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  1. So happy to read this. Went with a buddy last October and was also super impressed, after the snow melted . Can’t wait to go back once this is all over.
  2. Just got home from our annual summer trip to ABQ. I played Cochiti (twice), Black Mesa, Twin Warriors and Sandia. I didn't play Paako as a single due to the new $200 greens fee, but probably will when i go back with my friend in Oct. To answer the question of "where should I play in ABQ" I think the answer is "it depends." It depends on how far you want to drive, how much you want to spend and what kind of experience you want. If you want a unique, visually stunning desert golf experience and don't mind driving 90 mins from ABQ (at 90 MPH mind you); Black Mesa. I hadn't played in years bec
  3. We visit every summer. I arrived last night and played Cochiti today. Love that place. Playing Black Mesa on Sat and heard great things from my partners today. TW on Sunday, Cochiti again Mon and maybe Sandia Tues. I’m coming back in Oct with a friend who’s never played and we are playing 36 each at Paako and TW, then doing Black Mesa and Cochiti same day. I wouldn’t pay $200 often to play Paako, but it’s absolutely worth it when you consider the cost to play someplace like Scottsdale. I had a very bad experience at UNM and am unlikely to go back. My wife is an Aggie so that’s part of it
  4. Wow, I love that run of holes. The Muirfield par 5 (23) is incredibly tough. Coming from sea level I always find choosing a club on those downhill par 3s a huge challenge. I don't like hole 25 however. Always seem to airmail green.
  5. Washington National 5/20. Carts on paths only and fairways are pretty scruffy and muddy. Greens rolled pretty nicely, however. The winter wasn't kind to the course, but it should be great in about a month.
  6. Wow, a javelin. Who knew? Pretty cool looking critter though :-)
  7. Last weekend (Thurs-Sun) my buddy (15 hdcp) and I (7 hdcp) did 7 rounds in Scottsdale. Like a lot of people on here, we wanted to play awesome courses that were on the "places to play" lists as well as well regarded by WRXers. We got a killer Alaska bundle deal for $350 each that included air from Seattle and 3 nights at the Westin, which I highly recommend as a central place for a Scottsdale trip. Thursday afternoon: Southern Dunes We chose this because of the ranking and the "Quintero vs. SD" thread. Net-net, I can see why purists like it, but coming from Seattle, I wouldn't choose to play
  8. [quote name='lovetosurfngolf' timestamp='1436730766' post='11934734'] Anyone know what the membership initiation and monthly dues are at Rainer country club? Also, any feedback about the course or membership. Thanks! [/quote] I was a member there for a summer in 2003. They had an under age 40 young executive program that was $1500 initiation and $300/month. I joined just few months before getting a job on the east side which made the course location very inconvenient as my home isn't close to there either. It's just not the easiest place to get to. The course is OK, but I'm much happ
  9. I picked up a couple pairs of Adizero Sport II for about $40 each and I would highly recommend if you want to do the golf shoe in the morning/running shoe in the afternoon. They are basically waterproof running shoes with soft spikes. They have better traction than Ecco Streets, but not quite in the same league for comfort and fit.
  10. I think the changing shoes between rounds advice is dramatically overrated, especially if it's not very wet and you have halfway decent shoes. I've played there summer, winter and fall; always walked 36 and never changed shoes.
  11. Wait, what? There's no grass on that golf course and it's an affront to golf conditioning and architecture. At least so I've been led to believe... Glad you enjoyed the course
  12. By request, adding some phone pics of the course.
  13. [quote name='Joselo' timestamp='1438376930' post='12056184'] so you paid practically 250 for 2 rounds including clubs, pick up and drinks? thats a sweet deal in the area, awesome..... any pics of your round? [/quote] Yes, let me post some. It's the replay that makes it the killer deal. In hindsight, I wish I had brought my clubs,which would have saved $50 also.
  14. Just played Riviera Cancun last week and loved it. For $220, they picked me up at the hotel and brought me back, greens fees, rental sticks (new Callaway X2 Hot) and all food and drinks. They claimed to have stiff shafted clubs, but all were reg flex. First out on a virtually empty course. Played a very relaxed two hour round and decided to go again for the $35 replay. Did the first 10 holes in about an hour and then got backed up but still finished 36 in under 5 hours. The conditions were immaculate. Some of the tee boxes were literally divot free. Just beautiful. My only complaint was
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