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  1. For me: Rusty + heavy + sandpaper grips = take my money.
  2. Hello all, Looking to sell my practically new Mizuno Mp-20 MB's. Great irons, but my season is basically done and I will be rebuilding my bag over the colder months. All standard L/L/L. RH 3-Pw with Dynamic Gold s300's. Brand new Golf Pride Plus 4 mid-size grips installed. I played 9 holes and had 3 range sessions with them. Asking $775 shipped to lower 48/US only. Open to ideas on trades - Looking for cavity back irons of similar quality and make, preferably with standard PX (chrome) 6.0 or 6.5's. Will ship in the original Mizuno box they came in! Thanks.
  3. So here I am...back to Mizuno blades again - for like the millionth time. Not regretting any part of it, of course, and I don't know why I keep trying other things. I should probably just stick with these until I hit the end of the line. I tried to think if there was a Mizuno mb offering I hadn't gamed in the last 20-25 years, and I am coming up a little shy apart from the Mp 5. (Don't know why I never had it in the bag, but I'm sure I will find a set in the future). Was thinking about my favorite mb offerings since I have been playing Mizuno. Nothing really technical here - just an anecdotal listing. 1) Mp 4 2) Mp 20 3) Mp 33 4) Mp 68 5) Mp 14 Honorable mentions to the Mp 32's and Mp 18's. Anyone have a different take?
  4. Haha. We should implement "restorative justice" practices on the golf course. "For every profanity, you need to fix five ball marks on the next green. Then, do a reflective essay about how your behavior impacted others..."
  5. Wilson Duo is pretty fun to play. Very squishy. Srixon Soft Feel too. Really, though, it is perfectly reasonable to play a non-urethane ball - the only thing that is harder to execute (with some balls, for me) is the low checker. Unless you are playing a Pinnacle or a range ball, you can still get at least some stopping power with most non-urethane balls. If you have some height to your shots, it can help as well.
  6. I would have been all like "Dude, I'm a high school principal...try again." And then I would have squinted at him with my beady little principal eyes with my arms crossed. If that (somehow) failed, I'd use the silent stare if he gave another false answer. Teenagers can't handle the silent stare...
  7. This is clearly just the PED's talking, I have no doubt :) Honestly, isn't this the other part of "golf professional," where you exhibit those professional qualities for which you are getting paid a fortune? I'm only a school principal, and I deal with all kinds of needless societal BS. If I lose my cool and drop the F-bomb or chuck some piece of furniture then it would be all over social media. If he doesn't want to get filmed throwing a tantrum...don't throw a tantrum. No one cares if you are upset - welcome to adult life.
  8. I remember playing in the South and Midwest when I lived there, and it could just be bombs away all day long. I didn't think much about where I was aiming because there wasn't much trouble to avoid apart from an occasional pond. Mostly everything was straight up, dry, and flat. Made it easy to chuck one down there a long ways and just bunt it onto the green. However, growing up, and where I play now, it is tight fairways, soft turf and undulating fairways. My home course has zero flat lies, and is almost completely tree lined. It doesn't matter how long I am here, because I would have to be a complete idiot to fire driver on every hole. I am always taking fw's, hybrids and irons off the tee and keeping driver for a certain amount of holes where that is a viable option, and my course isn't all that short. (I guess you could say it is better to be long, because I can take advantage of a variety of clubs off the tee?)
  9. I never really got why he used to use so much rebar in his clubs and low lofts in his woods. I remember at one point he was using V2 Tours in 86x, 96x, 102x, and those things were beefy. He wasn't really a fast swinger, even though he was obviously long enough to be on tour. I am guessing he must not like feeling a lot of flex in his clubs? Does anyone know?
  10. $100K stipends for those players who have to quarantine and can't play? Must be nice...
  11. This is exactly why I don't waste time with anything other than Mizuno and Titleist anymore. Even moving past shaft and swingweight are other QC factors regarding loft and lie. I know metalwoods can be adjusted, but knowing the static spec as a starting point would be nice. I think the concept of tour issued gear is disingenuous, too. It is like saying, "Hey, here are the accurate specs for more money that we should have given you with our off the rack product." Say what you want about Mizuno and Titleist being "vanilla," but at least they get the specs right. Only thing that is ever off for me with Mizuno is they can't seem to install a grip straight, but that is it in my experience.
  12. Is it a legitimate shank, or is it that you are leaving the face wide open?
  13. My friend, I would be happy to bring my Cleveland wedges down and join you. Used to live down that way, but haven't made it to the course in a number of years.
  14. My club's Board, quite literally, told the members if they don't want a "Covid" lie in the bunker then don't hit it in there in the first place. lol I love my club.
  15. Sounds more like a spin issue than a launch issue. May have to do with taking full swings with wedges, if I had to guess. Not trying to be snarky or anything, but I have the same setup and haven't noticed them hitting overly high. Besides, a shaft isn't going to solve the problem with launch. You would be better served by bending the lofts stronger.
  16. Except when they are ugly wedges, and then the only people who game them are granddads who shop the used bucket at the local muni. :) Sorry, couldn't resist.
  17. PX causing elbow issues is one of the great WRX-myths. Likely issue is that the profile itself doesn't match with your swing, and it is making you swing in a way that your body doesn't like, which could happen with any shaft.
  18. My group, my course, playing ready golf, ignoring honors, and the older guys not pissing in the woods every three holes? We wouldn't clear two hours by much.
  19. The school principal and former golf coach in me would simply offer that, given time, she will become more consistent on her own. She will get tired of making those small mistakes (which lead to big numbers) and will look for solutions to them. You just have to be ready with the answers. Doing things that try to reign in her natural inclinations are likely counterproductive (like shorter swings, etc.). If you really feel improvements are a time-sensitive necessity, challenge her to a game in areas where she is weak, like chipping just off the green. And if you aren't as good as she is in that particular area of the game, have her "teach" you how to do it. Sometimes, being able to teach something forces a person to develop an approach to a challenge. Good luck.
  20. Perhaps he "backed out" of the working relationship?
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