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  1. Haha, I just introduced my kids to that song this week. They had heard a chunk of it on a video game and were trying to figure out if it was a real song!
  2. I don't know that height has anything to do with it; I'm 5'5" on a good day and I've settled in on 45.25" as the longest I can play my driver and still hit a good spot on the face consistently.
  3. I’ve got a 6-gap set of Maltby DBM iron heads that are cleaned up and ready for a set of shafts. They are the universal hosel size, so they’ll take either .355 or .370 tips. They are used and the bottom of each face is losing a little bit of the black finish, but otherwise in good shape with good grooves and only minor dings along the leading edge (PW is the worst). Individual pics are of the PW leading edge and gap face. Someone on here is looking for a winter project, right??? I’m looking for NOW $135 shipped OBRO
  4. I’m getting a higher flight with the Elevates, but I’m also using them with heads that are known to be very high launching to begin with. I can use all the high launch I can get, and I’m sticking with these for a while.
  5. I bought this off of another member because I’ve always wanted to try a Lajosi, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. The previous owner guesstimated this at 355 grams and I would agree. It is in good used condition, but has a few very small imperfections that I tried to capture. 35 inches long. All previous owners must have used an aftermarket headcover, because this thing is mint! It also has the original Lajosi leather grip. I got a good deal on it, so I’ll pass it along for SOLD
  6. Sorry, forgot all about this. I've played 8-10 rounds with them now, partnered up with Elevate 95 stiff shafts in my irons. Honestly, the weight of these have not been an issue, in fact, I don't even notice a weight difference, probably because I have rarely taken a full swing with these wedges. However, it has definitely been an adjustment with these wedges... they seem to have a little bit more offset than my past wedges, and trying to open them up with an open stance has been a complete failure (I almost said "flop", but I digress). I've had to re-learn how to hit short, high shots and flop shots haven't worked at all. These things just want a straight-on swing with an almost normal stance. They spin great and I'm in no hurry to get rid of them, but definitely a more difficult transition than I expected.
  7. I’ll take this conversation a slightly different direction- due to multiple knee surgeries, the thought of wearing ANY kind of traction on my feet scares the daylights out of me! I’d rather slip and fall on my face than have my knee twist. I anticipate just wearing tennis shoes the rest of my golfing life.
  8. If anyone wants to give these heads a shot, I’ve got a 6-gap set that I’m considering pulling the shafts and just selling the heads.
  9. That didn’t work- what does Tim call the finish on this one? It looks pretty dark.
  10. I also just had the thought of why don't I take the Elevate 95 shafts out of my Maltby's and use them? They're parallel.
  11. I'll cut to the chase: I just bought a used set of Callaway Apex 16's with KBS Tour 90's. I took one apart just for fun and realized the shafts are tapered, but the hosels are .370, and there weren't any shims in there... Now what to do??? I don't want to buy all new shafts for these, and I don't want to get rid of the heads. Take them all apart and shim them or just wait it out to see if they hold?
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