5, C-Taper X, and DG X100 in that order. My driver SS is 92 mph tops. I was fit last week for Recoil 95’s in stiff.
  12. And the guinea pigs and dog are not for sale, although I would be willing to throw in a free cat with any purchase. offer. page view.
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