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  1. OP, I fit into your fitting range - 5'5" on a good day, but very short arms relative to my height and tiny hands. Static Ping measurements put me at -.5" length and 1 degree flat. Dynamic fitting with Mizuno irons put me at 1/2" over and 2 degrees up... I've settled on Ping standard lie (toe up at address) and .5" long. I think the club length is mostly due to some knee injuries/surgeries that keep me from really keeping a good posture on my swing. When you don't have a lot of cartilage left in either knee, finding the least painful swing is sometimes more important than maintaining the best posture.
  2. you guys using the 95 gram shafts - are you using a ton of led tape or do you just like really light irons?
  3. I played them out on the frozen tundra yesterday and they felt great. They look bad where they're prepped above the hosel, but I think I'm going to leave them as is for now. IF I see a set of KBS Tour 110 smoke finish come through, I might try that, or some LZ's...
  4. I can sand down a little if needed - they're shafts from the 90's, what am I saving them for?
  5. I put the rifles straight in yesterday, but they are a bit longer than original Ping length, by about 5/8". I'm gong to go wander the course here this morning and give them a try, but will probably pull them out again when I get home, tip trim them 1/2" or so, and put them back in. We'll see how it goes!
  6. Where did you order them from? Like I said, I’m a little leery about going that light. These heads are 6-8 grams lighter than either Mizuno Forged 919 or Callaway Apex cf16’s in the long irons, but they catch up and are about the same weights by the PW. If anyone wants actual head weights, let me know.
  7. I’ll keep looking for a set on eBay, I liked them when I hit them in some Mizuno heads.
  8. The copper ferrules are real copper, but I don't really want to spend $60 on ferrules that I'm not sold on anyway.
  9. I'm going to skip the ferrules for now, but upon closer examination, I would have to tip trim more like 3/4" to get rid of all of the prep. I'm going to just put them straight in and play without my glasses so I can't see it.
  10. Oh great, now I’m a guinea pig (and why doesn’t my phone have a guinea pig emoji?) You’ll have to wait for the final results since I just handed off the putter head to a machinist friend who is going to do some pretty extensive “cosmetic surgery” to it
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