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  1. Where is the initial post from like 3 months ago saying new T100 will be hollow and now none are hollow.
  2. AD DI 6S black version Titleist Tip plays 45 in a Titleist driver. Tipped half inch (exactly how Titleist would tip it ordering from them) $SOLD AD IZ 7S Titleist fairway adapter plays 42.5 in a Titleist fairway. Tipped an inch (exactly how Titleist would tip it ordering from them) $SOLD Both come with OEM tips, IZ has the older Tip on it, but it is OEM and WILL fit any version from 913 to current. I played the IZ in the TS and TSi models.
  3. Well in short yet, but it is different. Metal on the back might not have been feasible at this price range. The would rather use tungsten in the heal and toe than to put all that weight that far back in an iron. Not sure why everyone is complaining about it.
  4. In their brochure they don't even call it a hollow iron, U505 is. Hollow could mean different things to different people, but I am not sure other than the pic above of the T100 and being state that it is hollow. T100 is not hollow by any means. T200 could be hollow or semi hollow whatever that means.
  5. It is NOT a hollow iron. Stop spreading misinformation.
  6. So T200 are actually NOT hollow body? Funny how everyone was saying that they are. From what I was told back plate is to cover the cavity.
  7. Wrong! T200 has chrome finish, was never talking about T300. Look at the pic IMG_5820.heic
  8. This is the worst decision a company can make. I honestly have no idea who thought that would be smart. The entire point of weakening lofts on the T200 was to be able to blend them with T100/T00S. T200 was made smaller in order to be able to combo them, but yet they decided to make the finish look so different.
  9. Saw them today, didn't get to hit due to a bad back. I'd say pretty accurate assessment. I'd say T200 are somewhere in between the AP2 and AP3 from 718.
  10. From what I am hearing pre order is next week, so if that is the case embargo will be lifted then.
  11. I’ve tested intensively ADs AD, XC and RDX in the TSi2 head. And I kept coming back to the RDX. No idea why, but for some reason it gives me most confidence over it. I sold the XC and putting DI for sale this week. I think i might be over the kick feeling that DI gives me having hard time knowing when to release it. Mind you this is the most consistent golf i’ve ever played and kind of starting to settle on what I like. However, for some reason I love the original smoke in my utility iron, and it’s the 80 gram version.
  12. You are a bit confused. Look at what I said and look at what Titleist said when they released their irons 2 years ago. I can provide you a ton of links If you don’t believe me. Titleist -“new t series irons are not a replacement for ap lines, it’s totally a new series” me and every YouTuber -“t100 is a replacement for ap2” Of course it’s a replacement since it’s their “closest” iron to what ap2 was. However I also see their point 2019 t100 was smaller than ap2 and from what others are saying 2021 t100 is even smaller than that. You said they created a gap now if it’s not a replac
  13. Why did they make the soles satin on one model and chrome on another. If they are meant to be comboed this is dumb.
  14. How’s this a mess of a line up. Titleist specifically said t100 is not an ap2 replacement but a new iron. Yes it’s the same category and to everyone else on the planet that’s what it meant. As I said though original t100 were a bit smaller and apparently new ones are even smaller.
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